Sex with chAt friEnd

Let me start with my introduction. My name is Rupen, I am 28 yr old software professional. Iam a software engineer and was previously working in a software MNC in New Delhi. I am now working in Mumbai. I am a tall, dark, decent and simple looking man. I regularly visit indian porn sites and subscribe to Yahoo adult groups. I always had a fantasy of fucking a married woman. Once I happened to email about myself in a Yahoo group. After a couple of days I received a reply from a lady from Patel Nagar in Delhi. She introduced herself as Tina.We soon started exchanging emails. She narrated her story that she is married woman who lives with her husband and is married for the last 4 years. She is not satisfied with her husband as he is an impotent and also does not give her ample time. He is mostly on his office tours.Moreover she was constantly pressurised by her mother-in-law for bearing a child. But she was not in a state to convey to her that her son is not capable of impregnating her. And that she aborted once before marriage.

Anyways, lets come to the main story. As and when we started chating more she kept disclosing herself more to me. She was much distress and I kept consoling her. She felt comfortable in my company. Thus we decided to meet one day. We decided to meet at a spot in Connaught Place near BATA showroom. That was a saturday, we met at exactly 4 pm. Identifying each other was not a big problem we saw each other in webcam earlier. So we greeted each other and we went around roaming and a little shopping. Then in the evening we went to a nearby restaurant and had our dinner. She was very happy throughout. Later I took her in my motor-bike to her house in Patel Nagar. I dropped her in her house, but she could not invite me inside as her mother-in-law was visiting her those days. But she gave a nice good night kiss on my cheeks and said that she will call me. Three days passed by but she did not call me, so I called her. She said that her mother-in-law is going back the next day and that she will call me after that. As promised she called me on friday evening and said that she will be alone the next day. She invited me for a lunch. How could I decline such a golden opportunity and I readily accepted the invitation.

I suspected some good luck for me so I bought a pack of condoms for me. On saturday I reached her house at around 12:30 in the afternoon and rang the door-bell. She came out on a red saree and red blouse. It looked that she was eagerly waiting for me and that she was getting herself ready for quite a long time. I was so amazed seeing her in that saree. She was looking so sexy that my dick already started throbbing. I had to compliment her of her beauty. I said “Tina, u are looking very sexy today”. She giggled and said “really? Thanks”. We then started to talk generally. I asked her about her husband and she said that he went to drop his mother at their home-town. She switched on the TV and we started to watch “Murder” which was then showing in one of the local channels. She asked me “Rupen u never told me about ur girl-friend”. “I dont have a girl-friend”, I said, for which she said “no problem, I will be ur girl-friend”. I said “I’l be glad to have as my girl-friend”. She said, “then a girl-friend and a boy-friend does not sit so apart”. Saying this she came near me and sat touching her thighs all over mine and held my hand with hers. I

Felt her warmth and responded equally. We kept watching the movie, andslowly she leaned her head on my shoulder. I planted a soft kiss onher forehead. She broke down and started weeping. I asked her as to is she crying. She said “I am depressed, my mom-in-law said that she will get her son remarry if she doesnt bear a child for her family”. I felt very sorry for her, and tried to console her. “Can you help me Rupen?” she pleaded. I asked how? She said that she wants to get pregnant and she wants to bear my child. I was a little amazed but was more taken over by her emotions for me. She said “please bear me a child and I promise I will fullfil all your needs, I will never say no to you”. She started kissing me all over my face and soon landed on my lips. How can I resist a sexy lady like her approaching for sex to me? I also started responding to her. I held her face and we indulged in a good french kiss for nearly 10 mins. When we parted she had stopped weeping and was looking very sexy. She said in a very erotic voice “please akshay, love me more…” I then started sucking already wet lips and she responded equally. Slowly I brought my right hand to touch her soft booby and pressed her left breast softly. She moaned and said “ufff Rupen aur karo”. Then I left her lips and started kissing her all over her face and started licking her neck and shoulders. She kept moaning slowly.

Then I removed the saree pallu from over her shoulders and looked at her perfectly rounded tits. She said “Rupen, these are for u, my dear”. I loved her booby and slowly touched both of them together to get a feeling of the size and shape. She closed her eyes and said “dabao na sweetheart”, and I gave a light squeeze to both of them. “Lets go to the bedroom” I said and lifted her in my arms. She guided me to her bedroom. I found it nicely decorated with a king-size bed in the middle. The room was smelling nice and exotic. May be she prepared the right atmosphere for us to enjoy.I kept her slowly on the bed and unwrapped her saree. She was now looking more sexy in that red blouse and peticoat. “Tum bohut khubsurat ho Tina”, I said. She said “darling what are you waiting for? I am dying for you. Come, I am all for you”. I slowly mounted her and started kissing her all over her face, neck, etc. Then I started squeezing her breasts hard over the blouse and also sucked her pointed nipples. Her blouse was now wet on the nipples area while she kept moaning…mmmmmmmmm….aaaahhhhhh. Then I came down more and concentrated on her nicely shaped tummy and licked her navel. She started giggling, and my hands are now freely massaging her fleshy thighs over her petticoat. Slowly, I untied the string and tried to lower her petticoat. She helped me by raising her waist and took it off. I can see her perfectly shaped & silk-smooth thighs and a black panty. I looked at her with lustful eyes and she blushed.

I then touched her ass started kissing her inner thighs. She started moaning loudly saying ooooohhhhh … Mmmmmhhhhhh… My left hand now started massaging her breats one by one. Now I came up and started unhooking her blouse and kept pressing her tits also. By now I had a tremendous erection, seeing her lacy black bra. She now got up and took off her blouse and started taking off my clothes and started kissing on my chest. She then took off my jeans and was shocked to see the tent in my undies. My monster cock was trying hard to get free from the undy. She slowly unwrapped the front of my undi and stared at

The dick-head for a few moments and then kissed it very passionately.Slowly she engulfed the whole dick in her mouth and started to roll her tongue all over it. It gave me immense pleasure & I unhooked her bra. Slowly it slipped from her shoulders and her fleshy booby came into air. I started squeezing both her breasts and she kept sucking my dick vigorously. After nearly 15 mins of squeezing and sucking I said”Tina, I am going to cum”. “Go on cum in my mouth” she said. Soon I bursted with loads of white creamy cum in her mouth and she ate all of that. She looked upto me with lustfull eyes and asked “maza aya?”. I said “bohut maza aya”. Then we both rested for a while and then I slowly started massaging her tits again and slowly came down & inserted my hand in her panty. She moaned and closed her eyes in pleasure. Then I started to drag her panty down, she helped me by lifting her waist. Now her cleanly shaved pussy was clearly visible. I rolled my palms from her thighs upto her pussy and started massage her pussy lips. She started to moan loudly…aaaaaaahhhhhh…..mmmmmmmmmmmm.

“Aur karo, aur karo na, my husband never does this”, she said. I inserted my index finger in her pussy and started finger fucking her slowly. She grabbed my head and started massaging my hair and kept moaning. I squeezed her clit a bit hard and she screemed. Now I kissed her pussy, spread her pussy-lips and started to lick her inner pussy from bottom to top. She now held my head more tightly and tried to push me more towards her pussy. I kept inserting my tongue in her pussy and bite her clit and pussy-lips often. Soon she started shivering and ended in a huge orgasm with a loud moan …..ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh….mmmmaaaaaa mai marrr gayyiiiii…..aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. If u like my story ,if my story had made u horny n even if Any women like real fun pls mail me at [email protected] ……… 28 /M / Mumbai……

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