A Wild Night With Deepika

Hi, this is Amit . This is my first story which is a real life incident and a fabulous experience. Hope you guys enjoy it too. I’m from Mumbai, 34 yrs old, 5’10’’, wheatish, athletic built, attractive (as women tell me), married and have a 5 yr old kid, a beautiful wife, although my sex life is below average, add to that my appetite for sex and it turns out unsatisfactory. I work with a big MNC in Mumbai, taking care of the Advertising & Communication function. My job involves me interacting with various people like agencies, media, vendors etc. I also had lot of visitors in my office, out of which there used to be hot girls & women from various print media etc. My office colleagues oogled at my visitors and often were jealous of my interactions with them , which they accepted candidly.

One fine day, I received a call for an appointment from a girl called Deepika from one of the leading publishing houses. I was busy and told her to come on Friday. I had completely forgotten about the appointment on Friday and was busy with my meetings when my receptionist called me to inform me of the appointment. I told her to ask Deepika to wait.

Almost 45 mins later I came out & met Deepika. She was a tall, well built lady, average looking, kind of voluptuous around 30 yrs of age, wearing a salwar kameez. She greeted me with a sweet smile, I apologized for the delay and asked her to come to my cabin. The discussion was professional and lasted for around 20 mins, where she introduced herself and her co. As she was new to the job, she made a few mistakes , where I corrected her and she just smiled. Later I fixed a deal with her for some ads and she thanked me and left. She kept visiting me once in a month and we developed a good rapport, however, there was nothing otherwise in my mind. We shared things about each other along with light humour. I learnt that she was married too & her husband kept travelling a lot for work. We became good friends too, as she was warm.

One fine evening, as I was about to leave office, she called up casually and we decided to meet for a coffee. While chatting, we covered various topics, likes, dislikes, spouses, family, work and slowly veered towards personal preferences etc. She complimented me on the way I maintained myself and said I don’t look my age. I thanked her and mentioned that I liked the perfume she wore. 2 hours passed and we decided to meet next week again.

As the week went by , I kept busy with my work etc. and finally the day came…I wasn’t expecting anything. We met a nearby place, she was wearing tight trousers and a sleeveless top that made her curves clearly visible. She had quite big shapely boobs, which I noticed for the first time. We had a juice and were strolling along the sea side generally chatting. She was upset with things at her home coz her husband was always away and they hardly spent time together. I consoled her and told her things will be fine, it’s a matter of time. It was chilly that evening and she started feeling cold. I was wearing a coat, so offered it to her and she accepted and I covered her with it. She was glad, thanked me and held my hand saying that u feel so warm. We sat on a bench and chatted for some time. It was getting late, so I offered to drop her home. She gave a sexy smile and asked me are u sure? I said of course.

She hopped into the car and we drove. She kept looking at me and asked me if I like her. I replied affirmatively and said we gel well. Then she asked me for dinner. I said I hadn’t planned and would have to inform at home, she said what’s the delay then…call and tell. We planned to have dinner at her home as she was alone. Little did I know that this is gonna be one of the best nights of my life.


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