With My Husband

I opened the door with my hand bag hanging on my shoulder and one bigger bag in one hand and a plastic bag containing some cosmetic items of mine and my husband in other hand. “Honey knives are not to play. You can hurt yourself now leave them right there and go to your room” I said as I find my 6 year old son playing with knives on the floor of our living room

I am Sarita, 30 years old work as a manager in a multinational company and I am married to my 32 year old husband Ravi. He is a secret agent in crime department and he doesn’t have much of a social life unless he is on duty “Honey! Where is dad?” I asked my son who was going upstairs to his room

“He is doing work” He said and I looked at the red door which goes to our basement. My son and any people from outside were not allowed to open that door and find what’s behind that. It’s the place where my husband kept his everything related to his work and assignments I put the bags on the couch and went to the door, “open” I said and the door opened and I entered in the basement saying “close”. This door was laced with voice sensor which only responds to mine and my husband’s voice. I went down from the stairs and next I was standing in a bog hall

My husband was there in his T shirt and shorts. His computer was still on and papers were all over his small table in a corner. He was sitting few feet away from the wall and trying to basket. Hmm, I think I should tell our son that his dad is not doing any work, he is just playing” I said and he turned to me. I smiled and seen him coming to me. “Hmm I won’t mind if you do that, at least my son should also know how good I am in basketball” He said and hugged me touching my lips with his and we kissed.

He kept kissing and pushing me, next I found myself sticking to the wall. “We were seeing each other after 10 days as he was on duty for an assignment so I didn’t mind when he kissed me hard and pushed me against the wall. “I brought all your stuff, you wanna check” I said when he moved to nibble on my neck. “Nope, I know you don’t make mistakes” He said and kept nibbling and kissing my neck

“But I want to check if my wife is still sexy as I saw her 10 days back” He said and I pushed him away, “Hmm, check that later tonight” I said and tried to walk away but he held my hand and I was again against the wall with him licking my neck and pressing my breast.
“I understand you want me so much, you have to wait. Sunny is alone upstairs” I said reminding him about our son.
“He is a big boy now and can take care of himself” He said and we both laughed but then again I pushed him away, “stop it Ravi! You are ruining my suit” I said as I was still wearing my office clothes, a white shirt with a black skirt and matching black jacket

He stepped back looking at me like I disappointed him. And he should be because I said that in a very angry tone, “you are ruining my suit” I said again, “so I think I should take it off” I added and smiled making his mood. He smiled back and I took off my jacket and unbuttoned more upper buttons of my shirt showing him that I was wearing a his favorite white bra with light pink color laces around the cup area

He again came closer to me and I held take my hand on the back of his head and pulled to me guiding him to my neck. He bit me there and I lifted my one leg and wrapped around his thigh. He held my one hand next to my waist and my other hand was caressing his hairs I felt his one hand moving on my thigh of the leg which I was wrapping around his leg, his hand went under my skirt and after ten days his touch on my inner thighs made me wet and I grabbed him on shoulder. He moved down to kiss on my cleavage and unbuttoning more buttons of my shirt finally he undid all the buttons and he was on his knees with his hands grabbing my waits and his lips kissing my flat stomach. He circled the tip of his tongue around my belly button and I was feeling him closing my eyes


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