Religious sister

At first i would like thanks and admire the person who open this site through which, we can share our incest experiences. This site is like heaven on the earth for all those who like different sex specially incest .one thing i assured u that amazingly my story based on truth when u will read u will came to know that yeah i mean what i am lets get start.

I am yasir from punjab,gujranwala,pakistan .i am 24 years old with good built 6feet.i m in army now but when this incident happened at that time i was in fsc, i have dangerous weapon of pussy distraction 7inches long & 3inches width. The main thing in my tool was my cap which was pretty thick,sharp & good stamina at least 20mnt .

My mother works in ubl.we r two sisters and a brother. Once in year we visit bahrain for,and most of the time papa himself come to see us mostly in august. We all lived in pouch area and everybody has its own room,all the facilities we had,like mobiles,tv,personal computers. For the servants and watchman has separates room in upstairs near the the guest room while both sisters have room next to each other sharing the same bathroom on the ground foolr. This was the little disruption of the house and family that u ca fully understand my story. Now come the the main story.

Five years back in 2003,papa told us that we will come to bahrain due to some important work.he will not be able to come to pakistan. But this year was big problem for all of us to go coz of me and my elder sister have papers in september. So moms decides that she will go and my aunt live with us. Mom go bahrain on july 27th 2003.before leaving she explain all the things what to do and told us that everybody keep there responsibilities & soon aunt will come to join within a week.

Now i introduce my sisters. My elder sister name sumrana.then next one named tuba 23 years .sumrana baji was 25 year old and doing master in arabic for university. She was innocent face as well as she was very religious girl. She was very shy even in the home she always used to cover her whole body with her big dobutta (cloth used to cover head often).her face look like ammna haq, pink lips, killing smile, and her height was 5.5 inches,milky thighs.short shoulder cut hairs.she was busty in beautiful manners. Later i came to know that she has figure u can imagine what a assets she has. Big round boobs which i never even saw before this incident & shaped ass made circles when she walk.inshoret she was very conscious of her health and do exercise regularly. Kind natured & cooperative.both were very wise,good health,but very shy,simple natured.prays five times a day.

Tube’s baji’s age was 23 years, figure 34b-26-40.her vital sign was her big shape pointed ass towards outside & her attractive face with curly hairs and bit both sister have splendid body with red and white face,delicate body.i told u that our brought up in very tight manners & we belong to religious family that’s why both always wear vile and in home big shawl used to cover every inch of the body. My aunt was advanced and very social.

My both sisters played bed mention in the evening daily & i was there single umpire. During playing i saw there splendid bodies specially sumrana baji;s big boos & tuba’s baji ass. Up & down ,right left. Specially when both sweat & there beautiful assets more appear. I was ashamed what i am doing. These r my own sisters and this was big sin. But i could not control myself & most of the time i master bating to imagineboth sisters. But i have no courage to do anything more beside this.then one somebody told me about www.indiansexstories.

When i read all the stuff i got solution for my problem and believe me, it guides me, encourage me and gives me lot of support for doing this.

At first i decided to pee my both sisters fully nude while they shower. For this i note every moment of my both wild home beauties & note timings. I came to know that my elder sister use to take shower near between 11.00 to 12.00 in night. While tuba baji approximately next day near 9.15 tuba baji go for the shower,sumrana baji was watching tv, and i was sitting in the outside .the window of the bathroom was the back side of the there room. But the problem was this window bit high &i have to put something so that i can stand on them and enter in the heaven. I found small stool which was there, as someone put it already for this special task, & i started to climb for peeping. Anyhow i have very short time so i decided to take action. My heart was pumping very loudly, my lips, throat were dry. I was very nervious,confused but i did not want to lose the opportunity which i get. My whole body was trembling. But when i look inside i saw that tuba baji was standing in front of the mirror and looking herself very keenly. From clothes, i even first time i was watching her coz ever time both sis covered herself fully,then she start putting off her first she removed her kamiz, ohh…… what a scene her big boos were in black color bra ,which i can clearly saw through mirro my friends i will tell u the remaining story in urdu so that i can fully express my feelings,so do not mind.

