My Experience With Cse Branch Girl

Hai friends, this is prem again. Thank you for your response & comments to my 1st story (Na Frnd Lover Swetha Tho Na Sex).


For those who don’t know me. Let me introduce myself, this is Prem from Hyd, I am 23 yrs old guy. Please reply your comments to my id [email protected]


Let’s come to the story, this happened 3years back, when I am doing my 3-2 sem. One day our college has announced annual day programs, which was co-ordinated by several groups, in that I am also a co-ordinator to that fest where I met her. Here comes the queen of the story named Ramya(name changed).


We both are in the same group, with that we came somewhat closer & exchanged our numbers, from that day our chatting had started. First, we used to chat on regular topics, day-by-day we became closer & she started to share her personals & problems.


One day when we are chatting she said that, she is in periods(now I was happy because she is getting me closer). From that day she became closer & we started sex chat in mobile. I asked her when we’ll get a chance for real fun, she used to change that topic every time.


I am waiting for a moment how can I succeed her. After a long wait I got that chance, one-day Ramya messaged me.


Ramya: Hey prem em chesthunav? (Hey prem what are you doing)


Me: nothing just songs vintuna ( nothing just listening songs)


Ramya: Repu ma parents bayataki velthunaru, lunch ki ma intiki vosthava (tomorrow my parents are going out, will you come for lunch)


Me: ha vostha Mari Em special chesthav (sure I’ll come, then what are you going to prepare for me)


Ramya: special Em ledu just pappu, charu, & papad anthe ( nothing special regular food items)


Me: ok Mari a time ki ravali (ok when I have to come)


Ramya: nenu ma parents vellipoyaka msg chestha vochesey k na (I’ll message you when my parents went out ok)


Me: ok ok done.

Now I am thinking that tomorrow I have to succeed her in any way.


That day has ended with some daily chat and some sex chat. Next day morning I am waiting for her msg, I got a msg from her at 9


Ramya: ma parents vellipoyaru, nv Epdu Ina ravochu lekapotey lunch time ki Ina ravochu ( my parents had left, you can come now or else later at the lunch time).


Me: I am coming now, 20mins lo vostha k na(I’ll be there in 20mins).


I went to her home & knocked the door, Ramya opened the door with a smile. We both went in and sat in the hall and started talking some stuff. I asked her what are you going to prepare for me, she said same routine food. I asked her that’s it, she said ha that’s it.


I said ok with a low voice, she asked me to come and help me in the kitchen for cooking. I said ok and went with her to the kitchen. She knelt down and started searching some stuff in kitchen & I saw her boobs, she was wearing a loose t-shirt & short. Clearly, I can see her boobs from the top, my dick has raised and ready tore her pussy. I placed my hand on her shoulders and then she saw me with a strange look & got up. Now I hugged her, she didn’t say a word & she too hugged me. I got a courage and started kissing her, she too responded well. We continued kissing for 5 minutes, when kissing her I also started pressing her boobs and waist.


I inserted my hands in her t-shirt and pressing her boobs, now I slowly inserted my hand in her short and rubbing her pussy from panty. I inserted my hand in her panty, 1st she said no only enjoy from the top no sex. But I am not in a mood to listen to her & kept my hand in her panty and started rubbing her pussy.


Continued that rubbing & again started kissing her. Suddenly I kept my 2 fingers in her pussy, she moaned like ahhhhhhhh vodhu ra please(plz don’t do that). Iam not in a mood to listen her & started fingering her,she started moaning like ahhhhh haaaaaa woooooo. I did fingering for 5mins to her & she totally got into my control.


Now she too responding, Ramya kept her hand in my jeans & pressing my dick from underwear. We started to remove each other dresses, soon we get nude & again started kissing, Ramya holds my dick & giving handjob & I am fingering her. After some time we both came to the bedroom & I pushed Ramya onto bed & I started sucking her pussy. She is moaning like hell ahhhhhhhh prem haaaaaaaa ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh prem & I kept my hand on her mouth and started fucking with tongue, Ramya pressing my head to her pussy hard.


I asked her to suck my cock, but she refused& I didn’t force her. I continued fucking her pussy with tongue, very soon Ramya releases her cum onto my face.


I went to the bathroom to cleaned my face & came back. Now I came top to her and set my dick on her pussy and rubbing her pussy. Ramya said thondarga pettu ra naku control Avadam ledu thondarga chey(do fast please I can’t control my self, please fast ra) I slowly inserted my dick in her pussy, 1/4th of my dick went in & she screamed due to pain, I kissed her & said cool everything will be ok. I stopped for 3-5mins, she got cooled & I pushed my dick into her pussy this time almost my dick went into her pussy.

Ramya: vodhu ra thisesey chala pain ga undi please ra prem ( please remove it prem it’s paining me)

Me: Em kadu oka 2mins control chesko ipothadi (no problem Ramya everything will be ok just control for 2mins)

Now Ramya relaxed & I started fucking her slowly, Ramya screaming like ahhhhhhhhhhh prem ahhhhhhhhhh haaaaaaaa wooooooo, now increased my speed & she started enjoying it toooo

Ramya: Inka fast ga chey prem Inka fast(fuck me hard prem fuck me hard)

Again I increased my speed & fucking her like a bitch.


I started fucking her in & out, & pressing her boobs, kissing her lips. After 10mins of fucking we both cum at a time & laid on the bed for 20mins. After that we got fresh & I went out for our lunch and came back with lunch. After having our lunch we had another 2 more sessions, I’ll tell that story next time.


Thank you friends for reading this story. Sorry for spelling mistakes & grammar mistakes, please reply your comments to my id [email protected]


Thank you  once again, please wait for next session & please reply your valuable comments to my id

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