How I got My First Fuck

Hello friends this is vicky, 22 years old from Hyderabad. Am doing my Post graduation in a nice reputed university.Am a Fair guy with average built body. The story am going tell was my real life experience by which i got my first fuck 2 years back when i was doing my graduation. At that time i have friend by name rakesh. we both are good friends since childhood. and so we have regular visits to each others home.

As usual one sunday i went to his home. when i rang the door bell he opened the door with a smile and i went in, he was watching a porn movie. after seeing that i enquired about their parents he said that they went to a relatives function and will return only in the night. then we both started to watch the movie, a hot scene was playing in the movie, on seeing that we both became really hot and unknowingly we both were rubbing our cocks with our own hands. suddenly my friend asked my whether i had sex before, i said no. Then he said shall we have it?, by listening to that i was shocked and didnt gave a reply, but he convinced me by saying it will be great and nothing will happen. And as i was also hot i accepted for the proposal.

As soon as i said yes he took me to their parents bed room and he immediately removed his dress and remained in his underwear. and then he gave me a strong lip kiss, at the same time he removed my pant and was rubbing my cock, then we broke the kiss and he went down and started to suck my cock, as soon as his wet lips touched my cock i became still more aroused and i was in heaven with great pleasure and left soft moans. as it was first time for me within a few minutes i was about to cum and i said that to him but he didnt stop started to suck with more speed. soon i shot all my cum into his mouth, he swallowed all the cum and cleaned my cock from top to bottom with his tongue. then he came on me and started to kiss my lips and i tasted my own cum it was salty but was nice. then he removed my shirt and started to suck my small boy boobs. then after sucking a few minutes he fell aside and asked me to suck his cock. I removed his underwear and was shocked by seeing its size of 8 inches length and 3 inches of width.

Then slowly i took his cock head into my mouth and started to suck. while sucking he held my head with his hand and was pushing my head head towards him to take his tool completely in. after sucking for few minutes i took it completely and was sucking from top to bottom. after sucking for arouned 10 minutes he cummed in my mouth and i swallowed maximum of his cum. and then cleaned his cock with my tongue and fell beside him. we both laid there as it is for some time. again i started to suck his cock and after sucking for few minutes it again became hard then he rolled me back and started to lick my ass hole and then he took a gel and applied it on my asshole and inserted his finger and was moving it to and fro. then he inserted another finger. after some time due to the finger fucking my asshole became lose.

Then he applied the gel on his cock and placed it at the entrance of my asshole and pushed inside. first 2 inches of his cock went in easily then he tried to push further more in. and in another push half of his cock was inside me. then he started slowly moving to and fro, it was paining but it was feeling good. then he pushed further more in, it was paining heavi;ly and i said him to stop and not to enter any more. he laid there for few minutes and started to move to and fro and in another strong push he completely inserted his big 8 inch cock. i cried out with pain and my legs were shivering. he laid as it is for few more minutes and then slowly started to move. i was releived with some pain and he increased his pace and was stroking my ass with full speed i was feeling completely aroused and was leaving big moans. he became with that moans and started to stroke with his entire force and shot his gallons of cum inside my ass. and fell on me. we both looked each other with complete satisfaction.and slept there with his cock in my asshole. and in the evening we woke up and had another hot session. since then we enjoyed our gay sex when ever he had the chance. please give the feed back to my story at [email protected]……..

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