Bhai behan

Suraj aur Sonali bhai behan the aur shuru se kaafi close the..sirf teen saal ka difference tha bhai bahen mein and they were quite free with each other and were very good friends. Their rooms were adjoining and there was a common door between the rooms which was mostly open except when sonali was changing then she would of course shut the door but not lock it from inside. They went to same school. Suraj saw her maturing between 18 and 19.and looking more grown upish around the hips and tits gradaully. He noticed the gradual evolution of her tits and was really fascinated by their steady growth until they reached 32 around when she was 18 years. There rooms had a common bathroom which had two doors that opened to their respective rooms. The user of the bathroom would close the door opening to the other room from inside. When she was around 16, Suraj deliberately started going to the low without closing her side of door from inside.with the result that she would often enter and find me him in his undies or taking a leak..she got a view from sideways. At those times woh sorry bol ke chali jaati thi aur baad mein ye kahti thi bhaiyya tum ekdam besharam ho.kam se kam darwaaza to band kar diya karo. But Suraj was getting very naughty and horny by her close presence. At nights she would be quite freely dressed sometimes in shorts and sleeveless t shirts without bra and suraj would get a good glimpse of the outline of her chuchis and the nipples. They were quite free with each other in the physical sense and while talking would sit close. Suraj also helped her in studies and while doing those math sums for her with her leaning over the chair (while suraj was seated) her smell would make him horny. They also had their share of pillow fights and friendly fights and now suraj was getting really turned on by these things. Plus he was 18 now and at an age where he was starting to look for some sort of sexual experience.

Suraj was seeing a lot of blue films at his friends place and had a good collection of sex books etc but all hidden under the bed. Then one night they both went for a movie which was a horror one. Sonali was scared and throughout the movie sat very close to him holding his arm tightly. Suraj could feel her chuchis against his elbow and it felt very soft and all through uska lund khada aur geela tha. Ghar aate hi suraj ko bathroom ja ke apne haath se apna saara ras nikalna pada. Us raat suddenly Suraj woke up with a noise to see sonali come into his room she was wearing shorts and a loose night shirt on top without any bra and came straight to his bed and holding his hand said bhaiyya dar lag raha hai. Suraj at once moved aside and she lied down next to me. U was so scared that she didn’t think twice before clinging on to me with her arm tight across his back. Ooooh Suraj loved it . Imagine the situation. We both had our hands on each others back. Suraj was only in shorts, nothing over it, her face nestling just below his neck, her chuchis pressing against his chest, and their legs touching each other, Suraj had a massive hard on. Suraj didn’t know what to do. But both of them were liking this embrace and so they slept like that. They kept waking up every now and then as the position was not very comfortable but they kept clinging to each other and pressing their bodies into each other. That was a very different kind of physical experience they had as compared to other forms of touch they had been having earlier and this had electrified both of them.. Phir sonali ka suraj ke kamre mein aa ke sona roz ka silisila ban gaya. Woh der raat uske kamre mein aake so jaati chipak ke aur phir subah uth ke jaldi chali jaati closing the common door behind her jisse parents ko pata nahin chale. Each day morning after she went, Suraj used to take out his dripping wet tool and jack off thinking of ing her. Suraj never knew what she did

