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Hello ISS Readers.. This is mahn again for you all with a real story.. Thanks a lot guys, girls, couples for the sweet and romantic response with new sexy and romantic friends. This story is based on an incident which is happened in Hyderabad and it is with one of my friends married sister. Her name is rupa, she and her husband are working persons, they were working in Software Company in Bangalore and she got transferred to Hyderabad and her husband will be transferring to Hyderabad after completing his current project. I am very close to them and I used to call her as sister, when she is transferred to Hyderabad she requested me to look for a house. So I found a house for her within my colony a two bed room apartment. She is not so fair but very sexy eyes, round face, big eyes, sweet lips, naval and buttock and firm boobs as she has not kids, if she wears jeans that’s it some one definitely like to put his rod between her bums & legs from back and her bumping booobs are nice. I used to help her in her shopping and other day to day needs and she is mostly either in salwar kameez or in jeans with top t shirts. One month is over our relationship is just a brother and sisterly friends that’s it.

One night around 8:30 she called me to my mobile it is Wednesday, she asked me what r u doing, I said watching tv, She asked which program

I said F TV (Fashion TV)

Rupa: oh u r enjoying your personal life

Me: yeah..

Rupa: what abt dinner,

Me: rice is on in rice cooker and then we chatted normal what r u cooking etc..

Next day again she called at the same time, ofcourse she used to call other times also but for specific to this story at the same time 8:30 PM. Asked me what r u doing, I said FTV, what is coming FTV now I said Midnight Hot.

Rupa: Midnight Hot..

Me: yes

Because she knows what is there in Midnight hot. Then she disconnected the phone and told me I will call you later, I was worried whether she thought me wrongly or and I was bit worried and afraid whether our normal relationship may hamper. I was so worried.

After 10 minutes she called me again asked hey it is nice for lone guyz to watch FTV Midnight Hot but there is no entertainment for lone females. I said yeah that may be true but girls will enjoy with their own way right.. She giggled and changed the topic. Next day was Friday and she invited me for dinner, I went there at 8:00 PM and thought of helping her in kitchen for dinner. She was watching TV programs and got a call from her husband, we both spoke to him (her husband) and she continues later personally giving kissings etc.. By the time she came to hall I was watching FTV Lingerie, when she came I just changed the number to the normal news.

Rupa: hey why did u change that

Me: common rupa, how can I watch in front of you

Rupa: what is there man, you already watched it and we were talking abt this as well, if you are interested then you can definitely watch

Me: no no

Rupa: how is ur wife

Me: she is fine at her parents house

Rupa: u r missing her right

Me: yeah but we cannot do anything, we have to leave with it, I asked her what you, u are also missing ur husband

Rupa: yeah

Then we started talking about individuals fantasies, private life, sexual life etc. Each of us used to have sex at least twice in working days and once in weekends. She likes very much foreplay, fingering, sleeping nude whole night with her husband in nude, sleeping on top of his husband etc.. I said your husband is so lucky that he got a very beautiful and very sexual structured lady like you. Thank a lot she said. They used to see FTV together and then the TV channel changed to FTV and we both were watching the same, she used to comment about the photography in FTV as they will have only rope type inners (panties and Bra’s) through which you can see everything except pussy and nipples of boobs but everything else is visible. And the buttocks are so sexy, round shape, clean and well polished, by seeing one I said your will also should be like this and ur hubby must be enjoying this, During that my hero was awake and quite big bulge in pant but not visible outside, because of my un easiness she could understand what is the problem with me, she asked what is ur hero doing, I was shocked and asked her what?? She replied your hero in pant… oh,.. I said he is awake and need some free place, she said free him up do not hesitate. It is common just open him. I was shy and she oh u r thinking that I will watch na..

Ok then one condition, you open urs and I will open my top and so that we can have little fun, after a minute I said ok, because I was interested to see her and said u only top and I am full nude and requested to show her back with panty. She said no no, then we just started to remove out clothes,

Me: with shirt

Rupa with her top

Me: wait we will have fun and start opening others clothes, started opening her

Her top was a hook on the back side and I was opening from front putting my hand on her neck, wow what softness on her neck and the feeling of her breathing gave me so sexy… after undoing her hook, I started feeling her back wth my hands…. Wow.. And I started moving my hands towards her boobs wow what a smooth boobs and squeezed them.. Then started lifting the top from her things and fellt the hot feeling of her things, belly, naval and finally touch of her boobs. She was wearing pink colour bra. She removed my shirt, vest and started removed jip of my pant and open my hero outside and then removed belt and pant. When she freed my hero with her hand, oh god what a feeling.. So soft hands on my hot rod…and then she was rubbing with her nails on around my hero and pinching tips of pennies….. Oh what a feeling…….. I asked I want to kiss on your naval…hhhh,, then started kissing on her naval, oh got so sweet, round, deep whole naval, then I placed my hero on the naval then whole tip (red part after pushing the skin) of the pennies is inside naval and then I started squeezing her boobs on the bra and started kissing her neck slowing by loosing her hair from back, lifted the bra to catch the fresh boobs. The movement I lifted the bra from her left side there is pink colour arola and a little dark tip half hard on it (nipple) then I lifted her right side so as to see two full oranges nude boobs and started kissing, sucking, squeezing both boobs.. She closed her eyes and laid on the bed moving her both hands upside. I was playing with these oranges for about 15 minutes and she was enjoying the same with some moanings hhhh aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh… then I removed her bra from behind.

