Wife & Stranger

This incident happened after about one month of the incident in the train. After the incident in train we had enjoyed our sex like no time before , it was really mind blowing sex that we had just after my wife had sex with two strangers in the train. Now we started feeling repeat of the previous experience, I asked her was she ready for another escapade, she was ready for it. We planned to go to some to some relatively unknown place. We started zeroing in on the place for our sex encounter. Finally we decided upon Shadol a small town in MP, it is overnight drive from Delhi to that place. There is little state transport that traverses between the two places. We packed few of our clothing’s and started for the journey.

This time we had decided we will board on a 3 x 2 Bus and I will be participating in the incident too as I missed the thrills last time in the train. We arrived at the bus terminus at 8.00 pm as the bus for our destination was to leave at around 8.30 pm. We purchased the ticket and I asked her to wait for a moment and I boarded the bus to scan where we could sit. I could see that there were not many people inside the bus, I could see a man maybe in his early 50’s sitting beside a window seat. I decided we will sit there , I called her and motioned her toward that seat and she sat beside that man and I sat next to her. The man was bit surprised as there were so many seats were available and we sat there. There were nearly 7 people inside the bus and all of them were sitting on the front seat.

Anyway his face seemed lit up as a women was sitting beside that man. Bus started its journey at schedule and , oops I forgot to mention what my wife was wearing this time. This time too she was wearing a skirt but top was a bit loose shirt, we had decided upon this because it is much easier to open. I could see that my wife has started her advances as her thighs were touching that man’s thighs as if practically they were joined, and that man was eyeing me with corner of his eyes as he knew that this lady was with me , so his position was in between hesitation and temptation, but you all must be aware that in front of temptation , hesitation has no scope. The journey was continuing now we were out of the jungle of concrete and was now moving among the lush fields. In the mean time I had put my hands on her thighs and didn’t try to hide it.

I could see that man eyeing my movements of my hand on my wife’s thigh. I could see that to make place between her legs she crossed her leg leaving some space between her legs , in this process she rested her crossed leg on this man’s thighs, he was red , not with anger but with lust. At that moment he didn’t do anything. In the mean time I was caressing her thighs and on her belly her hands were caressing my neck and shoulder. I moved my hand closer to the joint between her legs , suddenly the bus stopped and the conductor bellowed , bus will stop for 30 minutes here you all can have dinner. I was irritated because we have to start this process again , anyhow we got down and had some food, and we also guzzled down few beers and boarded the bus again. That man was still sitting on the seat and he has shifted a bit on our side of the seat so as there was lesser space for two of us to sit. My wife sat down beside that man and I sat on left of her side.

After few minutes the bus started on its journey toward its destination and most of the lights of the bus were switched off except the front light. There was dim light but we could see each other clearly.

I resumed from where I had left earlier, I started caressing her thighs and trailed my fingers circling her left breast. I saw that man was eyeing each movement that I was making. I motioned my wife by pushing on her inner thighs to move her leg. She understood and she again crossed her leg and rested it on our co-passenger’s thighs. By his reaction this time it seemed that he was anticipating this move of hers as pushed his leg more toward her. His legs were almost touching her beginning of curve of her ass cheeks. I in the mean time have already cupped her tits and was squeezing them. I was getting turned on as I was seeing this man trying push his legs further apart so as to virtually make her look like sitting on her lap.

I took my hand of her breast and pushed it inside her shirt and started caressing her breast under the shirt. She was not wearing any bra. Her nipples were rock hard. I started pinching them. She was getting aroused as her breathes were heavier. All the while that man was watching our action closely without taking his eyes off us. In the meanwhile she turned a bit so as her butt cracks were touching that mans thighs and she pushed her hand in trouser, she held my cock in her hand and started stroking me.

I could she while stroking my cock she was also wriggling her ass, I could see the expression of that man, he was full of lust for my wife. This man moved his hand and kept it on his thighs , and then slowly shifted it toward her ass, now it was not visible to me, But my wife whispered that his fingers were lingering between ass cheeks, I moved my hand down into her skirt and she was already moist with , I pushed my finger in her already moist pussy and started stroking he.

She was still wriggling her ass, then she changed her position now I could see clearly that he was gently caressing her between the ass cheeks , I looked at him he turned his face but didn’t stopped his action. I pushed my hand bit farther down her skirt until I reached at the hem of her skirt , I pulled it till it was above her waist. Now I could see clearly the other man’s action of passion and he could also see my actions. He saw that my wife was not wearing anything beneath her skirt, and he started feasting on her naked pussy, I could see his finger now rubbing vigorously on her rear. He saw that no one of us was objecting to his overtures and it made his overtures even more confident. He started opening my wife’s shirt button , while he was doing this my wife turned toward him and kissed him on lips they were kissing each other very passionately.

