My first voyer sex experience with maid shakila

Hello iss readers,,,,,,,i love reading iss and feels very horny…i love reading stories before masterbating,,,,,,i like stories in details explaining sex actions and mind thinkings,fantacies about sex…in the meanwhile i like to search if some one is fond of smelling boobs cleaveges,armpits,cunt smell and sexy horny smell from her hips and girl like to raise her hips infront of my face and bring it back for me to smell…let me tell u about myself im raheel ,30 years old with 5’8” having dick size of 7”.im very hot since my child hood and loved to see girls getting is my story of my child hood hope u will enjoy and reply me with ur experiences.

Ths story started when i was in 7 th class,one day in evening i went up to our house roof where our maid servent room was,i went to to fly kite,,,but what i saw was breathtaking…my maid servant cloth with a blouse and panty were lying in a tub as she was going to wash them…let me tell u about our maid,her name was shakila,she was a healthy girl who was transforming into a sexy women,,her body was tight and boobs very big and hard,,her doodh were her speciality,her size was probably 36c about to be 36d if sucked for few days..her cleavege will start from just few inches below her neck,,,alll her efforts failed to hide the sexy line as her breast would push upward due to her bra…her ass was tight and a bit plumpy as compared to her waiste which was smart. Her thighs were heavy and i would feel the strength ,,dreaming them around me in bed.she was very naughty too and some time she would wear tight dresses in house and would walk with her ass mounds jumping up and down,her ass was a bit buldging out and then there was sharp bend below hips which used to be exposed due to tight shirt.on seeing the bra and panty for the first time i felt blood running high in my heart and would feel blood rush in my pent,,,the feeling was very hot and i was breating heavy when i picked them up,i saw hher brassier which was pink colour and made up of cotton,it had yellow shadings at the side which is below i brought near to my face to see more closely suddenly i smell some thing in my nose was a very strange smell ,it smelled like sweat and shit which get more intense if not changed after 2 to 3 was hot weather,,and patches on bra showed it must be four to five days old…but it was the first time this sort of smell came into my knowledge….i brought it more close it my nose and smelled it deeply by taking a long breath inside,,,and what happened next was that feeling which ran across my body,,,,,wow it smelld like bad initially but due to high blood flow in my body and dream of thinking about her armpits above this blouse made me like it..i started taking deeps breaths inside to smell more and the smell ran upto my brain,,till today i like smelling private parts of my gfs.which not only arouse me but also make them horny as would be a new dirty experiance ….next i picked upthe panty and was surprised to seee some liquid marks or stains on the inner side of panty…i just smelled it tooo.i like the smelll soo much that i put the panty on my nose ,,i was smelling her vaginal juices dried up in pany….her juices mixed with sweat made it very sexy…i started imagining her pusssy line between her thighs as i started watching her that day onwards….while i was doing this i heard sound of foot steps coming upstairs…i suddenly pushed her panty in my pocket and threw the bra in tub….quickly i moved to other part of roof where kites were lying,,my heart was pounding heavily,,,,,it was just that shakila appeared on the roof to take her cloths to wash in the toilet next to her room,,,,shem saw me picking up kites and asked not to break the strings atttached on roof for drying cloths .i said ok…she said im going to wash c loths after taking bath and went inside ….what i heard was bath,,,,that too when i was on the roof ….i felt sensations in my body about thinking that soon she will remove her dress and will be nangi in the toilet..thinking aout her getting naked was what i wanted since the day i saw her,,,,but during this dream i heard her talking to herself where is the underwear,,she came outside and started searching and looked at me,,,,i thought now im going to be caught ,,,my braeth was stuck in my throat she looked at me and wanted to ask me something but she couldnt as it was about a very private drees in our society but what i never knew was that she had seen a pink cloth corner in my right pocket of my trouser but didnt said anything rather toook a deep breath as she had found that.later she told me about that she wanted to see ahat i will do with that panty.after serching she went inside and locked the door of the was getting darker inside so she lit the bulb…toilet was white colourd and in that there was a indian commode..a sink and a mirror…instead to take bath first she started washing her cloths.i heard te sound of water,,,my dick was in high since last ten minutes and it was making me see the dream body of shakila….suddenly i heard the door open ,,probably lighthad gone ,,now she wanted some light from the door…..seenig this i went toward the door and while i was crossing the door i saw shakila sitting with face toward me and washing cloths,,,her cleavege was alll shinning and buldging out,,,it made my dick getting harder in my pent and a buldge was visible…she saw me and then my buldge but put her eyes down and starting pouring water.i went aside and sarted flying kite…in the meanwhile i would see her boobs getting unrested in her bra and tight shirt..after half n hour it was geting dark now ,i pulled my kite down by the time i looked back i saw she closing the door with her eyes im my eyes and a sexy smile on her face,,,and then she locked the door from inside… I just went near the door and put my ears on to door ,,i heard noises of bangles ,ass she was removing her shaalwar kameez…i couldnt find a hole in the door to peep inside but saw light coming out fromm space between door and floor,,,i just bent down and put my face and eye near the slit and saw her feet till knees area,,and then saw her removing her shalwar ,,,,she pull down the shalwar and took her legs and feet out of it one by one…i was getting frustrated to know that she is removing her dress and soon she she will be coplete nude,,,nangi in our words,,,,but then i saw her reflection from the water on floor,,and in that saw her opening the buttons of her kameez….i got an idea and went to her room to get glass of water….i found one andbrought it out i threw it down between door space in way that it goes inside….i felt elevated about my invention which helped me in my future also (im sharing it truely for the first time …),i bent down n what i saw was she had taken her arms up to remove her kameez and her doodh were visible in a tight bra….i saw in reflection her true body colour,,,,uska nanga jisam was very ight and sexy….i swalloed the sliva but it was still dry….my heart was pounding with fear as if some one would see me but then i knew mom n dad had gone for shopping and my elder sister huma was at home and sleeping…not knowing it would be her next turn to show her brother her nangi choot and sexy body through water reflection.suddenly i saw her sitting on commode for a piss….alll what i saw was my first experience in life ,,,,what i saw was her leg stick up to her chest pushing her breasts, while her pussy and chutar were down below visible …she was sitting on her feet..and the i saw a squirt from her choot coming out in a form i would not imagine as she pissed differently then men… was then i realised her panty in my pocket,,,i took it out and put it near my nose and smellled it … was so hot that i felt tht it is her chooot im smellling and the was also visible … she she washed her pusy with water and kept rubbbing herself for a while…i was by now gripping my dick over the trouser and it felt so good..after some time she started looking at her breasts ,,,,she touched them with her fingers and and started rubbing them as she is cleening them dry….she then satn a stooll and started pouring water on her body ….she also rubbed her her boobs,,,,sudenly i saw her turning her ass towards me and next what i saw was a dream came true she had open her hips with her hands and massaged her choot and ass hole with a finger,,,,then she smelled her fingure,,,,i was happy to see her mind same as mine as she also like such sexy would be gr8 if she make me smell her hipsa and chooot in future,,,she then pour water on her body and applied soap.

