Sexual Encounters Of Iyengar Maamis

Jayanthi and rajalakshmi are sisters in law and were visiting reddy paalayam where jayanthi’s cousin was staying . The reason for this visit was that jayanthi’s husband’s sashtiabdapoorthi( 60 th birthday). So they wanted to invite kodhai , their cousin for this event. Kodhai lived in reddypaalayam in combatore and as they had wanted to buy certain pooja items there, they combined both.
Ding dong !! The door bell rang.

Mani said “coming, just a minute”.

He opened the door thinking it was his wife getting back.To his shock , he saw these two women dressed in traditional nine-yards standing there.He was in his towel and topless, hairy chest visible as he was getting ready for a bath.It was too late for him to do anything.So pretending to be nonchalant he said
” come jayanthi , come in, sorry I thought it was kodhai coming back. Please wait let me change and get back”.

” no ! No! We won’t take long we were passing by so we thought we will invite you and kodhai for narasimhan’s sashti.” said jayanthi sheepishly, but her eyes were glancing at the bulge that was growing in the towel.

Jay was looking splendid in her traditional attire , her milky complexion , rotund figure was contrasting with the maroon red sari, while her “In law” raji was dark , with a specs and scrawny figure and her face was pock marked. No one would say that she is even a brahmin, if she had not worn the nine-yard option.
“Ivva dhaan ennodaey manni( she is my brother’s wife). Paerru rajalakshmi. Ennoda anna balaji theyriyumoliyo”.(her name is rajalakshmi, you know my brother balaji, don’t you?)
” offcourse!!, I meet him in all your weddings.

He reached out to switch on the fan, and lo behold his towel untied itself and he was stark naked with his dark snake with a pink head, which had grown now, angrily looking at the two petrified women.

They did not know what to do but both their eyes were transfixed on it as is they were in a trance of a magician.

Mani was the first to react , ‘ enna unga husbandukku ellaam cockeay kidayaadaa??”

“Yen ippadi pakkaringa”(what your hubby don’t have cocks , why are you staring like this?)

Jay was the first to come out of the stupor, “Mani onnakku vekkamaey kidayaadhaa, ippadi ammankundiaey kaatindu irrukkaey”.(what mani are you ashamed to be naked like this?)
“Okay okay , naan towellaey potukaraen(will wear the towel)”. He pretended to put it on.

“No ! No! ” squealed rajalakshmi,” jay onnakku vaendaannaa nee kannaey pothindu irru,

Ivvalaan perushaa naan paarthdaey illaey dee, bellakkaavaey. Engaathukaar ,small cockkudhaan vechindu irrukkaar.What about yours?'(jay if you don’t want close your eyes,such a size I have never seen, my hubby’s cock is small)

” ingaeyum samedhaan, maximum 4 inches irrukkum, indha brahmanaalukku yendhaan perumaal ippadi curse pannirrukaarnu theyrivaey illaey?” jayanthi chimed in.(here also it is same , max 4 inches only,can’t understand why god has cursed these brahmins with small cocks).

Maasilamani was now proudly strutting his dark torso which was flat and his muscles rippling,even though he was not bulky, he looked really tall and strong.

Raji tried to reach for his cock, but jay was too quick, she grabbed his cock and started to give a quick wank after spitting on her hands.

“Dee , jay enna pannaraey,ivvalo fasttaa irrukkaey, unga veetulae no sexaa “.Said mani.(whay jay you are so quick to react , what no sex in your home)

“Mmf, yes !! ,no!! My ,slurp slurp”,mumbled jay with cock in her mouth.

“Ennadee ? Yessaa novaa, be specific”(what bitch is it yes or no?)

” shollaendee raji , nammaathulaey enna agaradhunnu, naan busyaa irukkanono”((silly raaji tell him what happens at our homes , am I not busy now?).Said jay.

” amma,yengaathulaeyum adhaey kadhai dhan , viradham, ekadhesee, ammavaasai , some excuse or the other. All these husbands are useless.”Whined raji.(yes, even in my house also it is the same story,they site some religious issue or other)
” no no , andha anwar iruukkanono, ennamaa fuck pannaraan “(no, no, that anwar fucks really well) said jay.

Ada kallee !, shollavaey illaey nee,you are selfish yaa”. Said raaji.( oh! Bitch,you never told me , you are selfish).

‘sorry dee chellam,avan enoda school mate, ippodhaan periyya star(sorry love, he was my school mate , only now he is a big star).En pinnadi shuthindaey irruppaan schoolaey,( he used to follow me around at school) I was the most beautiful girl in school you know”. Jay was very proud of this fact and used to tease boys an also girls.

