I Fucked My Mama

Hi ISS readers, I think all you know me. For the new readers, at first I introduce myself. I am Moni, late 40 and 5’-7”. I was born in a middle class Bangladeshi Muslim family and serving in a public organization. My whole life is lustful indeed. As I gained some practical experience about sex at my childhood, I became a sex-maniac and whenever I got chance I tried to fuck any aged girls or women with many tricks without applying force or at least to peep the uncovered boobs and pussies from hidden places when they change costumes.

I always find the chance to touch teats and breasts of sleeping girls or women. I think always believe “sex is one kind of art”. So I want to share the real stories of those incidents of my life with yours. I assure you that every tale will give you a full satisfaction.

My youngest Mama, Pappu is 4 years junior to me. His complexion was so bright and whitish. He rarely came to visit ours because he didn’t come alone by bus as he was so young. After several years when I was at my 16 and became experienced of pussy fucking, in the summer fruit season he came to visit us. There was a reason for his coming, we had a large fruit garden, sweet fruits like mangoes, litchis and other fruits were plenty in amount. Pappu came to enjoy the taste of juicy summer fruits. Though our age difference was four years but we had very closely friendship. I never thought him as my Mama and he never respected me as elder “Vagne’.

Pappu had just reached his puberty about six months ago in his 12 years of age. We spent the whole day together and he opined to sleep with me in the night. There was a reason for that, the environment was so hot and guest room fan was unserviceable. I told him to express the difficulties to his sister (my mom). He convinced my mom and it was decided that Pappu would sleep with me together in my bed. At about 11 AM (in summer sun sets at 6:45 PM, so 11 PM is not so deep night) we went for sleeping.

We had a family tradition that, though we wore half sleeve trouser at the day time but I had to wear a piece of cloth about one meter long encircling my waist, which was called the ‘lungi’ for sleeping in the night. Pappu did not bring any substitute, so he got one ‘lungi’ of mine to change. The night temperature was so hot but soon it became cooler with the ac. In the bed we both chitchatted for about half an hour. Then we prepared to sleep and Pappu slept within 15 minutes, I heard his snoring sound within the whirr of the fan. I couldn’t sleep, because before going to bed while Pappu changed with’ lungi’ I saw his real whitish bum from his back, he turned his face opposite to not showing his dick.

Though I have no bad intention about him at the earlier but after seeing his nice bum I thought about that and my 6” long penis erected hard like an iron rod and I couldn’t make it limp. My devil brain began to work and poke me to fulfill my desire by fucking his asshole but I didn’t get enough courage to do any sexual acts with Pappu, because I never disclosed such thing to him earlier. I didn’t know what he would do if I would seduce him to attend a sexual game but I decided to do with very trickily. I thought and thought leaving to try for sleeping. At last I found a way to fuck his nice whitish asshole. I took my final decision and try for the best. Still then I didn’t know if I would go to succeed or not. If my first trick works then I would be succeed otherwise not.

Pappu was sleeping at my right side adjacent with the wall lying on his back and he kept his legs parted slightly. As the ‘lungi’ was not sewed for closing its both end, so the ‘lungi’ slept aside and his whitish thighs were visible and the scene made me so horny. I softly got up and sat beside his waist and very carefully I replaced the end of the ‘lungi’ aside and I then could see his circumcised penis head, which was droop. I couldn’t control my carnality and carefully loosened the tie of the lungi at his abdomen. Then I opened the tie and let the lungi remove from his waist. Pappu’s total organs became bare and I saw his about 3” long droop penis was lying on his balls and it may be about 4”-4.5” at its erected condition.

Some curly and silky pubic hairs grew only at the base of the penis and it looked very nice, the penis was lying on the balls at its limp condition. I carefully held the penis and pressed, it was so soft. I lifted it at the standing position but it was very soft. I grabbed Pappu’s penis with right hand and placed my left palm over the head of his limp penis and began to massage gently. I began to squeeze his limp penis lightly and gently and rub the penis head. Within few minutes the penis became swelled and soon it got its rigidity. I became pressed the penis and messaged thoroughly. The massaging sensation awoke him and suddenly he brought his hand at his penis and realized that his penis was then in my control. Pappu murmured “ ah mamu ki korteco, birokto koro na to, gumate dao” (ah mamu, what are you doing? Why are you disturbing me to sleep? Please let me sleep).

