Witness Of Nargis – Part 2

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Welcome back, readers. Let us read the next part she sent me.

– …Cyril came outta somewhere. He smiled and said,

– do not worry, sir. I did not see anything. Well, that depends on how I am treated. If you know what I mean –

He smiled, perversely. Marzook smiled and said,

– all yours, buddy –

True, this country had all kinds of problems between religions and races but when it came to misusing women, they were all the same.

Marzook got back dressed and left, as Cyril said,

– go, have a bath and come back, and…I guess I can come to your place today –
– what? No, I… –
– …sh…! –

He said as he shut my mouth with his hand. He said,

– either you can come to my place, or I come to your place and finalize the deal. Well, I have something you might wanna see –

By then, Marzook had left. Cyril took out his phone and played a video, as I sat on the desk and was looking at the phone, horrified.

It was our video! Cyril had video recorded everything that Marzook did to me. It was also clear enough to put me in a lot of trouble.

I was shivering. He smiled and said,

– you see what will happen if I upload this to some were like pornhub, xvideos or so, right?

All the guys in this office and outside have access to those sites.

What do you say? Either you do what I want or I will do what I want. Make your move fast –

I was thinking what to do. I did not have much of options either. While I was thinking, with my hands across my breast to cover them, he said,

– Well, I have seen enough. No point covering your boobs now –

As he pulled away from my hands from my boobs, roughly. My hands were weaker than his, in spite of his age. He was a man around forty-five years old, thin and somewhat shorter than even me (I was 5 ft 8 inches). His teeth were broken and his beard had been shaven recently, with short hair all over his face.

As I washed and came back and got back dressed, he said, showing me some contacts on his phone,

– see if you know these numbers –

I was even more scared. Those were the phone numbers of my home and my dad. How did he acquire it?

– Well, not a big deal. I have access to every corner of the office –
– oh God! What do you want from me? –
– just what you offered him, or better –

He smiled, showing off his bad teeth.

– where do we go? To your place or to mine? –
– Well. ..let us go to your place –

He pulled me by my right hand and guided me to his house. His hand was feeling smooth.

I was feeling desperate. If Marzook shamelessly offered me to this man, I cannot think that he will marry me later or things. I cannot marry another man because they demand virgins. I cannot go back home because my parents might punish me. I simply have no future as a pious woman. I felt like crying.

We reached his place. He closed the gate and the front door respectively as we got inside.

Then, as he came closer to me, I went back and back until I was against a wall. As his right hand got closer to my face, I turned my face to my right with my eyes tight shut.

As soon as his palm touched my face, I again started feeling my blood flow getting faster and my body getting warmer. I was inwardly inviting his touch while outwardly I was still rejecting him.

My eyes were still closed and my face was still towards my right. I felt his hand on my left cheek, then on my neck and then he was rubbing my neck up and down. Then I felt his breath on my neck, and then, his lips. I felt his arms cuddling my body against him and his face pressing against the left side of my neck, showering my neck with his warm breaths and his saliva, as he started smelling and eating me there. My breathing weighed up.

– ah.. –
– you feel good….mm…and taste good too –

He was saying things while smelling, tasting and feeling me.

Later, I felt his hands off my arms and then on each of my boobs, playing with them. He was not rough like Marzook. He knew very well what a woman likes. I had a little smile coming to my face.

– oh you enjoy it, do you not, my dear? –

He said, as he left my boobs and started unbuttoning my blouse. How his breath was off my neck. I opened my eyes and turned my face towards himself.

He was smiling at me. I smiled back and closed my eyes as he took my chin in his right hand and started kissing me back. I had seen women kissing men in videos so I kissed him back. My eyes were closed.

I felt him hugging me and pulling my blouse completely off my hands. Then as he was hugging me, I unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off his hands. Then he broke the kiss and I looked at him.

We were not saying anything. Then I took off his West and put it away. He hugged me again, pressing his face against my cleavage and licking me there, he unhooked my bra and took it off. He then put it on a nearby chair, where he had put my other clothes as well.

Now we both were half naked. I took his neck in my hands and he took my waist, we pulled each other together and started kissing each other. He was greedily sucking my saliva, molesting my boobs.

Later, he broke the kiss and said,

– you are as white as milk. Your boobs feel so good. Wanna know how they taste –

As my face turned astonished, he took my right boob in his mouth and started eating it, licking and sucking my nipple, while his hands hugged me hard and pressed me more and more against his mouth. I was moaning, with my eyes closed and turning my face upwards, and sometimes biting my lower lip. His hands were sometimes rubbing me up and down and squeezing my buttocks.

Later he started doing similar to my other boob and nipple. He repeatedly kept doing them until I Said,

– my boobs are aching now –

And then, he kissed me again and again all the way down to my my umbilical code, where he spent a while licking, sucking and biting me, as I was looking at his head.

Then he pulled down my jeans and my panty and he started sucking my clitoris, licking my pussy. My pussy is well shaven, just like my armpits. He said,

– this is the first time I see a well shaven pussy after my wife passed away –

And as he came back to my face, he said,

– now take your pants off your body –

As I was pulling my pants and panty off, I saw my cherry blood on my panty. My face turned sorry but I no longer shed tears. I took them both off and put them on the same chair, as he took off his pants and put them elsewhere.

Then I saw his bulge. His cock was uncut and longer than that of Marzook. Sinhala men have the biggest cocks in here as I had heard and it seemed right. His cock was around nine inches long and was as fat as my forearm. It was uncut but his foreskin seemed like just washed a little ago. He said,

– I washed this for you. Now, Kneel before your master and suck it –

Ever since he ate my pussy I wanted to eat his cock and see how it tastes. Still reluctantly, I did what he said,

It was salty and my mouth was wide open. As soon as I took it in, he held my hair in his hands and started fucking my mouth in and out.

He paced up. I was making sounds like,

– okh! Okh! Oh! –

As he was fucking my mouth. He paced up and up, moaning until he said,

– oh…i am coming…ooh! –

And he came right in my mouth. I wanted to spit it out but he did not let me, saying,

– swallow it all, like the cum slut you are…yea that is it –

I swallowed it all and opened my mouth to show him. He smiled happily and said,

– now get up, and let us go to the room. I will enjoy you for a while, and soon my cock will he ready again. Then I will fuck you to the other seventy-one virgins…eh! … –

So, stay tuned to know what happened next. Bye guys!

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