“Rhombodhan peethraey nee jay, konjam colourra irukkaey, adhukkaga ivalan show off pannindu irrukkaadhaey”.( jay you are showing off too much just because you are a little fair)

Now raaji was completely naked devoid of her nine-yard sari ,showing of her dusky slender frame to mani.Her pussy was clean shaven, but her red srichurnam( forehead mark worn by iyengars in the south) and her thirumaangalaym ( chain specifying that they are married)were standing out in contrast. In fact all her ornaments like ear studs, nose rings, her red thread on her waist and toe rings were the only things left on her body.Actually she really looked sexy in that even though her looks were far from beautiful.Mani was actually turned on by her, especially her red thread on her waist accentuated her waist and clean shaven cunt was too much for him to bear.
He just lifted her and took her to the dining room placed her on the table, leaving jay high and dry looking at him wondering if her cock sucking was not good enough.

” mani? Enna panringho, ippadi enna uttuttu poeringho.Too bad, andha karuppidhaan ungallukku importanttaa?(mani ! Is only important for you, what are you doing, just leaving me high and dry.Too bad that black bitch seems to be important)naan nanna fairraa azhagaa, ingaey irrukkaen, what nonsense??”(me so fair and beautiful here, what nonsense??)
Complained jay.

Mani was already drilling his fingers deep into raaji’s pussy and never had a chance to reply as both were lip locked in a fierce french kiss. Raaji was already pushing her pussy into his hands, shaking her head from side to side.As he dug into her g spot and started to scratch it and got back to her clit and was alternating between the two, he sensed that rajalakshmi was about to explode. He released the lip lock and started to massage her mons veneris with his left hand,in less than a minute she started to convulse and he just managed removed his fingers to of the way and raaji exploded in a huge orgasm screaming and thrashing

” aaaaiiayyayoo, perumaallaey, ennadaa pannaraey otthhaa, naan shaetthu poga poaraen, aiyo mani neengho enndhaan magic kailaey vechindu irrukinglo, my whole body is shivering in ecstasy, my head is being hit by a jack hammer. You are really super”.(aaaaiiayyayoo..Oh god, what the fuck are you doing, I am going to die, can’t imagine what magic you have in your hands)
Her squirt, went across the room and landed 5 feet away, she was still moving her legs and head even after 5 minutes and mani was patiently massaging her mons veneris and massaging her petite breasts ,squeezing her jet black nipples which looked like dried grapes.

Jay was shell-shocked, just looking at her sister in law in awe, didn’t know what was happening.

” nee nanna dhaanaey irrukkaey onnum aagalaeyaey onnakku,( hey ! Hope you are okay, nothing wrong no!!) I got scared that you got fits”.

” chee ! Chee ! Ashadu that was the best orgasm I have ever had in my whole life, ennakku shorgathukku ivar azhashindu poyuttaar”. Said raaji.(chee! Chee! Stupid! That was the best orgasm I have ever had in my whole life, he has shown me heaven).

In anger jay stripped from herself, nine-yards, blouse, and brassiere too exposing her milky big breast and pink nipples strutting out a good one inch.But what was shocking to both mani and raaji was that jayanthi was wearing a poonal (sacred cross thread) which was going across her body starting on her left shouldering in between her two boobs and ending just below her waist.It was white cotton multiple threads.
“What is this” both mani and raaji exclaimed together.The shock was written all over both their faces as traditionally women do not wear the poonal(janeu),only men do.

” illaey dee en aathukaar irrukkaarono, avar belongs to arya samaj , there they advocate equality and women too are empowered to wear the poonal (cross thread)(no girly, my hubby belongs to the area samaj) said jay proudly.
.” so nee sandyavandhanam koodaey pannuviyaa” chirped in lakshmi.( will you also do the morning and evening prayers)
” aamadee purushaa pannaradhu ellam pannanum”.(yes girly, all that men do we do) said jay.

“Hey jay it looks really sexy, you know” interjected mani and her grabbed her and gave her a real bear hug.

” enna panringo, what are you doing) so powerful you are, aanalum rhombho nannaa irrukardhu.”(but is soo good)
See what I am going to do let me show you how naidu( a telugu caste in coimbatore) men can really fuck”.

Ennaa shollingrooooo, ouch!! It hurts, no what are you doooiiing
??”(what you saying yaa )jay screamed.But he had flipped her around and started to bang her pussy from the typical doggie position. He was turned on seeing her poonal , was stroking it across her shoulders , the white colored thread intermingling in his dark hands and fingers. Everytime he banged her he tugged on it making her jerk back.She did not have time to react, a few minutes later,slopping sound of his heavy balls slapping against her butt was so loud, lakshmi who had dozed of due to exhaustion woke up and yelled.

” yennapanringooo rendupurum enna uttutoo?”.(what you two are doing leaving me??).

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