Aunty Ke Chut Ke Chudai Raat Bhar

Hi I am Srikanth I am back again and this story which I’m posting here is about me and Aunt I still clearly remember all those moments like they are still fresh in my mind like it just happened yesterday. I was in my 12th grade when I had an encounter with my sexy hot aunt. She is 28 now but still looks like a sexy college gal. Her vital stats were 36-30-38 and her ass was like heaven to watch. We have a joint family; mine and my aunt’s bedroom are on the 1st floor. It was Feb. I used to study late nights and one night I heard weird sounds coming from my aunt’s room. My uncle was fucking. She was screaming ahhh uhhh and saying thoda teez chodo” but my uncle was not so good at it which one came to know later. They used to fuck every 3 days and I used to listen too them and even peek through the key hole.

One day my uncle announced that he is going to start his new business and is going to Delhi in the first week of March. I was really sad to here this as now I won’t be able to here and see what I used too but who knew that this would turn out to be the best thing ever. and fat finally the day came my uncle left for Delhi and my aunt with her daughter were here only. I was having my board exams going on so I used to be in my room all day and used to study.

My aunt used to take care about my food and requirements she used to come to my room every now and then. One day she came to my room wearing a new saree whose blouse was really low cut I had never seen her in that saree so I just asked her regarding the saree and she told me that she had got it now only suddenly the bottle fell down and the water was spilled all over the floor I said sorry and went to get the mobile but she told me that she will do it and told me to study she got the mobile and started cleaning the floor and at that time my eye caught the sight of her marvelous boob and I was in seventh heaven that instant.

I didn’t realize that my aunt was watching me watching her and she asked me what was I looking at and by mistake I just told that I love your blouse and the patter, she smiled at me and went away. That day I masturbated about 3 times thinking about that scene. My exams got over and it was summer season so I used to sleep in the veranda everyday the heat was increasing everyday aunt told me that she will also sleep in the varanda and told me to put her bed too. I laid the bed just next to me and I went in my room to do some work then my aunt called me to her room as my favorite movie was coming and we sat there to watch the movie.

I checked weather she is sleeping or not and placed my hand on her left boob oh my god! it was so soft and I just cummed inside without even shagging I started playing wide it but was really conscious about not waking her up and so I was really gentle. I played for about 15 mins and my thirst increased so I thought of touching her bare boob and so I tried opening her blouse buttons but I was only able to open 3 I started going in very slowly and at that time my heart was beating very fast. It nearly took me about half an hour to reach her nipples and I started playing with them but suddenly my aunt shifted and I removed my had and then slept. Next day when I woke up I was feeling scared weather my aunt knew about what I did and all so I didn’t have a talk with her the whole day and later at night I kept my bed a little apart from her’s.


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