A Wild Night With Deepika

Hi, this is Amit . This is my first story which is a real life incident and a fabulous experience. Hope you guys enjoy it too. I’m from Mumbai, 34 yrs old, 5’10’’, wheatish, athletic built, attractive (as women tell me), married and have a 5 yr old kid, a beautiful wife, although my sex life is below average, add to that my appetite for sex and it turns out unsatisfactory. I work with a big MNC in Mumbai, taking care of the Advertising & Communication function. My job involves me interacting with various people like agencies, media, vendors etc. I also had lot of visitors in my office, out of which there used to be hot girls & women from various print media etc. My office colleagues oogled at my visitors and often were jealous of my interactions with them , which they accepted candidly.

One fine day, I received a call for an appointment from a girl called Deepika from one of the leading publishing houses. I was busy and told her to come on Friday. I had completely forgotten about the appointment on Friday and was busy with my meetings when my receptionist called me to inform me of the appointment. I told her to ask Deepika to wait.

Almost 45 mins later I came out & met Deepika. She was a tall, well built lady, average looking, kind of voluptuous around 30 yrs of age, wearing a salwar kameez. She greeted me with a sweet smile, I apologized for the delay and asked her to come to my cabin. The discussion was professional and lasted for around 20 mins, where she introduced herself and her co. As she was new to the job, she made a few mistakes , where I corrected her and she just smiled. Later I fixed a deal with her for some ads and she thanked me and left. She kept visiting me once in a month and we developed a good rapport, however, there was nothing otherwise in my mind. We shared things about each other along with light humour. I learnt that she was married too & her husband kept travelling a lot for work. We became good friends too, as she was warm.

One fine evening, as I was about to leave office, she called up casually and we decided to meet for a coffee. While chatting, we covered various topics, likes, dislikes, spouses, family, work and slowly veered towards personal preferences etc. She complimented me on the way I maintained myself and said I don’t look my age. I thanked her and mentioned that I liked the perfume she wore. 2 hours passed and we decided to meet next week again.

As the week went by , I kept busy with my work etc. and finally the day came…I wasn’t expecting anything. We met a nearby place, she was wearing tight trousers and a sleeveless top that made her curves clearly visible. She had quite big shapely boobs, which I noticed for the first time. We had a juice and were strolling along the sea side generally chatting. She was upset with things at her home coz her husband was always away and they hardly spent time together. I consoled her and told her things will be fine, it’s a matter of time. It was chilly that evening and she started feeling cold. I was wearing a coat, so offered it to her and she accepted and I covered her with it. She was glad, thanked me and held my hand saying that u feel so warm. We sat on a bench and chatted for some time. It was getting late, so I offered to drop her home. She gave a sexy smile and asked me are u sure? I said of course.

She hopped into the car and we drove. She kept looking at me and asked me if I like her. I replied affirmatively and said we gel well. Then she asked me for dinner. I said I hadn’t planned and would have to inform at home, she said what’s the delay then…call and tell. We planned to have dinner at her home as she was alone. Little did I know that this is gonna be one of the best nights of my life.

We reached , parked the car and went to the 8th floor, inside the house. She told me to relax, while she freshens up and guided me to another washroom to freshen up. I sat on the sofa after the visiting the loo and washing up. After a while she appeared in a silk robe, hair open, slightly wet due to the splashing. She smelt awesome, giving me a sexy look she came closer.

She: What will u have?
Me : Anything that tastes good
She: How would u know its good until u taste it?

I smiled and she looked me in the eye

She: What do u like in me?
Me: Never noticed earlier, but I like what I saw lately.
She: What did u see?
Me: Whatever was allowed…outside the restricted area.
She: Are u such a good boy, that u stop at restrictions?
Me: Depends upon the content of the restricted things.
She: So are u restricting yourself or is the content not interesting?
Me: Everything has a time n place
She (coming closer): So whats stopping u now?…there’s ample of both .

