Wife, Two Old Men Hiking

Hi we’re back and we have a new idea for a story….As you know we are very kinky in sex and usually try to experiment…Some things we’ve tried and some are fantasies that we would love to see fulfilled….We’ve had fun with a rickshaw puller, a poor beggar and an auto driver….It was amazing watching them enjoy my wife…I know it sounds weird but it was a hell of a lot of fun, we used all precautions and made sure they were clean….

This fantasy is something that we’d like to see happening….It involves two old men about 65, thin and dark skin who help us when we get lost hiking. Let me describe my wife first, she’s about 5’4, slightly wheatish, 42-34-40 and the best part is she looks like neetu chandra with bigger ass and boobs….People usually go past our house more whenever its time for her to go out of the house….She’s a really nice person and a serious freak in bed…

This story starts in shimla where we go for hiking. We like outdoor activities like hiking, biking. We reach shimla and park our car, gather our things and then go into the woods to hike for 5 or 6 hours. She’s wearing a jacket and shorts, a little bigger than daisy dukes. What can I say she loves showing her body off to people. We start hiking but after 4 hours we feel tired and decide to go back to our car. We start walking and after about 1 hour we realize that we have walked in a circle. I look for my compass to give me directions but we realize that by chance we left it in the car. Not knowing what to do we start walking and after about 15 mins, we see a old wooden cottage in the woods. We run to the house and knock on the door. An old man of about 65 opens the door. He thin old man and he looks at me first but then his eyes are drawn to my wife’s boobs and her thighs. I politely as him if he knew the way back.

“Yes I do know the way back but it’s going to be night and you don’t wanna be out there at night….Animals around…Why don’t you stay here and I’ll show you the way in the morning”

We agreed and he welcomed us inside, it was getting cold so we thanked him for his help. We went in and it was a simple home with two beds and a kitchen.There was another old man inside on the bed. He came up and said hi. Then he saw my wife and started staring at her. We found out that his name was ram and the old man who opened the door was brij. They both lived alone and their wives had died. They made us tea and then gave us one of their beds. We lay down and went to sleep. At night I thought I heard them talking and opened one eye partially to see what was about. I saw the two old men standing near my wife;s side of the bed talking. They had moved the blanket from my wife’s thighs and they we staring at it. They were talking dirty and I started getting an erection hearing them.

“Hey brij look at her thighs, wow they are so beautiful and white. I dont think I ave seen these in movies either”

“Yep ram thats true, all I wanna do with those thighs is rub my hand on them and lick her thighs to the top of her pussy…Just looking at her made me hard.”

I saw that those two old men had erections and were stroking them watching my wife. Their erections could be seen through their lungis. They both appeared to have cocks about 5 inches. Then they both took their hands off their own cocks and taking out each other cocks started jerking off each other. Now their cocks were out and they were both about 5 inches with a 1-inch cock for ram and 2 inches for brij. They were still stroking their cocks when I pretended to wake up see them doing it.

I pretended to be angry “What are you doing? Are you looking at my wife you perverts? I’ll teach you a lesson.”

Hearing this they started apologizing and their cocks went limp….They were scared and not even a word came out of their mouth.

“We’re both sorry, we haven’t seen a woman’s parts in 8 years after our wives died, we didn’t mean any harm..”

Hearing this I grinned inside and said “Look I understand and I would have done the same, it’s okay” they both gave a sigh of relief and sat down. I took pity on them “Okay so you two jerk each other off here….How many times a day do you guys jerk off…”

“We usually jerk each other off a couple of times a day and sometimes 3 times…” I smiled and said, “Why don’t I give you areal show to jerk off…” I went near my wife and removed the blanket. I lay down beside her and then started touching her everywhere. She was sleeping but she started responding to my touch. I touched her boobs, fondled them, touching her thighs in front of those two old men. They started getting erect again. I kept fondling her and told them to take their cocks out. They took their cocks out completely hard and black. Then I gestured to start stroking watching me. They took each others cocks and were moving their hands up and down. I grinned and then opened my wife’s bra in front of them…They almost came watching her basketball size boobs. I was pinching her nipples and fondling her. They started jerking off faster now watching my naked wife….I told them to stop and come closer. They came close and I asked them if they wanted to touch. They both nodded their heads and I took both their hands and out them on my wife’s boobs. They were stunned and at a loss for words.