Now I am full nude and she is half nude enjoying full length of fun, romance, foreplay and she is in jean, I slowly started removing her pant’s jip and watching pink colour panty. It was small panty which covers pussy and 1 inch radium of pussy (like in murder, mallika wears black) oh got what a sense why you gave this beauty to girls… and I was placing my hand on her pussy and rubbing, she increasing her sounds… ohhhhhh and placed a kiss on the panty and bitting the same. I removed her jeans totally what a sean with wheat colour body(she was sleeping straight with pink panty, both hands are upside, boobs with erected nipples, V Shape body, small belly with 1 ½ inch deep naval, pink colour lace around the belly, very sexy shaped thies, in between hiding pussy with pink colour panty, long & smooth legs like (banana tree) oh god.. By seeing that I was watching for 2 minutes the beauty and jumped on her with same the pose. Hands to hands, lip to lip,

Chest to booobs, belly to belly, pennies to pussy, thigs to thigs… etc for 3 minutes the moment she could not breath I slided and hugged and she is now in the same position above me… for 5 minutes.

I asked her to sleep on bed on the reverse side (belly, boobs down towards bed) so that I can see her nudity from back side. Oh god… what a sean……. It is basically one of the pose in FTV (Midnight Hot) what a bums,,, so sexy and smooth and in between two bums there is very small gap where you can hardly insert your small finger and gap between two melons really to be seen if someone has missed it that’s it the life is waste. I was playing with her bums, squeezing… inserting my finger to find the pussy and one hand on the boobs from bottom. Then I slept on her in the same position, putting my hero (pennies, modda, lund, yuni) between two bums, I couldn’t put my pennies then she spreads her legs so that I can place it and I adjusted my pennies with my hand to place corrected and then she closed her both legs which gives me immense pleasure of tightness around pennies and it was touching to pussy somewhere….. As my hero was dancing there. I was sleeping like that for 3 minutes and then her turn on me (like Sidhu from Srikakulam, the heroin sleeps on naresh) she was wearing saree but we were nude. While sleeping on her in this position I was kissing her chicks, neck and squeezing her boobs. Then we moved to 69 position, she was kissing my pennies, balls, thigs corners, biting pennies and I was licking her pussy corners, biting thigs beside pussy, biting pussy on panty (she has not removed her panty till yet and enjoying ofcourse it is totally wet now) fingering her pussy from side then she spread her legs.. Now I started removing her panty and it is removed easly..No no one thing I forgot which is my favourite, I brought some ice cubes placed three ice cubes in her panty and one big one in her mouth and we both were eating that ice cube..oh god she was dancing as the ice cubes are in between two hot organs (pussy, pennies) and then I removed her fully wet (with cum and water) panty.

I requested her to masturbate me, then she requested for shower and we both went to bath room (her master bath room is quite big) we are taking shower and she is behind me pressing her boobs on my back and playing with my her pennies and moving forward and backward I was in heaven and trying to hold her back bums (buttocks) there were so soft and water is falling from shower on both of us.. What a feeling and imagine this you will never get the feelings and you do not what is happening beside you as well. And finally cum came from my pennies and it become so small after that. We both took bath with lux liquid soap as I was applying on her and she is applying on me and I bathed her and she did me. After shower we came to bed room and each wiped the other one. I said we had played a lot but did not accomplish one thing, that is meeting my hero to your heroin, she said you naughty and it was a fantastic experience and she never had this much time playing without fucking and she enjoyed more on this rather on fucking. I said I need your pussy to be filled / covered to my pennies, she agreed but not now. Then she started cooking in nude, I was in nude, we had dinner in nude I was putting food in her mouth and she did for me, during that if anything fell on her body it is my responsibility to clean and I did so.

After dinner my hero again to normal hard size and I requested please satisfy the needs of this boy and your girl (pennies & Pussy) she agreed, now directly to the stroke & in one stroke it entered inside but her pussy was tight and mine was quite big as she didn’t had sex for long time and me as well. I was fucking for 3 minutes and during that time her boobs were moving up and down and she was holding bed, some times my back hair. And then we slept like that till Saturday morning. I like very much of her booobs and buttocks which were my favourite and when ever I get a chance I will be hitting her bums and squeezing her boobs. She never says no to me and when some one is there around us then we are very well friends with the required distance. I am mahn007 in yah dot com

Please give your comments on the above incident, lovely [email protected] Looking forward for your sweet, sexy, romantic response. I am thankful to this site for providing the facility to share your inner thoughts, feelings, incidents so as to relax yourself and thanks a lot for adding new friendships. Actually I got few friends from this site and one girl from tamilnade (Chennai) had shown me her nude through webcam, I am so thankful to her.

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