Witness Of Nargis – Part 8

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…The next day, I and kamal had a bath together and departed. We went to the shop he was talking about.

After we met with the tailor there, kamal said,

– well, she needs a better sari for an upcoming party she attends with me. Neha ( he also called me a false name), show him the jacket –

I took out the jacket and gave him. He checked out and said,

– well…I can give you one with the same color and size but more decorations –

Then, kamal handed him over the sari. He checked it and said,

– well, I have a sari that looks like this one and decorated, but it is somewhat more transparent… –

– …That is good. Neha, try them both. I am sure you will look great in it –

Kamal said, smiling. A little later, the tailor handed me over the dress. I went to the fit on the room.

Well, the sari was pretty damn transparent and I was afraid that I would look like almost naked. Gladly, it did not seem that transparent.

About the jacket…Well, it was more like a bra. It did not even cover my boobs properly. After I placed it over my breast, only the middle and the lower part of my breast was properly covered by it and still, my cleavage was open. My back was completely exposed and the jacket had just three strings to hold it in place. I could not dress it myself so I opened the door a little and asked Kamal to help me.

He came inside and tied the three strings. After that, it seemed well fit my body.

We were looking at the mirror. He hugged me from behind and kissed my revealed back a few times.

– wow, Nargis! Look at you! –

I was speechless.

Later, I got back into my usual dress, the blouse, and jeans, and we left there. He said,

– Nargis, you know today is a holiday for you.

I want you to come to work tomorrow, dressed in your old sari. I mean, not the one I bought you today, but the old one, okay? –

Later he dropped me at the boarding and drove away.

After a wash, I changed myself into the new sari and was checking myself in front of the mirror. The jacket was more like a piece of cloth held on place with three strings, one around my neck, one below my armpits and behind my back and one down where the jacket ended and behind my back. It did not even have proper arms.

My sari was tight and was exposing my curves very well. I put a pony tail and now I was looking even better.

I heard a knock on the door.

Who could this be? I wrapped my thin veil over my upper body and came outta the room to see who that was.

It was Anil, with a bag of some things. He looked astonished.

Anil was a guy who was a little taller than me, and he was slender but he looked strong. He had a beard and he looked okay. He said,

– wow, Nargis! Are you gonna wear that for the party? –

– yeah…Why? Anything wrong? –

He came closer to me and said,

– well, I brought you a few things, to make you look better for the party; a silver chain, some silver bangles, rings, earrings and…Well, this shoes. Sneha told me to bring you the shoes and earrings, and Kamal asked me to deliver you these rings and, Cyril uncle (that was how he was called and I also called him that way, until the day he fucked me) gave me these bangles. I myself brought you the chain, which belonged to my sister –

– thank you, Anil. So, where is your sister now? –

I asked as I checked out the bag and took the things out. He said,

– she married and went away –

– lemme try these. Can I? –

– sure –

I went inside my room and put on the chain. It was right the size of my neck and the pendant was hanging in front. The bangles, rings and the earrings…All fit perfectly.

I went outside and showed myself to him. He was even thrilled.

– well… I guess I gotta keep these safe to return after the event? –

– no Nargis, you can keep them.

The others gave their presents for free but I need something from you –

Surprised, I asked,

– what do you want? –

– hmm…How about you put away your event dress and get back into some household dress? I will tell you then –

I went into my room and started changing. At home, I wore a t shirt and a three-quarter denim.

I dressed that and went outside. He was sitting on the sofa. I went to him, saying,

– okay now, tell me. What is it… –

Before I could finish, he jumped towards me and hugged me tightly. He said,

– Nargis, I cannot stay down, my dear. Forgive me, please –

– Anil…Stop! Lemme go –

I knew I would not be able to resist him for much longer.

As I was struggling to break free, he took me on his shoulder, took me into my room and threw me on the bed. As I started back up from him, he knelt on the bed, fell on me, pinned my hands to the bed and started smooching me.

I felt my body warming up and soon, I started feeling horny. I turned my face towards him and started kissing him.

Later, he released my hands and I hugged him by his neck. He started kneading my boobs over my dress.

– oh, you smell amazing, feel great as well, Nargis –

His words turned me on even further. He kissed my lips, cheeks, neck and then he started vigorously pulling off my t shirt. Gladly he did not tear it apart. This was something I always observed with Sinhala people. No matter how horny they were, they were not into ripping apart clothes.

After he pulled my t shirt off, he started kissing all over my body where was just uncovered, squeezing my boobs over my bra cups.

Later, he laid on me, turned me around as he took me on himself, unhooked my bra and pulled it off. Then, he laid me on the bed, knelt, took off his shirt and west, laid on me and started eating my right boob, I moaned,

– ah yeah baby, eat me more –

Later, he turned towards my pussy, where he sucked my clitoris like never before. By now, I had had much experience with sex so I did not struggle all over. I could enjoy it without struggling. I was moaning though.

Later, he laid on me, pinned me against the bed and started fucking me missionary. Later, still fucking me, he released me and as we tightly hugged each other, we started kissing.

Later, he seemed like he was about to cum. By now I knew the symptoms of men who are about to cum so I slipped away from him and knelt as he stood up and released all his cum on my face and in my mouth.

We laid for a while and later washed.

– so I hope to see you just the way I proposed, okay? –

– MH…Okay, anil –

I said as he left…

Coming to the end of the story, guys. But do not feel sorry. Stay tuned.

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