My name is Raj. This is story of my friend Rani She lives in Mumbai From here onwards she will narrate her story. Main ek married female hon. I have one son. Who is studying in S.Y.J.C.? I am 35 years old. My figure is 44-30-45. I m fair and height is 55. My husband works as a production manager. The problem is that he works in night shift. From past two years he is at night shift. He leaves home exactly at 8:00 pm and comes home morning at 8:00 am. My son earlier was in boarding.

But from past 1year he is at home. Mera problem idhar start hota hai. Jab tak mere pati night shift main nahi the to meri sex ki urge ko puri karte the. Unhe bhi bohot chadti hai. Ham log itne sal ki shaadi main ek raat bhi aisi nahi guzari jab hame sex nahi kiya ho. Isliye he to hame apne bete ko boarding bheja. Par jab se mere pati ki night shift chalu hui hai tab se sex toys se kaam chalati hoon raat main aur din main mere pati rahat dete hain. Mere pati ka naam Ravi hai. To Ravi only agreed for the sex toys coz he knows my urge for sex. Waise some times I get relieved when my sister comes over bcoz I was a lesbian i.e. I and my sister were in the same room. So nights full of fun until marriage. My sister is also married but her husband does have sex with me. He is open minded and my sister doesnt mind. So whenever they come to stay it is fun to go three some. The actual part starts here. All this started after 3 months after ravi went for night shift. Since I was all alone during nights. Main kuch bhi nahi pehnti thi aur ghar main nangi ghoomti thi. Jab subh mere doodh wala aata that tab hi mexy pehnti thi. Doodhwala subh 5 baje aata hai aur us samay aaju baaju main koi nahi rehta to udhar kya ho raha hai koi nahi jaanta. Waise bhi main 7th floor ar rehti hoon.

Aur mere samne sirf ek family rehti hai jo 9 baje se pehle nahi uthti. 1st 3 months to kuch nahi hua par bad main ek din doodh lene ke liye main ne nighty pehni to low neck pehni. I wore it unknowingly. Doodh lene ke baad jab main caed de rahi thi to card gir gaya aur main uthane ke liye jhuki. Uthte hue maine dekha ki doodh wale ki nazar mere breasts ke cut par thi. Main use kuch nahi boli par baad main I was fantasizing aur apne aap ko doodhwale ke saath imagine kar rahi thi. Then I thought of making it possible. But I was afraid. I had to be care full as if it leaked out I would get my self in trouble. So I thought n thought and finally came up with a plan. It took me 7 days b4 I could get the doodhwala in bed. It goes like this. 1st day I wore a very low neck nightie to see how he reacts. He just couldn’t take the eyes off my breasts. But he had to as he was not sure how I would react. 2nd day I wore the same nightie but let the card slip and picked it up in such a way that he has the full view of my breasts. 3rd to 5th day these 3 days I wore nighties with very low neck only but the length of the nightie kept getting shorter to expose my legs.

On the 5th day my nightie was so short that if Id bent I would expose my crotch 6th day I took a big risk I just wore a towel around me to cover my assets. I had kept it loose. By Gods grace it slipped exactly at the time I wanted. Jaise hi maine doodh ka toop hath main liya and my towel slipped. Exposing me completely. He was just flabbergasted. I told him. Bhaiya jara towel phir se lepet do na mere haath main doodh hain na. And he obliged. He was very much happy. He touched my breasts in the process showing that it was an accident. 7th day it was today or never. I just wore a small towel to cover my crotch and let my top bare to expose my breasts. I opened the door and seeing me he just couldnt react. I told him bhaiya, kya main aapko acchi nahi lagti he said aap to mere aakhon ka tara ho then I said to mera doodh nahi nikaloge kya. He said, khushi se saying that he came in.

The fun begins here. Woh andhar aaya aur usne meri towel nikal di. Bahar sofe par hi usne meri chut ko chatna chalu kiya. 10 min tak who chat ta raha. Who itni intensity se suck kar raha that ki I had my first organsm there only. Then I unzipped him and freed his cock. GOOD GOD it was huge and white. I sucked and sucked. I told him doodh wale chod dal mujhe phad dal meri chut ko. Yeh teri hai phad dal aur meri ghand bhi phad dal. Listeing to this he got very much exited and thrust his manhood in me at one shot. He came inside me. I was so relived. All this had gone for ½ hr. And from then on he fucks me daily morning 5 to 5:30. Aapko mera experience kaisa laga aap mujhe [email protected] pe bhej sakte hain. Aagar aap ko chahi ye to main aapko aapne aur bhi experiences likhungi. Waise main mere bete ke saath bhi karti hoon par yeh kaise chalu hua who main baad main bataungi. Tab se mera routine kuch is prakar raha hai. During night I have the sex toys, in morning the doodh wala and during day ravi. Bye aapki RANI

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