Doodhwale ne doodh piya

I m atul.i m 33 years old married. Im live in mumbai. Yeh meri 2nd story hai, aap ise padiye aur enjoy kijiye mard apne lund pakadke hilaye aur lady apne chut me ungliyan dalke hilaye. Story pasand aye to mail kijiye, my id is [email protected] im waiting your mail. Any lady widow lady. Couple ,bhabhi ,aunty , ko sex ka pura maza chahiye to muje call karen my no is 9987785002, yeh bante apne hi bich me rahegi.

Ajay has to go on tours many a times for days during that times i have to use my fingers or candle to satisfy my sexual pangs.and it’s during this time i m very vernarable to trying sex with anyone(as any women in such condition will agree). It was during this period i had sex with my

Doodhwala (milkman).

Ajay had gone for a 10 days tour.he went 4 days back & was to come after 6 days.before he left i had my periods so i was 8 days without sex. Absence for sex for so long was making me very horny.ajay ke saath mai raat ko nangi soti thi kyonki usse raat bhar mare nange badan se lipat ke sona accha lagta tha aur jab woh jab chahe mare jism ke khel sakta sleeping naked had now become my habit because now even when ajay went on tours i started sleeping naked it was only early in the morning when the doodhwala used to come i used to wear a gown with no bra or panty & go to take milk from the doodhwala.i was very careless about my gown then because when i had to bend to take the vessel, the doodhwala could see my hanging naked boobs(i m 36-26-34).pehle pehle mujhe yeh sab malum to nahi padta tha par jab maloom hua mujhe bahoot sharam aaye & i started wearing a housecoat

Over the gown.

The doodhwala named abdul was a good looking man of 28-30 years,nearly 6″ tall having a good body & used to wear a dhoti & a loose shirt.slowly as i began to notice abdul closely i started liking now i started talking to abdul during talking milk from him.he was good natured & we used to talk for some time every day.then i decided to try & seduce him if possible.i started my seduction act by discarding my housecoat. And the day i discarded my housecoat i could see a twinkle in the doodhwala’s eyes.abdul now started to scan my whole body throughly.he used to talk a lot & from last few days he would crack a few funny rustic sexy jokes which had double meanings to me.his jokes were mostly of dewar-bhabhi & jija-saali types.i also noticed that from the last few days he was trying to get more physical with me like touching my hand more often,which i didn’t mind.since i used to be hot also, i started showing him more of my body which made him want me more & more.mujhe maloom tha ki mare aaisa karne se woh garam hota hai par mujhe us baat ki koi chinta nahi thi balki mai to wohi chahati thi ki woh garam ho. Aur ab to abdul ki himmat isse bhi jyada bhad jayegi kyonki ab woh kai baar bindhast meri mammo ulte haath se dabata bhi tha doodh ka bartan date waqt.par maine kuch jyada nahi soocha uske is harkat ka,aur to aur mujhe bhi uski yeh harkat acchi lagti thi.hamara yeh khel ab kariban haar din subah chalta tha.jab mai aadhi nangi jati thi doodh lane tab abdul mare badan se khelta tha.hum dono ko isme maaza aane laga tha.ab mai uske saamne aate waqt aapne chest ko aur chouda karke khadi rehti jiske wajah se meri gown ke andar ki nangi chuchiya abdul ko aur tanke nazar aati thi.mai to ab doodh late waqt aapne kapdo ka jaan bujh ke bilkul dhyan nahi rakhti thi aur ho sake utna gown open rakhti thi. Mujhe abdul ke saamne aapne badan ki numaish karne accha lagne laga tha.maine to ab short length ke gown layee thay jo ki mare knees tak hi aate thay. Mujhe aaise kam kapdo mai dekhke abdul mare badan ka aur acche se darshan kar sakta tha aur ab to woh bindhast mujhe choota bhi tha.aur to aur ab to woh mare samne bina jhijhak aapne khade lund ko sehlata bhi tha.abdul ka meri chuchiyo ko chuna aur aise lund sehlana mujhe aur betaab banata tha.

Being so hot from last so many days,today i decided to try to find out the limit to where we can it was i was horny, so on that day i opened 2 buttons of my gown & tucked the gown in between my thighs a little when i went to take the on that day abdul could see my navel when i had bent & also my cunt when he sat down to measure & pour the milk.he got horny seeing me like this because i could make out his semi-erect dick in the dhoti.jaise hi maine abdul ka aadha khada lund dekha meri chut mai hulchal hone lagi.maine socha ki agar yeh mast lund meri chut mai gaya to bada maza aayega.isliye maine soocha ki abdul ka kya irada hai yeh bhi dekhu. Scratching my left boobs (as if some insect has bitten me there)i said to him “abdul aaj kaal tera doodh bahoot patla hai. Kya baat hai?” getting little confused he said “nahin nahin memsaab jaise pehlewala doodh tha waise hi hai yeh ussi bhais ka hai yeh doodh”. Smiling at him i said “lekin abdul yeh aasal mai bhais ka hi doodh hai na.mujhe lagta hai ki tujhe aasli doodh kaisa hota hai maloom hi nahi hai.” then looking at my boobs i,shamelessly said to him “abdul tune kabhi kissi ka yeh doodh dekha hai kya?tune kabhi nikala hai kya yeh aasli doodh apne haatho se.” now understanding where the topic was leading to abdul came a little more closer to me said “mai ek baat bolta hoon aapko memsaab. Asli doodh to mare pass nahi hai jaisa aapke pass do-do jaga hai.maine aajtak 2-3 ‘aise’ (meri chuchiyo ki taraf ishara karke aur haalke se unko choote) aasli doodh dekhe to hai aur nikale bhi hai.lekin meri yeh bahoot dino ki iccha hai ki mai aapke ‘inme'(meaning my boobs) se bhi doodh nikalu.ab aagar aap chahe to mai apke poore jism ke saath saath ‘inko’ bhi (matlab chuchiyo se) apne hatho se nanga karke aur dabake aapke ‘isme’ se (meaning my boobs se) aasli garam garam doodh kaise nikalta hai yeh dekh bhi sakta hoon aur doodh nikalke uska swaad bhi ke sakta hoon. Mai to aapne haatho ke bajai mare muh se hi inko choosna chahata hoon.mai aapko bhais ka doodh deta hoon aur aap mujhe aapna doodh dena.”

By saying this abdul made his intentions clear.during saying this he was looking at my boobs.i started enjoying it.i also moved a little near him & stood in the door directly in front of him with hardly any distance between us & said “abdul mare pass kahan doodh hai abhi? Tare bhais ka diya hua doodh pike hi doodh aata hai mujhme.

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