Physical Need Of Two Bodies

Hello friends my self kullvi boy 24 years of age 6″And 2.5″ with an average height of 5’7″My email id is [email protected] the modal of the story is just call sexy 32-26-32,  a cute girl anyone can fall in love with her…

So coming to the story it’s my first story , so sorry if any mistakes are there ….

Yeh lagbhag 3saal phle k baat h wo mujhe kullu dushre main milli phli baar mere close friend k friend thi phli br dekhte h usse pyar ho gaya but uska bf tha already we met twice in dushra and after some day mujhe chandigarh jana unexpectdly wo mujhe see off karne aayi I was very much happy we exchange no. And we use to talk a lot and I came back from chandigarh after one month …

And guys kullu ka hun to pta h hoga sab kuch karta hu joint drinking and she also use to hv all these so mujhe ek friend mila jo mrre sath party kar sakti thi we use to hangout a lot in my car

Ek baar maine usse kiss k lie pucha she just smiled at me and looked intoy eyes or phir ek lamba smooch ohh sayad 15min ka tha hum bhul gaye k gadi main h or koi dekh b sakta h but we didn’t care

Uss incident k baad hum  or b close aa gaye …..

One day usne in evning usne mujhe call k or bola use ghar tk drop kar d to main b ghar p bol k aa gaya k friend k whn ja raha hu sayad na aaun

Maine usse pick kia and about to start the car usne bola mujhe aaj ghar ni jana h please

I was like ohh my god jackpot lag gaya

Maine do beer li cigrts li paper lie and some choclates and hum ek safe place p chle gaye I park my car their

Hum back seat p gaye and beer pine lag gaye and joint wagrh b sath main h hum dono full tight ho gaye suddenly wo uthi or meri god main aake baith gayi and started kissing me all over my face neck and started giving me love bits ummmm shhhh moaning also main b charge ho chuka tha bhr thand b bhut thi but mujhe pasine aane suru ho gaye she started undressing main first humne lagbhg 20 min tk smoch kia hoga she waas a good kisser I am too which she said at last … So after that I strted undressing her kissing her all over her body lips eyes ears cheeka chin neck and she was getting much hornier we were making love tht thr is no tomrw she started making sound unmmmm ahhhh ssshhhh shhh ohh yesss please don’t stop keep doing

Maine usse letaya or uski chut k uper hath lagya she shivers and also was too wet she let out a moan aaauummmmm

I remove every single cloth from her body and stated plying with her sucking her boobs prressing them hard she was saying plzz fuck main but main uski baat sun ni raha tha dheere dheere main uski neval p aya and stated giving kisses their wo pagl hue ja re the raat main jor c moan kar re thi tb maine ek hath uske muh p rakh dia ab main or niche gaya or pura focus uski pink chut p tha I just kissed their wo uchal padi or apne hath c mera sir pkda or apni chut p laga dia or kya taste tha still remember wo moan kar rahi thi gadi main bhaap jam gaya tha and she was saying faster faster ahh hum mmmm eatt it ohhh yeessss more more…. With in 4 min she cumed she was smiling and starting kissing me

I said her to suck my dick but she refuses maine b force ni kia bcoz itne pyr c nahi kia k man h ni kia I stated inserting my tool in her wet pussy she was not a virgin but it was tight and paining both of us a little but 2-3heavy stroke k baad normal ho gaya and main bhut jldi jhad b gaya 3 min sayd c

Wo uthi or meri god main baith gaye meri trf face karke and started kissing main 1min main mera chotu phir c khada o gaya she guided my lun in her chut and kya mast pose h my fav. and wo aage piche hone lagi and started moaing ahhhh hum mmm yessss ohhh yesssss yaa baby harder ohh yeassss main going to come soon and meantime we were kissing also like mad dogs eating each other sliva she cummed in 5min and sayng stop pr maine usse niche letaya or kafi teji c chodne laga lagbhg sayd 15 ya 20 min main b jhdne wala tha tha to maine apna sara cum uske pet p gira dia or side main lmba pad gaya mere pasine c bure haal ho gaye the….. Usne tissue ppr c apne aap ko saaf kia and mere sath aake so gayi subh usne mujhe uthaya to maine use sidhe h kiss karna suru kar dia hamne ek or baar sex kia subh and usse ghar chod k aa gaya nahate hue dekha k puru body p love bites die huee h she was amajing mere friends bolte lagta h buri trh c kaata rat ko tujhe bandi ne or hansne lag gaye later she texted me thanks for the lovely night with a kiss ….

Hope so u liked it

Agli baar mai usse ghar p laya jb koi ni tha ghar p and usse massage di and we had sex wo story feedback k baad share karunga…….

Hum abhi b mikte h but saal main ek do br sayd we are vest friends still I care about her a lot thanks guys

Anyone want to contact ,  my email id is [email protected] thanks any happy new year friends..

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