Facebook Par Mili Anu Ko Kaise Choda Maine

Dear Indian sex stories friends, I am Rakesh from South India, presently in Gandhidham, Kutch of Gujarat. I am 33 years old and married. Presently, I am staying alone here as my wife is a government employee and working in our hometown. Any girls and women are interested to meet me, can write to me on [email protected] for best fun.

Now, without wasting your valuable time, I will directly move to the story. The story is of this girl, Anu whom I met on Facebook. She is 28 years old. This happened two years back.

As I was alone here, I use to use Facebook frequently. And sent friend request randomly to many girls and aunties. To my luck, a few of them were accepted.

Anu is also one of them. She had accepted my request on 2nd day. I sent message to her, “Hi, hello.” After one hour I got reply from her. Initially, we had chat on Messenger for one week.

Day by day our chat time was going on longer and longer. We used to chat late at night, and this was normal chat. She was a teacher in government school. One day, we exchanged our numbers and started chatting on WhatsApp.

One day I had requested to meet her. Initially she was not ready, then agreed to meet in the evening. Since I had a four wheeler, we met at some restaurant. We had cold drinks and left. Again I asked her to meet in the weekend. She agreed.

While chatting I told her she was in my dream last night. The conversation was as follows.

Me: Anu, tum mere sapne mein aye the kal.

She: Kyon? Kya kiya sapne mein?

Me: Humne us hotel mein milke khana khaya. Nikalne ke samaya maine kiss kiya tumko.

She did not reply, and after one hour she replied. This is not good and all.

Me: Anu, I want kiss you this weekend meet

She: No.

Me: I want to kiss you yarr.

She: Why?

Me: I don’t know. I felt like to kiss you. Hope you will allow me.

She: Let us see.

Then we met on Saturday evening. We went for a long drive towards Mandvi, for about 20 km. While returning, I stopped the car on the highway.

She: Why did you stop the car?

Me: I want to kiss you.

She: No.

Me: Yes.

I went near her face to kiss. She closed her eyes and I settled back. For 5 minutes we smooched, it was an amazing kiss. Then we left.

From that onwards, our chat turned to sex chats. She used to send her nude pictures. Her boobs size was 36. We used to meet almost every Saturday for a long drive and we used to have fun pressing her boobs. One day she started sucking my cock. “Kitana bada hai, Rakesh.” Ye sab baat karte hum dono.

Once we have decided to go out for full day. I asked for sex. We went to Mandvi and booked one hotel. The moment we entered in room, I closed the door and started kissing her neck and cheeks. Within one minute, we both become nude.

She was hugging me tightly and started moaning. “Rakesh slow se dabavo na. Dard hota hai.” But main kahan sune wala tha. Uska dono boobs ko daba raha tha and started biting.

“Mat karo yar dard hoga. But maza aa raha hai, Rakesh. Slow se kato. Ye sub tumara hai. Jo man chahta hai karo. Hmmm aise hi.”

Then usne mujhe niche karke upper agayi aur mere lund ko hath me leke sehelane lagi. And uske muh mein leliya.

“Kitana bada hai yar. Ye jayega kya mere mein? Bahut dard hoga na to nehi karenge.”

Me: No sweetheart, shuru shuru me dard hoga, badme itana maza ayega, you will feel like you are in heaven.

She: But do it slow haa.

Main phir uske clit ko lick karne laga. Phir maine uski pussy ki lips ko khola aur dheere se suck karne laga. She gave a scream. Phir mai uski kiss karne laga, usko acha feel karane ke liye.

Uske pussy se jo juices nikal rahe the, usko taste karke bahut acha lag raha tha. Maine uske pussy lips khole aur phir usko tongue fuck karne laga. Then she started moaning continuously, grabbing my hair. Uski pussy andar se bahut hi garam thi. Woh apni gand utha kar mere face ko apni pussy me daba rahi thi.

Aur lagataar moan kar rahi thi, “Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Oooohhhha hahahahahaha hahaha mmmmmmmmmmm m aahahahah.”  Listening to that, I got more excited and started rubbing her clit.

Uski chut ko bhi fuck kar raha tha, with tongue. Aur woh mere lund ko usne 10 minutes choosne ke bad niche agai our boli, “Rakesh please under daldo. Aur control nehi karpaungi. Slow se dalo. Please jaldi dalo.”

“Yes sweetheart, this is for you today.” Maine mere lund ko uske choot pe rakha our slowly started pushing. Uska choot bahut tight tha under nahi ja raha tha.

Maine jorse ek dhakka mara to aadha under gaya. She was crying. “Please Rakesh, bahar nikalo. Bahut dard hora hai. Please bahar nikalo. Mera choot phat jayega.”

But maine sune ka mood mein nahi tha. Our ek jorse dhakka mara. Pura under gaya. She was crying. 1 minute tak koi movement nahi kiya. Fir dhire dhire move karne ka start hogaya.

Usko bhi maza ane laga. Bolne lagi, “Aur jorse pura under daldo. Pleaes fuck me. Chodo mujhe. Tumhari randi banalo mujhe ajse. Jab bhi bologe us din ake chudwaungi tumse. Ahhh ammm come fuck me. Fuck faster. Fuck me like slut.”

Uska 2 bar nikal gaya tha. After 20 minutes fucking, mera ane laga. Maine bola, “Mera aa raha hai.” To Anu ne kaha, “Rakesh ye meri pehli chudai hai, to under nikaldo. Pills lelungi.”

Fir 5 minutes chodne ke bad maine under nikaldiya. Usne mujhe tighly pakdliya. Kya maza aya. 20 minute tak dono nude sogay bed pe. After 20 minutes usne mere lund ko pakada, to mera turant khada hogaya. Is bar uska mouth me chhod diya. Pura pani pi liya usne.

After this, we met regularly for next six month. Then uski shaadi hogayi and no contacts now.

Friends, kaisi lagi meri story? This is real story. Please drop me your comments. [email protected]. Interested women & girls can contact me.

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