Driving Lessons For Rosy Aunty

Hi readers, this is Saji Verma from Kerala. I was born and raised in Mumbai. I am the only son of my parents. My dad is an international businessman and my mother is a homemaker. I completed my engineering and was back home in Mumbai after taking admissions for M tech in Pune as I told previously my mother is a homemaker but she mostly spend her time in clubs and as she is a society lady she has lot of friends mostly of her age.

Many a time I used to drop her to clubs and pick her back and all her close friends knew me well. One such close friend of hers was Rosy Aunty. Her full name is Rosy Raju Abraham. She was 38 years of age then. It so happened that her husband Abraham uncle was my father’s business associate. So our family was really close. Rosy aunty has two daughters the elder one Sicily and younger one Tessy.

Sicily is my age but Tessy is 3 years younger to us and initially I did not have any sort of attractions or fantasies towards Rosy Aunty but it so happened that, Tessy the younger one was a chronic asthma patient her husband was not at home that particular night and Tessy got an asthma attack. Rosy aunty was in a soup as she had to take Tessy to the hospital and at that hour of the night there was no auto rickshaws there.

She and Sicily were desperately searching for some autos but in vain. Finally Rosy aunty with the help of a neighbour got Tessy to a hospital and was relieved after two days my mother said this incident to me and said that because of that Rosy Aunty bought a new Honda Activa so that she could use that at will. Next day I went to the club to drop my mother where I met Rosy aunty and I asked her about the new two-wheeler.

She said that she hadn’t touched that vehicle as neither of the three knew how to ride it and she also said she would be joining driving classes soon and I just nodded and went back and that night my mother asked me whether I could teach Rosy Aunty how to ride as she was afraid to train with other men. I bluntly said no and that I had other work to do. My mother persuaded me and also told me how Rosy aunty had helped us and how strong the friendly ties between two families were in the end.

I had to yield to mom and said yes and I would start teaching her the next day. The same instant mom called up Rosy aunty and told her that I agreed and Rosy aunty said to come at 6 am the next day. Next day I woke up at 5:30 took my car and drove straight to Rosy aunt’s home some 2-3 km away. She was ready there while her daughters were still sleeping.

She also said that they would get up only by 8 am. She was wearing a churidar a medium fit one. I said let us star the class. She was delighted and said yes and I took the keys of the active and started explaining the clutch brake and accelerator mechanisms. She looked confused and I told her she can only learn by trying it actually. I shifted back and asked her to sit in front of me.

She came and sat her little plump legs separated on both sides initially I did not have any feelings for her. I had an erection as usual during the mornings but when she sat with her legs separated her buttocks very much round and plump was pressing against my erect penis. I started feeling different from that day onwards. We started the vehicle and were driving slowly for one hour when aunty said she was tired and left the place telling her.

I would be back the next day. She smiled and bade me goodbye that night I was thinking of her and had a good boner. I started fantasizing about her at the same time thoughts came to my mind that she was my mother’s best friend and I should never think of her like that but I could not control and almost ejaculated thinking of her. I determined that I will make full use of her body. Next day morning I took my car and reached her place.

I called out to her eagerly and my intention was not teaching Rosy aunty driving but to make maximum advantage of her body. To my surprise she was wearing a hosiery churidar that day and I could clearly make out her body. She had no dupatta on and I could see that her milk pots were enormously rounded. She was very voluptuous and had 38 30 36 size.

She asked what I was staring at and I replied that she had forgotten her dupatta. She said she hadn’t forgotten but she did not wear it purposefully as she does not find it comfy while riding again she climbed onto the vehicle with me behind her. For a moment she stood up to adjust her churidar bottom and I noticed her buttocks. Two humungous pieces of ass!

Too big and shapely after adjusting she sat and her buttocks pressed against my fully hard dick. I used the opportunity and moved front so that my dick stick more into her ass.Oh my god!! What a wonderful feeling that was. Her ass was extremely soft. We started riding. All this time my erect penis was housed in her ass crack on top of her dress afterwards and I said that we should get to an open ground so that we can ride more peacefully.

She agreed and this time I was driving with her behind me as I was her friends don she was clinging me from back too tightly. She dint have any feelings for me and all this time her big round soft milk pots were pushing and sticking against my back. We reached the open ground which was not the least plain or levelled everywhere it had potholes and uneven surfaces.

She sat in front of me and started riding slowly through that land every time she was about to fall I used to clutch her belly tightly and said careful this coaching went on for days and after few days when she fell I used to catch her from the bottom of her breasts. She usually said nothing. I even used to keep my palm on her thighs close to her privates in the name of teaching but she never used to say anything.

Once I even raised her churidar top unknowing to her to keep my palm on her thighs and slipped my palms through her top and rested on her thighs from the top of her churidar bottom I could feel the panty contours but never had the courage to go further deep, to touch her most private part. It happened one day that Sicily and

Tessy had to go for a study tour from their college and as they had to leave early Rosy aunt asked me to come at around 9 the next morning. I reached her place at 9 and found that her daughters left and her husband is rarely at home as he is a busy person. He would be only home for four to five months a year.

We got ready and I was teaching her driving with my hand running all over her body. Aunty said we should go back by now as I wanted to feel more of her body and her privates I told that we can ride for 15 more minutes. Rosy aunty said that she cannot as she had the urge to urinate very badly and she needs to go urgently and hearing that I got excited as I’m a pee lover.