When she reached to room. Whole day in college Suraj could only think of her hot body, her sweaty face on his neck and chest, her smell and her hard nipples and her lovely silky smooth legs. At times his hard lund would ache so badly that Suraj had to go the loo in college and yank off thinking about her. At home, when she used to go out for tuition in the evening, Suraj used to take out her bra and would masturbate putting the cup over his face trying to get her smell. For the first few days nothing much happened except that they were both aware that something electrifying was happening to both their bodies. Suraj became more bold and now stopped wearing any undies and would sleep only in a thin boxer shorts. At nights, they used to hug each other tight… Suraj knew she could feel his erect cock through his shorts just as Suraj could feel her hard nipples pressing into his chest and they both were also aware of each other’s heavy breathing. Suraj could feel the sweat of her forehead on his neck just as she could feel the heat going up in his body. After 3-4 nights this way Suraj became more bold and this time when she came into his arms Suraj started caressing her back over her t shirt slowly at first then putting more pressure. At first she did not react but suddenly she also started rubbing her hand on his bare back. Suraj couldn’t control himself any more and now knew that time had come to become more bold. Suraj then put his hand under her shirt and touched her bare back.which was slightly wet with sweat. She shivered.. Bhaiyya..she said.rahul could feel the goosebumps.. .Ha sonali bahen, kya. Kuch kuch ho raha hai bhaiyya…raha nahin jaata…Chup raho abhi …kuch mat bolo……With that they started rubbing their hands on each other’s bare backs with more passion. She moved her face up and their cheeks touched each other.

Suraj brought his hand from her back ( but still under the shirt) and cupped her tit…sonali said. Moving slightly away from his body to allow himself to fully cup her swollen tits.which Suraj did and started squeezing. Before they knew it, their lips had met and theirr tongues were exploring each other’s mouths like mad…soon she moved away a bit and lay down face up and Suraj got up and caught the end of her t shirt so that he could take it off. Sonali sat up and lifted both her arms so that Suraj could remove it easily and now both their topless bodies were rolling on top of each other.. Suraj started sucking her tits. And soon Suraj had pulled down her short and panties with his tongue rolling all the way from her toes to her choot licking all the wetness from her choot only to find that more juices kept coming. Her hands was also on his cock and it was the first time for both of us and they were exploring each other’s bodies for the first time. Soon after a lot of rolling on top of each other sonali settled down into a position with her legs hanging down from the edge of the bed and with suraj kneeling down between them and licking her wet hairy choot like there was nothing else in this world. Sonali was in ecstasy while his tongue probed the clit and her choot and she then caught both his hands and put them on her tits while she held his head by his hair and pushed it into her choot and at the same time pushed her hips up. Suraj really squeezed her tits very hard. (next morning she was to show him the red marks all over her small firm 32 size chuchis) soon she was moaning and had her orgasm..Suraj got up with his lower part of the mouth wet and her juices dripping from his chin down on to his neck. She got into a position with her legs spread wide apart and soon Suraj was pushing his lund into her choot. Bhaiyya

Dheere se..Jald hi suraj ke phanphanata hua lund ka supara sonali ki choot mein tha aur dheere dheere uska pura lund apni pyaari choti bahen ki kasi hui kunwari choot mein ghus gaya aur woh andar bahar karte hue dhakke lagane laga. Sonali ko thoda dard ho raha that par khub mazaa aa raha tha. Suraj ka mota lund mein jaise to aag lagi hui thi aur lohe ki tarah solid tha. Woh dhakke laga raha tha aur sonali randi ki tarah chudwa rahi thi apne bhaiyaa se jor ke chipki hui, aur apne chootar uchaal uchaal ke chudwa rahi thi. Kuch hi der baad surajjharne laga (aur jaisa ki usne blue films mein dekha tha) aur apna lund bahar nikaal ke usne apna saara ka saara ras sonali ki masali hui chuchiyon pe gira diya… Dono ek doosre ka haath pakde hue thake hue waise hi kuch der pade rahe aur phir sonali ne tissue as apni chuchiyan saaf ki aur kapde pahen ke phir done so gaye. Subah pahle ki tarah sonali uth ke chali gayi…par suraj ki jab neend khuli aur sonali ko paas na hin pa ke usse raha nahin gaya.aur who uske kamre mein aa gaya. Sonali bistar pe nangi leti hui thi. Usne andar se darwaaza band kiya aur sonali ke upar chad gaya aur phir se usne apni pyaari bahen sonali ki ache se chudaai kari. Any comment’s [email protected]

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