In the meanwhile I knelt down on the floor and sat between her legs and started lapping her pussy , I was sucking her clitoris , holding it between my teeth’s and pulling it she started stifled moaning , While doing this I still kept my eyes on their sexcapade. All of her shirt buttons were open and her luscious breast were now exposed and were feast to the eyes of our co – passenger. He bent down on her breast and started sucking them as if trying to extract milk out of them. While he was having mouthful of them. My wife unzipped his trouser and tried to pull it down his legs , he moved a bit facilitate her and she managed to pull his trouser down to his knees, she held his large cock in her palms and started jerking him. She was also scratching his ball with her finger nails.

In the excitement that man’s hand started moving toward her pussy and now he too was fingering her while I was fucking her with my tongue, Suddenly her body jerked and she arched her body and my tongue could feel the spasm of her vaginal muscles and could taste the juice that were flowing. After few moments when she regained her posture she asked me to sit on the seat and now she knelt down on her knees on the bus floor, in one hand she held my cock and caressed it while she swallowed his cock in her mouth, she was giving him a good blow job and he was fucking her in her mouth, I saw that man bending down and with one hand grabbed her breast and other hand he moved from her back between her legs and he was gain fingering her while with other hand he was caressing her breast. He was also licking her on her neck , shoulder line.

Her mouth was now moving fast on the cock of that man and she seemed all sex at that moment. I could see that man was approaching toward orgasm just after few moments his body jerked and I could see my wife’s throat moving. When she took out his cock from her mouth there was not a drop of semen on his glance or anywhere she had swallowed all of it. She has always liked the taste of cum.

She then moved toward me and took my cock in between her teeth and slid it down in her mouth, and then she with one hand she started caressing my balls while she was moving her head down on my cock. I saw that man trying to say something, I asked him what?? He said can we go to the last row as that had a long single stretch of seat. I agreed, I pulled my cock from my wife’s mouth and motioned her to straighten her clothe. Everyone except driver was asleep. And he was busy with his driving. We moved swiftly toward the last row of seat without making any noise. When we reached their that man lied down on the row and asked my wife to sit on him she obliged and he pulled her skirt up once gain over her waist and pulled her by her waist and made her sit on his open mouth, I sat on the edge of the seat with and once again pulled my trousers down to my knees and asked her to give me a head job.

She rested on her knees so that he could easily lap her while she was giving me a blow job. He pushed his nose into her wet pussy and smelled it for long , I was caressing and pinching her two shapely boobs while he started licking her pussy lips and clitoris. Combination of two of working together on her was making her more and more excited she was giving me blow job real hard and with other hand she was stroking that man’s cock. His body again seemed to jerk when she stopped stroking his cock and concentrated on me and I came with full force and threw my cum in her throat , her orgasm was also building and she came once again by all that lapping and my caressing of her breasts. Now she pulled her ass from his mouth and started moving it toward that man’s limp cock.

She started messaging it with her ass and within moments it was hard once again, I saw she lifted her so as to position her pussy opening on his cock, when she found the right position she gently lowered herself on his cock. She lowered herself on his body with his prick sticking into her and her breast on his chest and she was kissing this man very eagerly. He was returning the kiss very passionately too. She started moving her hips in circular motion without lifting her ass . That was one sensational experience my wife dancing on a strangers cock.

His hands were moving all over her body and her whole upper leg was glistening with sweat and her flowing juices. That was a sight I remember vividly. Now she has started moving her hips up and down on his cock and he was responding with powerful thrust toward her, they matched for each movement. By seeing in her action I realized how good she has become in sex. Now they were moving toward the frenzy and their love making was becoming very hot. They were pounding each other, she was scratching his body with her fingernails. I knew she was in total frenzy. Their strokes were now with more power as if they were trying to go beyond the limits. I could see that man’s cock glistening with my wife’s pussy juices coming out and going into her vagina.

Suddenly their movement became very fast and both of them jerked their body and came to a great orgasm together, I could see his cum seeping through my wife’s cunt. They laid in each other’s arm for few moments, I then pushed my hand under her and started rubbing her clitoris this made her horny once again and she motioned me to come and she lifted her ass from his body , I knelt on the seat and positioned my cock against her pussy lips we were going to have sex doggy style. It was very easy to go into her as she was totally wet with her juices and his semen. I started pounding her while I was doing this I saw that man’s limp cock becoming hard again, now it was my time to be astonished as he had already spent 4 times and he had still some left for my wife.

He started rubbing it against her clitoris while I was coming in and out of her pussy. He asked me to stop for a moment and I said ok. Then he told can we both fuck her together , I understood what he was talking about I pulled out my cock out of her cunt and then we both put our penis tip on her vaginal opening , I could see my wife somewhat apprehensive as this was first of this kind of sex.

We pushed into her , it was bit difficult for both of us inserting into her, we started pounding into her in unison, she accommodated both of us well and we were rubbing in her vaginal wall, it was hottest of all sensation, she again orgasm a very big orgasm. We now took our cock out from her and she started jerking us off when he told he was about to come she opened her mouth and put it above his cock she ate all his cum and at that moment I also cam and sprayed it all over her body. We all were drained and it was nearly morning by then , we all dressed and she kissed that old man once again and thanked him for the wonderful experience he provided. Then we sat on different seat and continued our journey. We reached Shadol where we checked into a hotel. There too an event took place that I will post later on.

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