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My name is ali. I am 21 now. This incident happened to me 3 years

back when I was 18. My aunts name is Alice she is very sexy. At that

time she was 28. I would like to say more about her. She is 36-28-36.

She is having a big booms. She is having a average body. She is white

and having curling hairs which slides on her sholder.

One fine day she came to our house to watch movie. There was nobocy in

my house except me. All of them went for a tour that day and were

expected after one week. She came in and sat next to me in the sofa.

She sat so close to me so that her thigh was next to mine and I can feel

her body temperature. She was wearing a yellow color sari and black

color blouse. It was about 7 in the night, voltage droped and the tube

light went off. I switched the TV and VCR to step-up transformer and

while returning back to the seat I placed one of my hand in her thighs

and sat on the sofa. I was little bit tensed because If she says that to

my parents then they are going to kill me. So I took some time and

slided my hand slowly up towards the center of the thighs. Luckly she

did not show any resostance so I acted quickly and kept my hand near her

pussy. She looked at my face and told that it will become problem if

somebody sees it. I told her that nobody is in the home and they all

will come after one week. She also told that she is also alone in her

home and she came her because she was feeling lonely. By the time we

were talking I got a phone call so I went in to my room and took the

phone. She closed the front door and and came to my room. I took the

phone and told my friend that I will call hime back next day. I was so

excited in seeing her in my roon I went next to her and hugged her and

squeesed her booms. She took my lungie off. By the mean time I removed

her sarie and removed her blouse. She removed my under wear and took my

prick on her hand. I removed her pettis. She was so sexy in bra and

panties. I massaged her booms and then removed her bra. She was playing

with my prick and by the mean time I started sucking her tits. Her tit

got straightened. She was maoning …. I slowly made her to lay on the

bed. She took my prick on her mouth and started sucking and licking it.

It was feeling really good for me. I removed her panties and let one of

my finger in…. It was hot and wet. I started to finger her up and

down. She was moaning and sucking my prick. I slowly went down and

kissed her pussy. I placed my mouth on the pussy and started to lick it.

She was moaning


HHHHHHHH. I licked her clit and then started to fuck her with my tounge.

She was moaning heavily and pushed my face towards her pussy. Her honey

was so sweet that I drank it. After few minutes her body started trempling

and she extended her legs so wide. I understood that she is going to cum so I

was fucking very fast with my tounge. She held my face very tight with

her pussy and after a moment she started cumming….. my face became

wet…. She smiled and me and kissed me ……….. I gave my prick in

her mouth. She started sucking it ……….it was so good for me I was

fingering her and after some time I was about to cum I told her that I

am going to cum. She sucked so fast……..mmmmmmmm………… I loaded

all my cum in her mouth, she drank it ………

I layed over her for some time and then we went to the bathroom. I

cleaned her pussy and washed her face. She also cleaned my prick and


I told her that I was feeling so hungry ….so we went to the dining

table took some food and had it. Then she told that she wamts to go

home. I asked whether uncle was there….. she told yes and told that we

can meet some other time……. I did not get a chance to meet her for

the next couple of months………..

After few months I got a chance to pass by her house. I saw her sotting

on the sot out. She smiled at me as soon as she saw me and called me

in. I went there and was chatting with her. I asked her whether she was

alone. She told that her friend Victoria was with her. She called

Victoria and introduced to me. She was also so sexy and she was in the

night dress. I told them that I want water. She asked me to take it

from the kitchen. As I went in they also followed me and closed the

front door. I went to the kitchen to take water and they went to

bedroom. After having water I came to the bedroom they were sotting on

the bed close to each other and were reading a magazine. I told them

that I am leaving and passed the place As I passed I heared a creek in

the bedroom door and It came to half closed posotion. I came to the

front door and opened it from insoded and closed it from insode so that

they will think that I left the place. That trick worked …… I stood

there with out making any sound for nearly five minutes ……. Then I

heared the wisper of Victoria …. to take off the cloths…….. I

slowly moved towards the bedroom without making any sound. I peeped

through the door slit to see what was happening insode. Victoria was

full nude and she was taking off my aunts cloths. She was half the way

so that she finished the upperpart and was concentrating on the bottom

part.She was trying to remove the pettis. My aunts hand was playing with

Victoria’s tits. At last she did it ….. she removed the pettis and

removed the panties….. Whoow my aunt pussy was neatly shaved …….

Victoria asked my aunt to lay down and started to lick her pussy and

was screwing the asshole with her finger……. Aunty was moaning

loudly…….. that could have made Victoria …… hot, She started to

fuck her pussy fast with her tounge……. My prick became big and I

started to masterbate…….. My aunts was moaning so loudly and was

stretching her legs …. I was sure that she is going to cum…… the

sound was too


and finally she cummed……….. Victoria got up……climped the bed and placed

her pussy in my aunts mouth. I could hear licking sound but was not

clearly visoble…so I pushed the door but the door opened fully and

they saw me….. Victoria was shocked but my aunt was cool. She called

me in and told me to lick her pussy and told Victoria to continue… I

was so happy….. I started licking her pussy…….. Victoria was

moaning and I put my finger in Victoria’s asshole and gave her a good

ass fuck. She was in the peak and started to cum……… my aunt drank

all the juice…….

I made Victoria to laydown on the bed and my aunt over her. I lifted

Victorias leg and told her to round it over my aunts waist. She did it.

They were kissong each other. I inserted my prick into Victorias pussy

and started fucking her. I started slowly and in creased the pace. She

was moaning loudly…… but my aunt stopped it by kissong her mouth. I

was exchanging the pussy and they were controlling each other…. it was

good fun…….. finally it was time for me to cum I was ramping on

Victorias pussy …… I told them that I am going to cum…… my aunt

got up was waiting to drink my juice. The time came ……. I took my

prick off the pussy and gave it my aunts mouth….she sucked and drank

all my juice. We had several rounds that day and I left home evening.

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