My dream aunty sangeetha

I m Anil from a small village near Gunturu I m going to narrate my real life experience with my neighbor darling aunt sangeetha. It took place in my life when I was studying tenth class. I m a fair looking well built guy with a 7.5 inch tool… Let me now describe about my sweet darling sangeetha. She was a medium looking woman with nice structure and boobs. She was 35 years of age at that time. She had a sons and a daughter. Her hubby was working in Saudi Arabia. He will come only once in 2 years…………..

Since we are living in an average middle class rental house the bathroom facilities are not great so we used to bath behind our house. My aunt family will also take bath there only. It was in such a way that the bathing place can be viewed through our door hole. At that time I never had any bad intentions over sangeetha till one day.

My mom was washing vessels behind my house, she asked me to bring the plates to be cleaned. I just took them and went and that was a great moment in my life. Sangeetha aunt was undressing herself to take a bath. At that moment I saw her she was standing only with blouse and petticoat without sari. She didn’t notice me and she was keen in removing the buttons of her blouse talking with my mother. To my shock she suddenly removed her blouse and stood topless. As she was from village she never had the habit of wearing bra. Suddenly her lovely melons jumped out of her blouse.

I could see her lovely round beautiful boobs with erect brown nipples. It was the first time I saw a women’s boobs. It was really stopping my heartbeats. I was just wondering at the eighth wonder of the world. She was amazing in her yellow petticoat tied around her waist. It was more matching to her color and added more glamour to her. My dick was at its full erection seeing her topless. Suddenly she saw me staring at her great assets. I suddenly turned my face and left the place as if I had seen nothing. She also didn’t show any signs of difference in her behavior towards me after that thinking that I was a small boy.

Days rolled on. I started masturbating. While masturbating her melons jumping out of her blouse always came in my mind. I will just think of her boobs and blouse, which were wonderful in the breezy air. I started watching her bathing through the door hole. She always tied her petticoat over her boobs while bathing. It would reveal her upper portion of boobs and thighs. When she is wet her boobs and nipples will be clearly visible. She always impressed me more and more in her yellow petticoat. She became my sex goddess. The highlight of her bathing was her boobs and pussy wash. She always wanted to bath free. She would remove the knot of her petticoat after pouring two cups of water over her soft body. She would sit on the floor and remove her petticoat till her pussy and she would then put soap to her boobs and clean her assets with so much care then she would wash her pussy with a plastic material so that her pussy hairs would shine in wetness at the fall of sunlight over it. I enjoyed her body show each and everyday. She never thought and had doubt that somebody was looking and enjoying to see her naked. Even her hubby would have never enjoyed her beauty as I did. He is an unlucky fellow.

I never leave her when she is in sari also. I always sit in a position so that a can view her boobs in the side view. I always love to see her navel in sari. She always reveals her belly button in sari. Even many old men loved to see it in my area. I always liked to hold her breast with my dick in her ass holding it from back. And on one beautiful day I saw her bathing as usual. After bathing she suddenly removed her petticoat and stood nude. My dick got erect. I was feeling as if I am in heaven. She started pressing her boobs hardly. She pressed it like a balloon. What a great sight it was. She also made some strange sounds. Hmmmm…… Haaaaannnnn… Mmmmmmmmmmmmm…… For me it almost cum. I was wondering what my sex queen was doing. But suddenly a spark came in my mind. I clearly understood that she was in want of a man. I was sure that it would be more than a year for her not having sex since her hubby went one year to Saudi.

I found a golden chance waiting for me. From the next day onwards I started to approach her slowly. I used to expose a part of my dick to her while I wrap myself with towel after bathing. I noticed her watching my dick. She suddenly got up and went to bathroom. I was sure that she went to masturbate. But I never showed any open approach to her fearing that whether she would tell my mom. This took place regularly. I could see her waiting for me to come after bathing. But I didn’t take any step further for some days. I loved my aunty waiting to see my dick.

One day my parents went out. They asked me to stay in her home and watch TV till they come. She also asked me to stay with her and play with the newly born baby of her sister who had come to her house. I was unaware of the thing going to happen. Her sister went out for shopping asking sangeetha to look after the sleeping child. My sangeetha aunt and I were watching TV. Suddenly the child started crying for food. The baby had only breast-feeding. But since its mother was out sangeetha decided to feed it. Then came the magic moment. She thought that I was watching TV and sat in front of me with folded legs in a position to feed the baby. She removed the sari unto her waist. My dick got erected and I was watching her work keenly. She removed her blouse buttons one by one. For her every button removal my dick got hard and hard. Finally she unbuttoned all her buttons then she put her sari in the lap of her and laid the baby in her lap. Her blouse covered only the backside of her shoulder. She opened her rose color blouse. I was able to see her naked from her neck to her bellybutton very closely in a distance within the reach of my hands. She inserted her left nipple into the baby’s mouth. The baby started drinking and sucking her milk tank. I can’t turn my face away from that. Only we two were in the house. Her children had gone to School.

She suddenly saw me staring at her boobs. To add to my excitement she smiled. I got courage. She asked me whether I was feeling hungry as the baby. I said “yes”. She said could I satisfy your hunger? I was in a heaven. I said you alone could do it. Then she said “then what are you doing their come on”. I went and laid my head on her lap facing the right boobs. She pressed my head into her boobs. I sucked her nipple slowly and tasted her sweet milk. After two minutes she moved the baby and asked me to suck her left nipple with my two hands over her boobs. That was the first time I touched the boobs of a women. Suddenly we heard a sound. Her children returned. She quickly kissed on my lips and asked me to come the next day morning after her students left to school. She then covered her with sari and showed as if nothing had happened.

I was eagerly waiting for the next day morning. I planned properly what to do her in each position. The much-awaited day came. All her children went to school. I stayed at home telling my mom that I had stomach pain. She asked me to stay in home and my parents left for work. Her sister’s husband came and took her sister along with the baby in the night. I went to her home. She is the only housewife in our area. So her and I were alone. The dream began to become true.

She was working at that time is sari showing her thighs. I slowly went behind her and slowly kept my hand on her midriff and massaged her navel. She bent her body like a snake and then I started kissing on her lips. I tasted it for about five minutes. Then I removed her sari. She told that she was only for me and asked to do everything slowly. I laid her on bed without sari. I laid my chest over her breast and hugged her tightly. She hugged me tightly and kissed over the face. I kissed her round her neck and then face without leaving any place left unmissed.

Then I slowly removed her blouse. I licked her nipples. I started massaging her boobs. She made some erotic sounds like haaaaaannnnnnnn…. Mmmmmmmm…. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm… I played with her nipples for sometime with my fingers. Then I massaged her navel. I poured honey over her boobs and started sucking her nipples. Then I removed her petticoat and made her nude. I also undressed me. She took my dick and started sucking. She made me to float in heaven. She sucked very hard. I told her that it was about to cum. She told that yours so is nice and hard than my hubby. Then I started inserting my dick in her pussy. She widened her legs and I slowly inserted my entire dick. I started working on her. She asked me” fast… Fast… Fast…” and after Twenty minutes I cum. Within few minutes she also cum after an hour I did her in doggy style with hard massage on her boobs. We did seven times that day. Our entertainment continued till her hubby came.

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