Affair With Brother In Law

Hello all and I am Dupali and I am a married woman from Indore, age 24 years old. I am a good looking girl or woman if you mind me saying girl and it’s about how I happened to fall for an extra physical affair which I never thought I can or I will. It’s a year old story almost. I thought of sharing it on net some six months ago but I could give it shape now only.

I am married to a business executive and my husband has a sister elder to him. Her husband posted to Indore in Mau army area. So everyone was happy that two families are together. I used to call him jijaji or jiju. My sister in law was expecting and was admitted in Bombay hospital at Indore as it always happens we all were at hospital but hospital people allowed only one person at a time to stay.

My husband had to go to Delhi for his official meetings and thus it was decided that my mother in law will stay there and I will be at home and jiju also took leave and stayed at our home only to be in close proximity of hospital. So we both came back to home in the evening. I prepared dinner and jijaji went back to hospital to give my Sasuma her dinner.

He returned after some 2 hours and entered with beer bottles. I did know that he is in army and he used to drink but this much and well I did not comment anything thinking he will feel insulted or something. He asked for fridge, I said I will put them there, but he insisted and thus in formal tug we both went to fridge and I helped him in making space in fridge in the mean while he asked me if I liked drinking.

I denied he asked really? I said yes and he asked if I never tasted beer. I said I did but I don’t take. He insisted me to take few sips. I denied then he himself said that he will not tell anybody and in the early morning the empty bottles will be disposed also and I should not suppress my feelings if I wanted to drink a glass or two. I smiled and he said done but I denied again.

He said ab to peeni hi padegi then we promised ki no one will ever disclose anything to anybody. He took bath and for my surprise he took dinner before drink in the answer he said stupid civilians drink first in army we drink in the last and we laughed and well we sat on bed in my bed room and beer was poured in 2 glasses and they were consumed in five minutes. It was really a nice beer and there were cards also so he asked if and I wanted to play a game.

I asked

-Well conditional game

-Striptease game

-Tell as we will play you will know sweat heart

Ooooo it means dear, dear Dupali civilian patte pakdo and we started playing cards. I was just thinking what will happen next because I knew the striptease ka matlab mujhe apna ek koi kapda utarna hoga. I was just thinking ki kaise react karungi kya mana ker dungi? Ya thoda flirt ya shart badal lu.

He said then peeti raho nahi to khel nahi paogi main thoda sakpaka si ga and picked the glass and thought of drinking more so that I feel less tensed and it worked too. I don’t know why I kept on playing there and decided for enjoyment and I justified it thinking like ki mera pati bhi to maje karta hi hoga..shadi se pahale unki girl friends thi to sahi hi.

It’s for sure ki wo mujhe batate nahi hai main bhi nhi bataungi isme kya hai and my glass reached to bottom game started and I lost. I was not supposed to strip one clothe. I was wearing salwar kameej and undergarments beneath and dupatta was placed aside. I sat for few moments again thinking I said jump into this affair or not and my drunk mind said yes.


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