I said okay and took her back on the way we got stuck at a traffic signal and waited. There she said that she cannot control anymore and she had to pee. She was sitting with both her hands pressed hard against her crotch to prevent the pee from flowing out. I said wait for a few minutes and then I raced her home on reaching home, she ran to the toilet with her hands still on her crotch desperately.

I too went inside and heard her shutting the toiled door. I kept my ear on the toilet door. I then heard the lifting of the closet ring, then for a few seconds I did not hear anything then I could hear her pee oozing out of her peep hole and hitting the water below with a lot of pressure and force with a loud buzz” sound then the sound stopped for a fraction of a second and again she peed with great pressure and force.

I could hear her pee hitting the water below for almost 3-4 minutes. She was so full of urine that if she had waited more she would have really urinated in her panty and churidar after that I got fully turned on. She came out and asked me what I was doing there. I told her that even I have to pee. She teased me saying that she was not the only one.

She clinger onto me for fun saying she wouldn’t let me pee without realizing that every passing moment I was getting on more excited. Finally she let me go and I had a nice shag imagining Rosy aunty urinating after I came out she urged me to have breakfast with her. I agreed and we ate and after that she served tea and we had a long chat.

She asked me about my girlfriend’s and all. I also asked her about her husband and she said it was really difficult without him. I said no need to worry as I can take care of her while her husband is away. She said really? And pinched me? I said yes and tried to hug her. To my surprise she hugged me back tightly and I could once again feel her breasts pressing against my chest.

I slowly took good use of the hug and said she was really beautiful and stunning. She smiled and said thanks. We were still hugging when I breathed her on her shoulder and she held me more tightly even I pressed her more and as though in shock she released the hug and we sat face to face. She brought her face near me and kissed me on my upper lips very lightly.

I said we should not do this as what would happen if mother came to know. She said it will be a secret between us and slowly she brought her lips forward and kissed me on my cheek. I went forward caught her head started kissing her lips very hard. I started to suck the bottom lip. We kissed passionately for the next 20 minutes after which she took me to bedroom.

She locked the door up and laid me on the bed. Slowly she removes my shirt and my jeans. I was in my underwear. She started sucking my nipples and went straight downwards. She removed my underwear and my 6.1 inch monster sprang out. She slid the foreskin back and started licking like an expert slut after 5 minutes and I ejaculated. She cleaned me up and I said it was my turn.

She was delighted said I should undress her and this time I laid her on her back and removed her top. She was sporting a black netted bra. She was a whitish complexioned lady. Through her netted material of her bra I could see her nipples vaguely. I caressed and fondle those milk pots from outside and inserted my hands into the huge cleavage and slowly I removed her bra.

Her breasts big and melons were struggling to jump out. I remover her bra and her milk pots jutted out. She had dark brown areolas medium sized but big nipples pointing out. She has goose bumps all over her nipple as I kissed, licked and fondled them. I continued kissing sucking and fondling those mounds for quite a long time. She was twisting is pleasure slowly I removed her bottom and threw it away.

She had huge plump milk white legs and she was wearing a light green panty and learned that she had a hell lot of pubic hair. Her pubic hair was poking, jutting out through her panties. They were coming out from both the sides and even some hairs were penetrating the thin silk material of the panty from the front. I went nearer and ran my fingers randomly through the sides touching her pubes.

I also found that a small wet spot on her panty due to her orgasmic juices. I touched it and she said she ejaculated a little when we kissed. I went nearer smelt the spot and her pussy. Oh my god it smelled so sexy. It had the smell of her fresh hot urine which she drained from her urethra minutes before. I licked it to which she urged her panty to be removed slowly, steadily.

I removed her panties to reveal her vulva and I was shocked and delighted to find a dense dark forest there. She had a huge tuft of pubic hair very rich, very dark, and very shiny. The dense black glossy curly hair was clearly highlighted against hr whitish milky legs. The pubic hair even covered her slit and I ran my hand through it smelling and licking and pulling her hair.

She moaned and pulled me tightly. I separated her pubic hair to see her heavenly opening her treasure. I saw the slit ran my tongue through it. I separated the labia and looked at the small sexy pink hole, her urethra through which she urinated moments ago. It still had some drops and the smell of fresh hot urine. I lick up her urine happily

She said she cannot control anymore and wanted me inside her. I trusted my cock inside her and humped her for almost 10-15 minutes after which both of us ejaculated. We waited for long to have more sex and during 2 hours we had sex 3 times after that Rosy said she needs to pee. This time I said I need to watch her pee as I’m a pee lover.

She happily agreed and led me to the bathroom pulling my cock. There she closed the toilet door sat on the closet and slowly separated her legs after few seconds a tiny stream of urine started pouring out through her urethra which gradually became a thick stream of pee and some fell directly on me. I couldn’t control and inserted my cock again into her pussy and fucked her hard on the closet itself.

Afterwards she cleaned her pussy with water. When the water fell on her pubes all became went and started to comb down. I licked the water from her pubes and said her never to shave for I loved her pubes. She said she feels uncomfy growing it as it gets tangles between her panties and causes pain but she finally agreed not to shave even today whenever I feel too stressed out or sexually desperate.

I drive straight to her house, and I start kissing her. Mostly we do not have sex. We stick on to kissing and other methods of foreplay usually shell is cooking in the kitchen. I sneak up behind her stick my penis in her ass crack on top of her dress, insert my finger into her hairy vulva through her churidar bottom and panty and start fingering.

This fingering goes on for long and again we start kissing but this time my penis in her hand with she fondling it. I regularly fuck her and even in public places I run my hand and fingers on top of her dress over her vulva just teasing her asking whether she shaved her pubic hairs or she still had them!

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