Wild Sex With Sindhi Neighbor – Part II

Hi friends! This is Animesh again; I hope
you all liked my previous story ‘Romantic sex with Sindhi Neighbor’! As I
explained my first sexual romp with my beautiful and sexy neighbor Seema didi. Those who
have read my story would need no introduction of my and my didi! I am a lover of
fair skin and hairless women.I has a fetish for clean armpits. I just love
girls or women having smooth underarms.

Now getting back to the story,after my
first session with my hot and cute neighbor Seema didi I then had the
confidence to visit Seema didi’s house as and when I wished.Even didi’s husband
was happy that his wife has got a new friend in me and that she wont be bored
alone at home. Only we knew how I removed her boredom. After the first
break through passionate sex,

Seema didi did not see me for a week.Then
next Saturday I went to her house just to meet her.As she opened the door I
could see the very gorgeous Seema didi blushing in front of me! I started
the conversation “Wassup didi you seem to be happy seeing me! Seema didi
replied,”First come inside and sit down. I went in and sat on the sofa as
if it was my house.Then I asked Didi what happened why are you so quiet?

I want to continue my maths class Didi
knew what I meant that I wanted more sex! She said Ani you dont know I have had
sleepless nights for two days I didn’t sleep after that incident as I was
feeling super guilty about cheating on my husband.”

Honestly,I didn’t expect didi to say this now, I
was upset I told her,”I am extremely sorry didi,we won’t do it again if
that makes you happy

Seema didi came and sat next to me and put
her hands around my shoulders and kissed my neck I was a bit surprised she
said,”I thought a lot since last 2-3 days that was it a sin that I
committed? But if my husband is so interested in making money and is neglecting
my needs I just can’t waste my youth like this. She continued,”I did not
have sex with any stranger or any horny man you are such a sweet heart you won

My heart and then you pleased my body with
so much passion that any woman in this world would love so much care and
intensity. I just looked down as I was happy hearing all this. She
said,”I have decided to give you full freedom to make me your wife in bed
you can do whatever you want to and whenever you want. I am so priviliged to
have such a great undertanding lover.

I was so happy that I kissed her cheeks
softly and then I asked her,”Didi which was the best thing you liked that
day?” She replied,”First thing stop calling me didi it really sounds
weird now and we both started laughing holding each others hands. She continued,”I loved your dick honestly it
is certainly very thick for me to have inside and the force with which you bang
it in is just pure pleasure.

I was very happy my dream girl is praising
me so much! Now she asked me,”What did you like doing the most? I told
her,”I love you smooth arms and armpits and its fragrance it’s just
collossal” Seema blushed! Come on Seema,lets have our second session!She
said,”No Ani not now guests might come today,lets do it on Monday,I will
be ready and will spurn a surprise or two for you.

My heart started beatint fast and my dick
started moving! I agreed and told her I will bunk college on Monday and will
come on the pretext of continuing with tuitions. We then bid adieu with a long
and deep kiss! Seema’s husband goes for work on Monday that’s the
reason she called me then. I kept wondering what the surprise could be. For 2
days I pumped up hard in gym as much as I could as I am a defender in football

I play for my University I had to be fit
anyways so I have a very hard torso and ofcourse strong legs! The day
came,I got up early morning and with another session in gym,my biceps and chest
had become really tougher.I had a bath and told mom that I was going to Seema’s
place for my Engineering maths tuitions and that I might get late. I went to Seema’s door and rang the bell.


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