Tuba baji ky mamy straight khary hoy thy ,phir baji ny apni shawlar uatari,baji ny lastic pehna ho wa tha,amazying for me that baji used elastic so that she can easily remove her shalwar when immediately she remove her shalwar the whole room spread her sweeeet… strange smell of the body,which i can not wrote what type of that murdering smell.aaaaa….aaaaa wa oho …then uno ny api budi phar halk sa hat pyrah.offf dostoo my apko bata ni sak ta kia scene that,my sat sat materbation kar rah that ab baji ni apna bra be utar dia aur bilkol nangi ho apni life me pehly dafa kesi larki ko bilkol nanga dyk rah that,aur ya to mere apni innocent bji thi.jis ky jesam ka ak bee hisa pehly my ny kabi kaproon(clothes) my be nai dykah tha.baji ky mammy barhay thy aur ab wo bara sy azad thay,bilkol gool aur gory dood ki terah(whole body colour like milk)mammy ki nipple pinkish that aur nipple bhray nai thay,baji ky nipple ky gerd dark colour ka circle tha.mammy doono bilkool barabar magar baji ka right mammy ka jo nipple tha wo left waly se thora dark pinkish that aur thora left st barah bee tha.baji ny apny mamyy pakray aur phir hatt pyrah. Is ky bad baji ny halk halka in ko dabaya.offff…. Aaaa…. Seeee…..mmmm mmmm… unky moo se halki se aawaz niklee. Mera paseena bohyat tyzee sy nikal raha tha aur mere chara red haona ky saat satt dar lag rah that ky sumrana baji ya phier koi servant mujy na dek ly.mammy bahry thay aur baji ki movement karny ky sat two halky halky hilty thay.aur ya manzar bhra sexy aur peyara thaa.she was standing in front of the mirror and she continuously watching her dimand, clutching her boos with thumb and pointed finger hold her nipples in her hands.i was totally opposite side of her,coz the window was against the mirror side.the most charming thing in baji was her gool gool bhary bhary chotarr(bij’s pointed round ass).unki bhrae bahre gand.wo kamal ky chotarr thay.bilkol gool aur upper ko utay unki gand ko aram sy dyk sakta tha coz unki peeth(back) mere trif thi.gand.unky chotoor apass my chipky(stick with eachother very closely) howy thy. Baji ki halki se harkyat unky gool silky chotarron ko hela dy thee. Kabi upper kabi nechy, kabi right kabi left.baji ky right hip phar ak til(mole) that increase her sexy look more.iskay bad baji apna moo wash karnay ky leya agay wash basin phar jokhen(trying to wash her face and bent forward) to unky chotaroon my harkat hoi aur hips ky darmeyan joak tight line thi wo halki se khole.ohh…. My…. God….it seemed that my heart will stop.,it seemed that i going to die watching this unforgettable scene.ak dar tha ,ak mazza that,aur mery masturbation karny ki waja sy aur mazzza aa rah that.mere dil kar rah that ky baji ky gool bahry bahry chootaroon ko pakar loon, aur kiss karon,zoor zoor sy pakron aur khol kar achi teha watch karon.unki gand ky sorak ko apni zaban sy zoor zoor sy chatoon,magarunky chotroon ky bnd hony ki waja sy my unki gand ky soorakh nazar ni aa rah tha.unki halki se line open hony ki waja sy mujy unki buddi kay ball nazar aa ray thy.nazar nai aa rah tha.koi bee agar mere baji ki gand daykat to pagal ho jata aur baji ki gand me goos jata aur gand marny ki arzoo kat.… my mosal sal mot mar rah that mere jesim lohy ki terah red ho cho ka tha.baji ki hips ky thora sa upper patli kamar unki bahri virgin gand ko zada khobsoryat (more beautiful) bana rahee the,means patl kamar ki waja sy gand ki shap aur be achi aur sexy lag rahee the.dil kar rah thata baji ki gand phar doon aur unky jesam ka har part kooty(lick like dog) ki terah chatoon.

Is ky bad baji ja kar flash phar peshab(piss) karny byat gaien,mere to eid ho i was lucky …yammm…yam…yameeee.baji ki budi muji achi terha nazar nai aa ra hee the coz it was full of pure black long hairs which covered lot of special area.but i can judge a line which parted my sweet baji’s budi lips.then the golden shower in form of pissing came out and i can feel the fresh fragrance .baji was watching her special place very naughty manners. Mean while pissing she was continuously playing with her long budi’s hairs with left hand while right hand on her left boos & she was garbing her mummys.budi’s hairs were i thinh very thick & long 2inches.i was watching first time any girl not only nude but also pissing.i was about to come,i could not control myself , while she was pissing i finished twice.she was looking very sexy & in dangerous she finished her pissing she moved slightly up & down,then right left to finished even single drop.means she was jerking herself so that the last drop in her pussy fell down.offf…….hyyyyyy.. Mera jesam asa lagta tha ky phat jaey ga.

Suddenly her mobil rings while she sitting in the flash.she stand up for picking her mobile.

Baji:ya uzma,how r u? Is waqat my naha rahee hon with naughty smile.abe nahee howa tum ny jo kaha tha.muja dar lagta hy koi dyk na ly. Aur coch ho na jay.anyhow my kal try karon karny ki karon,promise!acha ab apna mood thik karoo na,u know u r my best & very personal friend ho,plz..plzz.agar tum kal aa jao tum hum doon easly kar sak ty sub intazam kar lon gee.ab khush ho jao.badmash my ny apni budi ky ball tumhary leya saf nai ky,believe me.aur tum ny..,?Tum ny mere kam kia….?Acha thik hy tum asya karo kal sham ko 4.00pm ao jao aur my aunt sy byat kar long gee, tum a week hamara satt rahoo gee, aur tum apni ammi sy byat kr loo.ok bye bysharam.mere kam kar ky anna plz.kiss u.

What’this? I was totally confused. What sort work?why she was so excited for uzma? A lot of why,what,when,were in my mind?

Why she did not remove her pussy’s ? Besides all these questions i was thinking that she is religious girl & in the bath room she was reacting totally different, grabbing her boobs,watching and playing with her hair’s pussy,talking sexy with her friend.with me u also got all the answers as soon as u read the coming episodes.

S she was washing her budi(pussy) i heard that someone is coming towards back side of the.then what happened …………?

But u have to wait for the next episode which not only for me at that time unbelief able. But also i am sured for all of the readers. Hope u will give me ur full independent opinion. What u feel after reading my real first incident so that i can share next. Any lady from any part of country can contactme at [email protected]

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