Wife’s Hot Navel

Hi All,

This is my another real story I am going to narrate about the fuck happened years back with my friend’s sexy hot wife Nithya. Adding flavors is not avoidable in my story because the readers should feel the craving of the slutty house wife Nithya. I am not going to describe about her much. But one thing…she is ditto of actress Neetu Chandra. She is very beautiful…. A mind flowing hotty.

She married my close friend suresh three years back. Their wedding was love marriage…and she belongs to well settled family and she was working as an air hostess in that time. As both the families are wealth, they happily got married. We all jealous about suresh for getting such stunning hot wife. Whenever I see her…my cock will become hot and erect. But I never imagined her in my bed because they are royal family and she never looked at any of the friends of Suresh.

I enjoy the desire of fucking a house wife. The homely housewife’s turns as a slut… I felt this when I heavily fucked my Akka until she screams, moan and cry. I found the other side of the house wives when my Akka begged me to fuck her ass. This turned me towards the loyal sexy hot lady Nithya who is a descent house wife.

When I got the job in Hyderabad…. I felt really happy and I took an individual house for rent which is just 10 km near by Nithya’s house. I can’t forget the first day of my visit to their house. I was seeing Nithya after three years. Suresh have given much introduction about me before I reach their house. So Nithya welcomed me with great smile. She was wearing a dark sky blue saree with block shade borders and designs. She was looking like an angel in that saree with matching blouse. I was not able to take my eyes from her up and downs and bends of her sexy body. We were talking about many things especially about their marriage incidents. I became hot hotter all over the time when Nithya was around me. Definitely she is a hot bitch who can turn any man.

Her boobs and ass were in right shape with correct dose of fleshes. Her hip was like half moon. For my feast, she wore low hip saree that day. Whenever she walks I became mad because of her seducing lean sandal hip. All the day I tried to see her navel…but she didn’t give the opportunity as she wore her saree in a perfect way but in seductive way. Her boobs, sexy hip and enormous cute asses were disturbed me a lot and I was lustfully dreaming her after returned from their house. That day itself I decided to fuck her at least once in my lifetime.

I felt very dreadful and immediately ran to his home. The street was empty.. With no persons and all shops were closed. When I entered his home…Nithya gave a warm welcome with bright mustard color synthetic saree. That moment itself I became hot and I tempted to hug her. But I believe in waiting for the correct chance. She was with frightened eyes…relaxed after seeing me. She asked me to sit in the sofa and gave sprite to drink. I understood yesterday night there was a big fight between the groups and they threw stones on every house and now the situation is somewhat under control after arrival of police. She and her Father in law (FIL) thanked me for my arrival since Nithya was scared with her small baby.

She was able to cry when she describe the things…she was really upset because of the loneliness in this situation….I held her hands and told her not to worry further. Her FIL was very old man….struggles to walk and talk….I consoled him also. Then I started playing with her daughter…she liked it. After one hour….Nithya was completely relaxed now and I saw smile on her face. I told her now only you are looking beautiful. She smiled sexily.

When I about to leave the house by 7.00pm…there was a sound of breaking of glass in outside…I rushed to main gate…many people were making sounds and throwing stones on the street….Nithya loudly cried there itself. I understood the situation was really worst. Then I made myself on the ground and shouted there and made the people go away. Luckily nothing happened to her house…I closed the door and came inside. There…my sexy hot lady was weeping. Immediately I ran to her and consoled her. As her parents are in tour (they have gone trip to kerala and Bangalore) she was not in a position to go to Chennai also. I saw the tears on her cheeks…went to her and held her soldiers and cooled her.


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