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I am CK. I am from Karnataka. I am 27 year old some flashy married man. This is my first time to write a story for u. Its a real story of two sisters name Aarti and Pooja.Aarti is older she is 27 years and having a real good figure 34-25-36 fair tall and very sexy.she is my wife. I am married to her for last 1 and a half year and I don’t think that there is not a day passed without having sex with her. I am telling the story about my sister-in-law means my sali Pooja.She is equally sexy like her sister. One day my wife gone to her parents and ask me to come at there house at night. My in-laws lived insame city. So we oftenly go there for night spending. That day some persons come for seeing to Pooja. So she is looking very pretty. After a small ceremony my in-laws goes to some where and I am busy with my office work. Both sisters were sitting and talking about Pooja’s wouldbe. My wife said to her that after marriage u also know all about sex and sex life. Pooja is very eager to listen about my wife’s sex life. She ask Aarti that how the first night come and in which way jejju means me enter the room and start talking with her and how does she react at first night. Aarti tell her about our sex life and also ask her that ur jejju is very found of sex.that there was never a night passed without sex. Pooja laughed at her and ask Aarti that now she got a point to tease jejju.

At that night they make a plan to tease me. Pooja comes to our room and sit there for talking with us at late night. I was very tierd so I am asking Pooja to go her room and sleep. And also make us to sleep b/cuse I have to go my office in the morning but she laughed and ask me kyon jejju feeling sleepy or horny? Wanna to sleep or enjoy the sex with her sister.at that time Aarti is out of room for taking some water.I really shocked to listen that type of question from her mouth.b/cuse she is not to much opened to me and only gives some smiles when ever I make a comment on her about her beauty or her sexy figure.now she is talking about my sex life that she knows that I daily enjoy sex with her sister.its very amazing for me that how she know about us.After that day I will opened more to Pooja. And always dream about having sex with her. When ever Iask her some thing naughty she always response me.one day she ask me jejju lets go out for a ice cream.I am always ready for her from my hearts but not response that eagerly.I ask her that ask Aarti to join us.she ask Aarti but she refuse. So we both go out for a ice cream. At the shop she order for a cone and I always take a cup. We are sitting in the car and she is unwrapping the cone and licking the cream very sexy way with her toung on it. I am feeling hot in my pents after seeing the way she licked the cone.I am dreaming that she is licking my dick with her hot juicy toung.I am feeling horny so I ask her that lets go home.she feel my eagerness and ask me kyon jejju dar jaye ya didi ke toung yaad aa gaye. I m feeling very much hot in my pents so I ask her nahin bus aysa lagga ki ur sister is licking mine.then she said so whats if u wanna plz give me chance then see how is hot didi or me. I really shocked after listening this.

Ok I asked lets have a test that how is hotter u or ur sis. I think she is eagerly waiting for my yes.she put her one hand on my shaft and ask me jejju I always dreams that I once have a sex with u after listening about u from Aarti.I feel that she was as hot as i.so at once we made a programme.I make a phone call to Aarti that I am going to home for taking some papers of my office and Pooja is with me.she said ok and ask Pooja to take some clothes for her too.we speedily drive to home while driving Pooja gives me a Hot kiss on my lips and her other hand was on my dick. She is rooming her finger nail on my dick from my pents on.after reaching home I opened the door with my keys and take inside Pooja quickly without wasting a time.I kiss on her juicy lips.she response me same and we enter quickly in my bed room.now without waising a min. We r ready for sex.she is kissing me on my lips, my chest my shoulders.I am kissing her on her neck on her firm boobs.her boobs r to hard.its like a apples but Aarti’s boobs r soft n silky like a oranges.I suck her boobs her nipples r as hard as Aarti. But she have a very sexy figure like a coke bottle.I am moving my hands on her curves,on her boobs her belly and between her thighs.she is soo hot and also some wet inside her.I fastly put off her clothes and mine too. After seeing my 7.5 inches dick she almost faint that how could her sister take this huge one in her little pussy.she just sit on her knees and kissed on my hot iron rode.then she starting licking my dick in that way which she was licking the ice cream cone. I really enjoyed it.she put my whole dick in her hot mouth and sucked faster. I was near to cum then she ask me jejju cum in her mouth I wanna to take ur juicies in me.I cummed in her mouth and she drink all the cum like a coke.after drinking she move her toung on her lips so every drop of my cum she licked.

Now she is standing naked in front of me and I was ready for my second shift.my tool was ready like a flag post.she asked me jejju plz come over me and teach me that how u fuck didi and in which way I fuck my wouldbe so that she always come under my pussy.I ask her ok.u always do that things which he like most like massage,blowjob,or kissing on his whole body. She is ready for doing all that.but I am eager to do sex with her.I took her in my arms and put her on the bed.she is looking more sexy in naked.I licked her whole body from hairs to toe.she moan with pleasure and ask me jejju come on now I cant wait a second. My pussy is shivering for eating ur long hot iron rode.I came over her and fix my dick on her little pussy’s mouth and give a slow move to her. My dick insert in her little virgin pussy.she weep for a big pain and ask me to stop that it is making very painful to her.her pussy is much tight then her sister.I took it of and take some oil from dressing table and put it on my dick and her cunt lips.now I put my dick and this is less painful then ever.now I am putting my dick some more inside her pussy she is shouting with pain and pleasure.I put my lips on her lips so that her shouts were not go out from the flat.

Now I move some fast and she is also talking some pleasure in doing this.she is moving her butts towards me with the rhythms.I am enjoying to fuck her and she is getting the pleasure of a experienced man.she is moaning like the hell. Ooohhh…. Aaahhhh…jejjuuu fuck me hard.tear my pussy in two parts. I wanna the more yyeessss. Jejjuuu come onn.. Yeess jejjuu I am near to cummm.. Fuck me hard. Yyeesss I am cumminng jejju cumm inside me.but I am not near the cum but after listening her I move faster on her so that I also cum with her.but she cum first and ask me to stopped jejju other wise I will going to die. Stop jejjuuu I am cumed. Plz stop.but I was near to cum so I asked her plz give me a minute so that I will also cum.she said ok but jejju its hurting me. I stopped a while so that she charged again and after a minute she is ready again so I move faster on her. Now I was near to cum and she was also ready for that. I am moving faster. Her shouts was loud jejju plzz come now.

I am cumming again. Plz jejju cum inside me. I am also ready to cum so I increase my speed and give her a complete job. I cummed inside her and same time she cummed again. We both were tired that we cant stand. I lay on her bare chest and kissed on her lips. She really enjoyed it. Then I see the watch and ask her hi get ready we r getting late she asked me hi jejju lets come for a another trip.I smile at her and ask her if her sister come here in search of us then what happened. Then we get ready and planned it for some other day. Now Pooja’s marriage is fixed and she is getting married after a month. But when ever we get the time we explore each other’s body and kiss each other. I fucked Pooja nearly a ten times. This is all my story.Contact me at [email protected]

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