In the meanwhile i heard some noises coming from starirs.i just pulled myself up and in hurry forgot to pick the panty of shakila…i started winding up the door (strings) of kite that my sis huma came up she saw me businy rewinding the sting in charki and also saw a panty lying next to door…when i saw her watching panty and the door she asked shakila open the door and take that…shakila opened the door while staying behind the door and huma picked up and gave it to shakila and said,,,,keep them hidden as raheel is growing ,,,shakila laughed and said let him grow after all he willl get them one day from his wife…but said it was missing earlier and and she believes it was raheel who took it .she said she saw her panty in my pocket…now u found it here,,it means raheel is not growing in height but also in manhood.huma smiled and said after bath give me a masssage with oil.she said ok and shut the door ..huma came to me and asked to let her fly the kiite but i said its evening now and evils come in the sky and may have effects on girls as there are many stories,,,she replied right now im afraid of your bhoot which seems growing and looked at my buldge in pent a.i was taken aback but felt shame after being caught by those experienced girls ,i put down the kites stc and changed the topic and said lets go and watch some movie…we agreed and came down leaving shakila nangi in toilet.we came down and but huma went to her room to recieve her call.after one hour i saw shakila comind down and going to huma room with oil bottle in her hand ,i was waiting this moment to see huma getting oil massage and hope to her nangi in bed.shakila locked the door but i knew the key hole will be enough to see them.after some tiime i heard shakila saying to huma that raheel has groen up and might be upto something..huma said let him be it is his right to see ,but shakila said her panty was mising and narraated the story,,,huma smiled and said,,its natural for opposite sex to get curious about such things and said she has noticed raheel staring at her doodh also ,but its not our fault ,,our doodh are sexy enough to make him mad,,,they were talking in a low tone but since i was near the door i heard it and felt relieved that huma understands herr bro needs and might not feel bad ,,she very bold otherwise(that i will telll u later