They were touching a goddess of sex. Now they started fondling her too and I made her lie on her back so that both of them could have easy access to her. They both came on either side of her and kept fondling her boobs. I was just sitting watching them use my wife like a slut. They kept talking dirty while touching her.

Ram said “Oh wow. I dont think I have ever seen boobs as big as these I can sleep on these boobs”

Brij said “Yeah ram. They are really big. Would love to lick them, suck them and touch them all night”

I smiled and said “Okay so what stopping you….Why don’t you two take off your clothes and lie down on either side of her to have some real fun….I’ll stand and watch. I love watching strangers use my wife.”

They both stripped naked and got ready to lie down besides her…I stopped them and said, “You two will have a night of your life with this princess but what do I get….”

They both looked at each other and said: “Anything, just name it.”

I smiled and stood in front of them. “Okay now both of you get on your knees.” they knelt down and were looking up at me. “Now open my zip and take my cock out into the world…” ram opened the zipper and brij put his hand in, took my cock and pulled it out. My cock is about 4 inches sleeping. My cock was out and waiting for instructions. “Both of you take my cock in your hands and make it hard.”

They both took my cock and started stroking it to make it hard. I was watching them be my slaves doing what ever I wanted them to do. Next I told them to open their mouths and take my cock in blowing me. They both opened their mouth and I alternated between ram and brij. I put my cock in ram’s mouth and in the next stroke I shoved it in brij’s mouth. I kept this up for some time and then asked them which one of them would take my whole cock into their mouth for a deep throat fuck. Ram nodded and I slid my cock into his mouth. I kept my mouth steady and holding his head started moving that old man’s mouth up and down on my cock mean while brij had one hand on his cock and another on ram’s jerking off. I kept fucking ram’s mouth slow but I was getting tired of him so I increased my strokes. I was fucking his mouth faster now and I came in about a min inside his throat. He tried to move away but u wouldn’t let him move, I was holding his head on my cock.

I shoved him away from me and grinned at him. “Now that was good….Okay fair is fair you both get to use her the same way. Enjoy.”

They both got up and already naked slipped next to my wife on both sides of the bed. Their cocks were erect and they had animal lust in their eyes. They both started playing and fondling her boobs again. They both had one boob each and were licking her boobs like an ice cream. I was standing right next to the bed watching. I was naked too and I had my hand on my cock again stroking it.

The two thin old men we’re lying down next to my fair princess using her like a prostitute. It was heaven. They both had her nipples in their mouth and were sucking on them like a baby, while they were sucking they both had their hands all over my wife’s body feeling her.. Ram left her boob and went down to her legs, he opened her shorts and my wife was lying in just her black lace panties.He kept staring for a minute at her thighs. He started by kissing her feet and moving up from there. He held both feet and kissed them all over and slowly moved up her legs kissing and licking her all the way.

Brij had moved from her boob and had his cock in his hand which he was touching on her nipples. He was stroking his cock on her boobs while ram had moved up to her upper thighs kissing and rubbing them. He got near her pussy and with his tongue licked her pussy over her panties. My wife gave a moan. Ram turned to me and said “What do you think sahib, does she like an old man licking her” I didn’t reply as I was busy rubbing my cock.

Ram again turned to the pussy and with his rough tongue started blowing my wife over her panties. My wife was enjoying all this moaning. Ram then slid her panties aside and looked at her slit. It was pink and hairless. He grinned at me and dove down into her pussy. I could see a 65 year old shabby looking man abusing and using my wife like a slut. That old man had his head buried in her pussy and was licking her hard. I came near him and I saw that he was fucking my wife with his tongue, it was sliding in and out of her pussy like a cock. That old man knew his way around a pussy.

Brij had his hands around both my wife’s boobs and was tit fucking her in front of me. It was a huge mountain and he had a small cock but it didn’t keep him from trying.

Story will be continued in second part. Any suggestions or ideas are welcome and will be acknowledged. Please leave your comments and if you’re a cuckold even better, any cuckold who writes will get a guaranteed reply.

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