And she kept her hand on mine. We looked and each other in the eyes & I grabbed her, hugging tight. Her boobs pressed against me and I placed my lips on hers. We kissed deep and long, getting wilder. She gave out soft moans. I kissed her neck n ears, running my hands all over. She couldn’t control and caught me tight kissing me all around. Then she told me that she fell for me the first day she saw me and wanted me badly. This made me excited and my cock was fully hard. I placed my hands on her boobs …oh they were huge and firm. She exclaimed ‘ Amit …I want u badly!…take me ..I’m all yours’. Without wasting time, I opened her robe to see one of the best boobs one would ever see. She had long and erect nipples…and I place my mouth on it..she let out a loud moan. I sucked her well. She opened my shirt & kissed me on my chest…telling me that she loved my body. She also sucked my nipples , driving me mad.

Ooooh..she was so hot!. We went to the bedroom and were naked in no time. She stared at my cock & held it saying ‘Baby this is so yumm..I want it’. Saying that we lay on the bed and she took my cock in her mouth…sucking gently. It was the best BJ I ever received. She played with my balls and I started moaning.

After ten minutes of sucking, I pushed her away and moved to her pussy. Wow..she was clean shaven…soft n small pussy. I licked her inner things, kissing her navel, sides and groin. I licked my way up lifting her hand and licking the armpit. This drove her wild…and she bit my shoulder. I went down and ran my tongue over her legs…down to the feet and sucked her toe. She exclaimed ‘ Amit.. u amazing lover!’ I came back up to her pussy and gave gentle flicks on the pussy walls, lightly licking the clit. Her moans were growing louder n louder. I enter my tongue and licked n sucked her pussy while my hands played with her boobs and pinched the nipples. She said ‘ I love this…baby u are so good!’

After a while she came on me and we got into 69. I tell u friends..the way she sucked me was mind-blowing. She flicked her tongue, rolled it around, sucked and licked my balls, groin area and took me deep in her throat till she gagged. I too ate her wild, sucked her clit hard & inserted 2 fingers inside and fucked her. She was going crazy. I spread her pussy lips and darted my tongue in and out several times, lapping up all her juices. She rimmed her fingers around me and gently bit with her teeth. We both were hungrily eating each other as if there is no tomorrow.We kept doing this for around 20 mins.

Then she turned around and came on top n started riding me. She rode hard while I held her by her ass and sucked her boobs. Her expression was priceless…making me hornier. She rocked me back n forth and I moved with her in rhythm. She also gyrated wildly on my cock, licking her lips and pressing her boobs.

Then I took her doggy style. This made her ecstatic..and as I pushed into her, she met my moves with a thrust back…this made me rock hard again. I pumped hard into her…while she asked me to go harder. I spanked her ass and placed a finger on her asshole. She screamed ‘Oh baby u are so hottt!! u driving me crazy…Fuck me ..Fuck me hard’ I did her for more than 15 mins, kneading her boobs in the process. She was a wild cat by then and was swaying her head up n down…her hair flying. I then fucked her missionary. She spread her legs wide apart. She was so tight that I enjoyed fucking her as my cock was being massaged by her pussy.

We kept kissing wildly..eating away each other. She kept saying ‘u are so hard in me..Im going crazy baby…where were u all these years? I wanna keep doing this’. She suddenly grabbed my back, digging her long nails in me and started shuddering and bucking, she screamed,’Babyyyy.. Im commmming..oh…oh…love u baby!!’ I kept pumping her and she hugged me tight.

Then I lay on my back and she started sucking my cock alternately moving it n shagging me. She slapped it on her tongue. I couldn’t control any longer and shot my cum into the air. It landed on my belly and on her boobs and hand. She licked my clean everywhere.

We cleaned up, kissed and had dinner. She said this was her best experience ever. She also complimented me on my ability to last long and my skills. I also told her I never imagined she would be so hot n wild. Looks are deceptive they say…and its true! We met several times like this and enjoyed each other fully. The void in both our sex lives was fulfilled to a great extent. We love our respective spouses & respect each other too. I come to believe that absence of something makes u want it even more. Interested ladies from any city can write back on stuckon69 at gmail dot com. My sex drive is as high as ever. Lets have a good time.

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