now i lokked from the key hole that shakila was removing her dress and the removed her bra at hte end…huma was all nangi now and was looking gorgeous and sexy….she smiled at shakila who was watching her choot with excitement and said kia dekh rahi ho….shakila said if raheel had seen it he would have gone mad….huma said comm on he is stilll a boy and after alll he is her bro,,,and said they have been playing hide and seek and doctor doctor game in childhood and raheel has seen her naked many times…..shakila said he was then a kid and now he is growing and may feel differently as panty story is enough to make her believe that he is feeling sexy….huma said now stop this and apply oil on her whole body…shakila said alll over body and huma said yes,,,shakila smiled with huma and then applied oil on her back as huma turned upside down ,,,,i could see huma ‘s hips ,,,they were plumpy and bigh…and line between them was visible….i had a hard dick as it was never before…it was alovely seen ,,seeing two grown girls nanga in the same day.i was sung to see shakila applying oil on huma’s nange hips and huma started laughing……shakila understood and took her hands towards her inner hips and rubbed it there,,,huma was now taking deep breaths,,,,and asked shakila to do it lightly…..shakila said tumahare hips to bohat sexy hain,,,,huma said ache hain to chuum lo and laughed….shakila said tumahri gaand ka soorakh to bohat he naram hai…i knew shakila is my brain mate in sex as she like smells as she smelled her ass smelll too by inserting her finger on hip hole and then after rubbing ,,smelling it too……shakila bent down and put her nose near hips then then smelled,,,,,huma was feeling hot now and said zara aur kareeeb se soongh….shakila said bohat achi smell hai…kia tum gaand achi tarah saaf nahin karti,,,huma said karti hooon magar aaj shayad jaldi main zara kam saf ho gee..shakila understood and put her face between her hips,,,,huma started moving her hips wide and squueze on shaklia touch… Here i was about to braeak my penis in my pent as it was roc hard..i took it out and started masterbating…..after 5 mins i saw shakila naked and the both huma and shakila went into 69 position and started licking and smelling eachother….i never knew they both are lesbians,,,i just read or heard it but seen it for the first time…..the i saw shakila asking huma to lie down and she willl sit on her face with her pussy and she is cleen after bath ,,huma can lick her now….huma got ready and shakila put her pussy on her mouth and sat on her knees……shakila was now fingering huma and they both were moaning and taking deep breaths….huma said hurry up mom n dad willl be coming soon…shakila said pleaase smelll her ass.. And huma said u smelll very sexy,,huma then asked shakila to suck her clitoris dana…in her mouth….i was abut to be fainted but suddenly my body stiffed and with pain and pleasure some white yellowish liquid came out of my penis…it never happened to me before,,it was very pleasureable and cant explain ….i was suddenly relieved but due to my heavy brath noises i saw huma nd shakila surprisingly looking toward door ….i just vanished away but again forgetting my sperms lying near the door…..i ran to my room next to her and closed the door….what happened next will be narrated in my next episode….till then enjoy my e mail is [email protected]

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