Fucked By A Random Stranger.

Hey this is Nishant (name changed) from Delhi, first let me tell you about myself, I’m 5’7”, 70 kg good looking boy, and I’m gay and have been having gay sex sine I was 18 and I’m 22 now. Though this happened to me just 3 months ago. I take direct bus from my college to my home and then I walk about 1 km from the bus stand to my home. One I was pretty late, it was around 6 pm and I took a bus to home. At the time it was pretty empty only seats were filled, I was the only one standing but then there was a busy stand and the bus was jam packed in matter of a minute and I was pushed from the rear gate to the middle corner part of the new DTC bus. I was pretty much cornered because of the crowd but I didn’t mind as I was to get off at the last stop. After 10 minutes or so I noticed someone rubbing my thighs. I noticed a hand going up and down my thigh and it as clear that it was intentional. Initially to avoid this I turned my back but after just a minute I noticed the same person taking a feel of my crotch!

I don’t know what happened to me, but as I’ve had plenty of gay sex before I was actually liking this sudden attention and I let the man get bolder. Soon after he started rubbing my crotch I got a boner and he clearly noticed that. He opened my zip and slid his hand inside my pants while I was looking right and left trying to hide myself and wishing no one sees this. With his hand in my zip he held my cock through my underwear and started rubbing it and it was feeling awesome, after one or two minute of doing so he slipped his hand inside my underwear through the dick hole that we have in the underwear and he held my bare dick in his hand and he was just pushing my foreskin back and forth trying to make me cum. I was way too horny to deny him of any of his actions by that time and he was moving my dick all over within my pants but to my bad luck my bus stop came and I got off. I thought my fun was over, but my luck hadn’t run out yet, that guy got off at the same stop as if following me and told me that he lives 2 minutes from there would I like to visit. Without saying a word I nodded my head and followed him to his place !

When we got to his place he lived in a 300 yard square apartment modular furnished and said he was married with no sons and wife died and he is a businessman. He led me to his bed and made me sit down and brought me some water and turned on his TV and rose up the volume. Then he just went to level 2 and kissed me straight out and laid me on his bed. After 5 minutes of deep French kissing using our tongues he asked me to get naked which I did and so did he. He was fat with a tummy and had hairs on his chest and had a really massive 9. 5 inch cock. He got over me and started kissing me again and again rubbing our naked bodies with each other colliding our dicks he was all over me, kissing my lips, licking my nipples, my ears, kissing my neck, sucking my cock, sucking my asshole and then kissing me again and I was loving every single bit of it even kissing him after he rimmed my asshole with his tongue.

After about half hour of body play and leaking loads of pre-cum he asked me that do you want to bathe ?
I said I won’t mind.

He then took me to his massive bathroom which had a bathtub in it which he already had filled with warm water. He asked me to get in it so I did. Then he sat on its border and asked me to suck his did which I did obediently and it was tough to take his massive dick in my mouth whole but he pushed me to take it in my throat until I gagged.


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