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I am furnishing my encounter I had with my MIL and her lovely sister. Once I went to my MIL’s house for a short visit. In the evening, I went to upstairs which is open to air and taking rest. While moving around the terrace suddenly one hot scene is visible to me. It is that my MIL is taking her bath nudity in the bathroom, which is also open to sky. She is clearly visible from top to bottom in the bathroom. She is a fair and handsome lady. Her boobs are in tact and 38 in size. Her seat is 42 size. Some small hairs are there on her pussy area. I know it is wrong and against the society. But the scene is not allowing me to move back. She is washing her boobs, pussy and ass. She bent down to wash her legs. Her boobs are moving like two big balls and her back is very nice. After 5 minutes, she saw me and covered her body with her hands with shy. As she has seen me and there is no use when I went back, I am observing her with anxiety. She slowly removed her hands from her body and with one hand pressing her boobs and with other hand, she is rubbing her pussy with a naughty smile. Now it is clear that she is also interested in me. I immediately came down where my MIL is in nude. She unlocked the bathroom door and I entered into the bathroom.if any lady or girl want sex with me please write me [email protected]

After entering into the bathroom, I observed her nudity very closely. She is like an angel and very beauty. Her pussy is like appam and bulgy. Small hairs are covered her pussy and her boobs are very attractive. I slowly moved towards my MIL and hugged her and took her lips into my mouth and sucking her lips with anxiety. But she tried to resist me. I did not stop my move and doing the kissing and pressing her boobs. With this, she also became hot and hugged and kissing me. While kissing her, my hands are moving her back and pressing her big and bulgy boobs. Slowly I put my middle finger into her hot pussy by widening her pussy lips. She parted her legs and gave me way to enter my fingers into her hot and wet pussy. I don’t want to leave the chance and put another two fingers into her pussy and moving in and out of her pussy. She became very hot and removed my lungi. Normally I wear lungi only (without underwear) when I am in house. My dick has become very strong and in 90 degrees. She shocked on observing my dick which is in 9” / 3” size. She took my dick into her hands and rubbing it and moving its skin front and back. She is moaning “hhhhhhhhhhaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaa ……. Ooooohhhhhuuuuuffffff …….Rajesh…..nee finger fucking …”. I made my thrusts strong for another 5 minutes and she reached her orgasm and her pussy released its sweet juice. My fingers and hand are drenched with her love juice. She took my dick into her mouth and licking and sucking it vigorously. After 10 minutes of her sucking, I am going to cum and I told her. She is not listening my words and doing good blowjobs. I ejaculated in her mouth and poured my hot cock milk into her mouth. She swallowed my juice completely and cleaned my dick with her tongue. After 15 min of our rest, again I started pressing her boobs and pussy. She also became hot and asked me to suck her pussy with my mouth. She parted her legs and widened her pussy lips with her two hands and invited me to give her my blowjob. I moved towards her pussy and took her pussy to my mouth and licking and sucking it vigorously. She is whispering “Raajesh……plllleeeeeeesssssssssss…….suck my pussy with your tongue and put ur tongue inside of my pussy……..ooooooohhhhhhhh…….you are very expert in finger and tongue fuckings……… daughter is very lucky…………”. After sucking her pussy for 15 minutes, I asked her to bend like doggy so that I will insert my dick into her pussy from back and fuck her. However, she did not allow me to fuck her with my dick and told me that she is my MIL and it is against the society. She also told me that I can see her in nude, press her boobs and sucking her pussy and can do anything except fucking her by putting my dick into her pussy. Even she did not allow me to fuck her ass with my dick. Since she is not allowing me to fuck her with my dick, I requested her to allow me atleast to fuck her boobs by putting my dick in between her big boobs, for that she agreed and lied on the floor and invited me to get satisfaction by fucking her boobs. I put my dick in between her boobs and she pressed her boobs closely so that my dick is moving in between her big boobs. While I am fucking her boobs, I am fucking her pussy also with my fingers vigorously for about 20 minutes. She ejaculated and her pussy is filled with her sweet juices. I also ejaculated and poured my hot cock milk on her boobs and face. She rubbed my juice on her boobs and took my dick into her mouth and sucked it for 5 minutes. Again my dick started raising and I asked her to suck it again. After 30 minutes of her sucking, I ejaculated again in her mouth. In the night, I fucked her for 4 times (without inserting my dick into her pussy). We took rest and raised at 8.00 AM on the next day. Next day in the evening, one widow aged about 40 came to her house. My MIL told me that she is her sister and her hubby went to abroad two years back. She is also a fair and charming woman. She is residing nearby house. In the night at about 8 PM, my MIL came to my bedroom and sat beside me and asked my help. I really shocked to hear her request i.e., requested me to fuck her sister, since she is in need of a dick to satisfy her with its hard pushing because of her hubby fucked her 2 years back. Since then, she is not participated in sex. My MIL told her about out sex relation and immediately her sister requested my MIL to ask me to fuck her also, as she needs a dick to thrust her pussy and draw its cunt juices. She is also trying to have a dick but with a shy of neighbours, she is not moving forward. Now the chance came to her. However, I am her sister’s SIL, so nobody will get doubt in our relation. I am happy and asked my MIL that I want to fuck her sister with my bear cock only for that, both are agreed. After our dinner, I went to my bedroom and waiting for the chance of fucking the sister of my MIL. After 15 minutes, my MIL along with her widow sister came to my room and asked me to give a good fucking to her sister and left by closing the doors. I slowly moved towards her hugged and kissed her. She became very hot and responded to my kisses. Then I slowly removed her saree, blouse, bra and petty coat. She is in complete nude in front of me. Her pussy is clean and shaved. She removed my lungi, took my erected long dick into her mouth, and was sucking it. I understand the situation and her anxiety of fucking, since for the last two years she is not having sex with a male, except with vegetables and pencils. I lead her to bed and made myself laid on the bed. She came on to me in 69 position and took my dick into her mouth. She widened her legs so that to lick her pussy with my mouth. We did it for 30 minutes and she ejaculated twice into my mouth. I also ejaculated in her mouth and she cleaned my dick with her tongue. After taking rest for 10 minutes, we both became hot and she came down on the bed and parted her legs widely and invited me to put my dick into her hot pussy. I slowly pushed my dick into her pussy but it is not going inside quickly because she is not participating in intercourse because of her hubby’s demise. With my hard pushing for 10 minutes, my dick slowly moved completely into her hot pussy. I am moving in and out of her pussy vigorously. She is moaning “Raajesh……….what a good fucking you are giving to my pussy……I need it always……donot leave me and my pussy……I need your dick always……give me your hard thrusts…….my pussy is waiting for that for the last two years….oooohhhhhh..

Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh…………uuuuuuuufffffffffffffhhhhhhhh ………..pllleeeeeeesssssss..rajesh ……fuck me like that vigorously……fuck me with hard pushings…….because of your good fucking, my sister is also interested in you …….Raaajjjjjjjjjjjeshsss….do hardly…….fuck me hardly and relieve my pussy from its hungry…….pour your long rod juice into my hot pussy deeply……..pour your rod juice to touch my womb” She ejaculated and my dick is drenched completely in her love juice. I fucked her vigorously for 20 minutes and poured my juice into her hot and wet pussy. We repeated the same once again and my hot cock poured its milk into her love pussy deeply, which is overflowing from her pussy. I observed that my MIL is watching our fucking thru windows. I know that she is also hot and in need of my fucking. After 10 minutes of our rest, my MIL came nudely to my bedroom and took me to her bedroom. It seems they are treating me like a call-boy. It is clear that she too wants a fuck from me at that time. I am going to fuck my MIL on her marital bed. Then I thought it is the time to fulfill my thrust to fuck her directly with my bear cock and pour my juice into her love hole. I requested my MIL to allow me once to fuck her pussy with my dick. After my prolonged request and insisting, she allowed me to fuck her with my dick by using condom. She went to her almirah and brought one condom packet. She took the condom in her mouth and adjusted it to my dick taking into her mouth. Then She laid down on her marital bed and parted her legs widely to give way to my dick to enter into her pussy hole. I came on her and she took my dick into her pussy and pushed my body slowly towards her pussy. She is also moving up and down by pressing me to herself, so that my cock will enter fully into her love hole. My dick is entered slowly into her pussy completely and I moved in and out of her pussy vigorously. Again I requested my MIL “Aunty, pllleeeessss…allow me to fuck you with my bear dick….I want to fuck you with my bare dick and ejaculate in your sweet pussy…..I want to have the experience of my bear dick touching the skin walls of your sweet pussy deeply.” With my frequent requests, she is convinced and told me that to fuck her with my bear cock but not to ejaculate in her pooru i.e., I have to remove my dick when I ejaculate. I happily agreed and she removed my dick from her pussy and also removed the condom from my long dick and again put my dick into her hot pussy. I am happy and fulfilling my ambition of fucking my aunty with my bear cock. I am fucking the great angel vigorously. She is moaning “hhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa………..Raj…….ooohhhhh….. Your fucking is very nice and good……fuck me like that vigorously……very good fucking….give me your fast movements and thrusts…….your bare cock is fighting with the inner parts of my pussy……..very happy….give your hard strokes in my pussy”. After 30 minutes of our fucking, she ejaculated and my dick is drenched with her love juice. I got the symptoms of ejaculation and hence, I told aunty that I am cuming. Even though she removed my cock from her pussy, my hot cock rod poured some of its juice into her hot pussy. She is fondling my cock with her hand. My hot cock ejaculated and poured its milk on her boobs and naval. Her sister came nudely to the room and lay on the bed where we were. I took rest in the middle of those two sisters for 20 minutes and again I fucked them twice one by one. Since then, I am fucking them regularly whenever I went to their place. I am also fucking my MIL in her pussy with my dick but with condom only. During our fucking sessions, with great difficulty I convinced my MIL to allow me once to fuck her with my bear dick and fulfilled my dream of pouring my cock milk directly into my MIL’s wet and hot pussy. It is wonderful and her love hole is filled with my cock milk. Later she did not allow me to pour my cock juice in to her pussy but fucking her directly with my bare cock duly pouring the juice outside of her pussy, whereas I am fucking her lovely sister directly and pouring of my cock juice into her wet pussy. Her sister likes to have my cock juice into her pussy. I am waiting for the opportunity of fucking my MIL and pouring of my cock juice into her love hole once again. I request the KE readers to pray God to help me in this matter. Ladies between 40 – 50 years of age, are welcomed to call me for a good fuck from me, on my email ID [email protected] Definitely I will fuck them to their satisfaction and pour my hot rod milk and filled their pussies with my cum. Hope you are all enjoyed with my real story.

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