Kutte ki chudai dekhkar

Hello to all readers of Indian sex stories I very rare come to read these pages but whenever I read any new stories I really enjoy it. Before there was nothing with me to write any story to submit here but it really happened to me recently what a surprise it was. The incident happened like this. I am a man 43 years married and enjoy very peaceful and happy life live in Hyderabad. Between my house and my neighbors house there a narrow lane and in that narrow lane my neighbor’s door open there is a main road too. And it the same lane there is back door of my house. So one quite afternoon I was alone in the house jus trying to sleep there was a barking sound of Dogs in that narrow lane I was irritated and went to make the Dogs run. I went in my compound and before opening the back door I saw from upon the compound wall what actually happening. OH to my surprise there were two dogs male and female and the male dog trying to fuck the bitch. By seeing that my anger vanished and I was enjoying the dog fuck, to my sudden surprise my looks raised on the neighbor’s window there is saw Manju (Manjula my neighbor unmarried 22 year old daughter )with wide open eyes enjoying the Dog fuck. She was totally unaware that I saw her. Suddenly I came down of the compound wall so that Manju should not be disturbed and I wanted to see what she does by seeing Dog fuck.

I came down of the wall and slowly went to the back door and start peeping through a hole.

By this time Kutte ka lund kutti ki choot mein fix hogaya tha aur kutta choot mein lund daal kar palat gaya tha and I saw manjula apni shalwaar mein hath daal kar apni choot sahlarahi thi i was really enjoying what she was doing and playing with her pussy, she was in shalwaar khameez and her hand was inside the shalwaar. By seeing all this my lund became big and very hard and first time I thought of fucking Manjula (manju. Now it was really unbearable for me. MY cock was so hard that above my pant it was clearly visible. I was in baniyan and sleeping pant. I suddenly opened back door and as the dogs saw me they went out and gone on the road. Mujhe dekhte hi manju ne window close kardi aur bhagi but I knew she is hot so I knocked the door and said Manju darwaza kholo, manju ne kaha Uncle ek minute and after 5 minutes she open the door and said Uncle kia chahiye aapko meine kaha thanda paani do my fridge is not working. Woh andar gayi aur thanda paani le aayi, I said ghar par koi nahin hai kia she said no mom has gone to aunty’s house while talking this she was looking at my huge cock bulge which was still haard. By seeing this i gave the glass back and touched her hand she kept quite. I told mein so raha tha kuttoun ki awaz sunkar bahar aaya, tumne dekha na kutoun ko. Manju ne kaha haan dekha. Meine kaha the Dogs were doing sex i should have not disturbed. She didn’t say anything. Then i said tumne dekha kutte kaise sex karrahe they yeah sunkar she blushed and lowered her eyes , then i came near her and held her hand and hugged her, Manju ne kaha Uncle please meine kaha dont worry kutch nahin hoga then i kissed her start pressing her boobs.

She was hot and by seeing this i placed my hand on her choot pussy and start massaging it. Oooh she was really became hot and suddenly I start removing her dress and I too removed my pant. What a sexy figure she has lovely round boobs and uski moti moti choot dekhkar mera lund aur bhi haard hogaya ab meine usko whain zameen par lita kar uski choot mien lund daalne shuroo kia who bar bar kahrahi thi ke Uncle please aapka lund bohat mota hai mujhe dar lagraha hai. Meine ek nahin suni aur choot mein lund daal diya. Aur zor zor se chodna churu kia ab to manju bhi josh mein aagayi, Uncle zor zor se meri choot maro lund daalo pura aaah uncle kitna mota lund hai aapka ufffffff uncle meri choot maaro zor se maro. Uncle kutte ne apna lund kaise kutti ki choot mein dal kar atka diya tha aaap bhi meri choot waise maroo. She had gone mad really I was fucking her haard and really enjoying fucking of a young 22 year girl. Then suddenly she told Uncle jaldi jaldi choot maro Mummy will come then after I increased my speed phir meine choot se lund nikala aur uske boobs mein rakhkar paani nikala. And jaldi jaldi kapde pahne and manju ko kiss kia aur bahar aagaya. Then after whenever we get chance we enjoy sex. If any girl or lady really wants a big and thick cock dont hesitate to write me we will really enjoy sex and one thing it will be a top secret between u and me. Mail on [email protected]

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