Wife Photo Shoot

Hello readers, I am a regular reader of this site and read stories. I hope you will like this story. I am Rajini 45 years doing business and my wife working in a multinational company and she is 42 and has good physique and we have healthy sex at least twice in a we are recently we went to Kerala for a picnic.

We went to a resort and stayed there for a night at 8.30 pm we went to restaurant for dinner and there we met a couple from Kerala and they also came for picnic and we were chatting and having dinner and the other couple were having some drinks they said you also join for some drinks.

I said ok and had some scotch and his wife also had some round and they insisted my wife also to drink and she initially hesitated and later on joined us and had some round of scotch and they said after dinner they are going for a photo shoot since his wife is going for TV audition tomorrow.

She has to submit the photos before the audition and they asked us to join the photo shoot and we said ok and went along with them in their car to their house their house was a big bungalow with swimming pool separate bar and very big hall and we all sat in the hall and were chatting.

By the time a car came and 3 men and 1 lady came with camera and other lighting equipments and they asked are you ready for the photo shoot and his wife went inside for changing myself, my wife and Ragu sat on the grass lawn near the pool Raghus wife Meena went inside the house for changing the dress.

And they asked her to wear saree and come the studio people by the time arranged their camera and lighting after ten minutes Meena came out with black saree and black blouse. They put a mat on the lawn and asked her to sit on that. The photo shoot started and they took lot of snaps asking her to pose in different angles after 15 minutes of shooting they reloaded films

And said take rest for 5 minutes by the time Raghu went inside the house and came with scotch and glasses and he served drinks for everybody and we all had some rounds of drinks. Meena and my wife were chatting said to my wife you have a good physique why don’t to join with me for some photo shoot for a memory of our friendship.

She said no I am feeling shy and asked me if I allow she will join. I said ok go ahead and we asked the cameramen to shoot her some snaps and she went and sat on at velvet mat on the lawn and they took some snaps of her in the meantime Raghu told me his wife will be posing nude next for giving to some playboy magazines and they pay them good money for it.

I was surprised to hear that how he is allowing his wife to pose nude in front of others and he is there is nothing harm in that because this is their profession after taking some snaps my wife came back to me and look for Meena, I said she had gone inside to change dress and I told her that they are going to take nude photos of her.

We decided to leave to our room but Raghu said please wait some time we all can go together then he served some more drinks. Meena came out with a front open shawl and sat on the velvet mat on the lawn. The cameramen adjusted the cameras and she removed the shawl and was fully nude in front of everybody.

They took lot of snaps in different angles and one of the staff came near her and asked her to keep one hand on her breast and the other hand on her mount and her mount was shaved clean and he came and adjusted her hand on her body in the act touched her private parts. She did not respond I thought it was her profession.


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