I leaned my body beside him and whispered into his ears “chillapalla koro na to, chup kore thako, dekho ki moja” (don’t shout, be silent, you will enjoy). I then began to move my and upwards and downwards grabbing his penis and his penis was then as hard as an iron piece and it became about 4” long. Meanwhile few drops of pre-cum juice dripped out from Pappu’s penis tip and I applied it at his whole penis head and it became some slippery. I wanted more lubrication, so I applied some saliva from my mouth and rubbed his whole penis’s body and the penis became slippery and I could move my hand easily. At this time Pappu again impede me with his hand and told “Mamu, rakho to, ghumate deo, birokto koro na” (relieve it, let me sleep, don’t disturb).

I released his penis and told angrily “Oo tomar valo lagce na, thik ace thak” (oo you are not enjoying, okay I am stopping). His penis was then tingling with its rigidity and he may felt the absence of some enjoyment and then he grabbed my hand and told “thik ace, Mamu, rag koro na, tomar ja ichha koro” (okay, mamu, don’t angry with me, do whatever you wish). I got a chance to blackmail him and asked “thick ace, kintu ekta shorto ace” (okay but I have a condition). “ki shorto mamu” (what is that)? I straightly told “ami ja khushi korbo, tumi badha dite parbe na, kono kothao bolte parbe na” (I would do whatever I wish, you couldn’t impede or talk anything). “thik ace, kosom, ekhon shuru koro, khub moja lagtecilo” (okay, swear, now restart, I got very enjoyment).

I grabbed Pappu’s penis tightly with my right hand and began to move my hand up and down. I was titillating his balls with my left hand. Then I took his penis into my mouth and began to suck. Pappu began to moan AAH AAAH AAAH AAAH AAH, I encircled my tongue surrounding the bulge portion at the neck of his penis. Soon he began to give up strike from his waist and I realized that Pappu came to the point of his ejection. I brought out the penis from my penis and began to handle with my right hand. I knew that within few seconds he would eject, so I kept my left palm over his penis head to protect the semen spurted away. He ejected and I supported his load with my palm.

The thick, sticky and slippery goo reflected with my palm and returned on his penis and his penis drenched with the semen. I then rubbed the all load with his penis, pubic hairs and let the creamy thing dribble down along his groin. Then I held his balls and rose upwards and rubbed the slippery semen at his asshole. I parted his legs wider and applied the goo at his asshole gently, his asshole became lubricated and I inserted my finger through his asshole. Pappu shivered but couldn’t tell anything for the condition I applied earlier. My penis was roaring and meanwhile I removed my lungi away. I couldn’t wait anymore.

I rolled Pappu’s body on his flank and lifted his one leg upwards and I sat on his other leg placing my bum on his thigh. My penis head was already lubricated with oozing pre-cum. Without any notice I bend my penis downwards and setting with Pappu’s asshole gave a sudden jolt and my penis popped into his asshole about three inches. Pappu shouted IIIISSSHHH but I held him tightly and pulling back my penis about one inch, I again thrust it into his asshole till its root with two more jolts. He also tried to move his bum but I held him tightly and coerce him to fix his waist. Then I began to move my waist forwards and backwards and thus my penis was running in and out through his asshole.

The inner side of Pappu’s asshole was warm and tight and I was enjoying a lot. Grabbing his shoulder I rested my body weight on my knees and I was running my penis through his asshole. The feeling was just exquisite. Pappu was getting some pain as he was making some painful sounds but I didn’t care about it. I then checked his penis either it was hard or soft and found it was soft. I began to squeeze his penis and handled it to rejuvenate it. Within few minutes his penis again grew hard and long. I then rolled his body to lay him on his back, then I parted his legs wider and sat on my knees in between his thighs and stretched his buttocks to part and then inserted my penis through his asshole.

I began to fuck his asshole with my full strength and gained heavy joy from the fucking. In the same time I was fondling his penis by grabbing it and moving my hand from its head to root. It was very hard and I applied some saliva to lubricate the penis for easy handling. I think Pappu was also enjoying lately and he didn’t try to move his waist, rather than he was enjoying his penis handling. Within next 15 minutes he again shot his ejection and his semen spurted towards my mouth and drenched my chest. I also came to the point of my ejection and I shot my semen inside his asshole.

After that night I fucked his asshole every night and made him ejected by handling his penis in the days Pappu stayed in our home. Once I offered him to fuck my asshole but he resigned the proposal. Please mail me if you have any comments or suggestion for me. I’m able to fuck any lady minimum thrice in a night. Any aged girls/women living in Dhaka feel lonely can mail me at [email protected]

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