At Last How I Lost My Cherry

My name is Adelino I live in Canada…. I am a 18 year old straight guy…. Me and John have been best mates for long time….. John is 20 tears old… his elder brother Danny is also a good friend of mine….he is 25 works with some company and he always hugging me.

It was a normal Friday night… me, John and Danny stayed over at my place doing the usual stuff, drinking alcohol , watching TV and chatting on the computer.

It was 11 o’clock when Danny went on the computer, nobody was online so he decided to watch some gay porn. Me and John didn’t care as Danny had often watched gay porn in front of us.

I looked at the screen and saw this man giving another man a blowjob and for some reason made me horny…. it instantly gave me a hard-on…. I tried as hard as possible to not to show it…. but when you have a 7 inch hard-on it aint easy. I looked over at Jake and it was quite clear that he also had a hard-on.

I and John were virgins…from front and back…. and Danny had sex with boys.

Then… Danny turned around and said

“why not”

So me, Jake and Danny were sitting at the computer screen watching gay porn…. Then I felt something touch both my legs…. it was Jake and Danny….. I looked at them both and smiled and then touched their legs.

I then looked at John and he kissed me very deeply…. I was shocked at how much I enjoyed it… Then someone was undoing my trousers…. it was Danny.

“Wo, wait a minute, I’m not sure about this, I never done it with a guy before and you two are like brothers to me”

I said.

“Don’t worry about it Adelino it’ll be fine” said Jake giving me another passionate kiss.

I then noticed Danny had taken off all of his clothes and had a hard-on it is about 10 inches long and very thick…. Then John stopped kissing me and stripped… he had a 7 inch cock about the same width as mine…. I was the only left in clothes so i stripped…. It felt good to let my hard-on out of my skin tight boxers.

We then lied on the floor…. me and John kissing and Danny was working on both of our hard-ons. This spooked me because John and Danny were brothers, but Danny was giving a blowjob, which was the best blowjob I had ever had.

I had never given a blowjob but I was so horny I was willing to do anything…. Once me and John had broken lips I went down on his hard-on…. I took about half of it my mouth before I gagaed… I then stopped… to get some air.

John said

“How about a three-way blowjob… Danny you suck mine… I will suck Adelino…. and Adelino will suck Danny ”

We all agreed… so it began. It was so pleasure able I almost cum within a minute…. After about 10 minutes John and Danny cums toghether and then we all swallowed every little drip of cum.

After this we all were still hard!

John said

” Right now lets fuck each over ”

“please fuck me hard…you are my hero…with your jumbo dragon”

I knew now Danny is coming….and he left all juice in my ass… and kept in for long time….suddenly Danny starts again fucking second time…he said

” Adelino….you are so cute…I am waiting to fuck you from long time….from now you are my bitch”

Danny had now fallen asleep, so it was just me and John left.

John then said

“Don’t worry mate I will take it nice and slowly.”

He then rimmed me a little more to loosen it my ass…. He then stuck the head of his penis in my ass again and it hurt a little.

“Do you want me to carry on”

John asked

” Yeah carry on”.

He then put about half of it and it hurt! but after about a few seconds it stopped hurting and turned into the biggest amount of pleasure I had ever had…. He then inserted it all in and started pumping. He then cum all in He then with draw and we went into the 69 position I cum again and then after about 2 minutes we were both floppy. We then woke Danny up….John went to get shower.


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