Wife With Ex Boyfriend

Hi to all and this is a true story that happened to me. I am Sowmya 23 years old, from Bangalore, with the perfect weight and height 36 24 36 and 5’7″. To add to that I am fair and has a look many women are envy of. I got married to a loving and caring person Rohit about 6 months back. He is a little chubby, but a very caring husband.

My marriage life was very good till one day when I met my ex boyfriend Ryan about a month back, I met Ritesh in a mall while shopping. Now, it’s time to rewind back 7 years. I was doing my XII girls in the school have to wear tops and knee level skirts. My thighs and tight tops is a magnet for all the boys in the school. They used to drool at me and while getting in and out of the school bus, boys used to rub against my body like anything.

I kind of enjoyed that it just triggers a sort of sensation in my body. There was a boy named Atul Malhotra. He used to be more close to me than another boy. He used to come to my house during week-ends in the pretext of combine studies. Ironically, neither I nor he was a good in academics. In the name of explaining science to me, he used to rub his shoulders against my breast as if he is ignorant of all these things.

I never retracted since he was very good-looking and handsome. Things went like this for a while, and then one fine day he proposed his love to me. I accepted it but, we were very young then love was kind of being more physical. I still remember the day during my XII vacation when Atul groped my breast and I fondled his crotch at Lalbagh. We smooched like hell that day. He wanted to take the relationship to the next level by having an intercourse with me but at that time.

I was not mentally and physically ready for that and so I denied it after that I joined Engineering and since then, I have never seen Atul. My College experience was the best. It was no exception; every boy used to drool at me. Just like me, there was a guy – Ryan, whom every girl used to drool at. I came to know of Ryan only during the end of my 2nd semester. He was about 6’1″ and was well built.

He used to come to college in tight round neck t shirts, which revealed his protruding muscles and a reasonably tight jeans which exposed his incredible thighs and bubble butt in his bike. Many girls, including my friends, used to wait near the parking lot to impress him when he comes. One day, my friends persuaded me to go with them to the parking lot to see him. I initially resisted, but then agreed. We went to the parking lot and waited at the lawn near it as usual.

This handsome guy came in his bike. He parked the bike and came towards as. I saw him looking at me from the corner of his eye. I pretended as if I am not minding him, but in fact I was also looking at him from the corner of my eye. He stretched his arms to reveal his muscles in the pretence of yawning. Oh God, that was amazing not too much of muscle and certainly not too less. His is a perfect male figure.

This time, I couldn’t act like I am not minding him. I was literally gaping, and he caught me red-handed but, I also knew that he was amazed with me as he was mentally minding only me. That day went like that, and after a week or so one of my friends introduced him to me in the college library. Both of us acted as if we have never seen each other before, and greeted each other. He had a naughty grin in his face.

Few more days passed and we used to greet each other whenever we met. One fine day, all of my friends went for a movie bunking the class. I wasn’t interested in that movie so I didn’t go. That was the turning-point day. I was in the cafeteria having lunch all alone since none of my friends were available. All of a sudden I could feel a hand on my shoulder. I turned back and saw Ryan there.


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