Wife in a crowded Delhi bus

Hi friends, I am back again and thanks to all readers who enjoyed my last story of the married women Delhi bus ride. I received so many mails and lot of females agreed with me that yes they feel great sometimes getting wet by a total stranger in Delhi buses, mails from all ages had reached me and almost every female agreed that if males have all the liberty then why women can’t have some fun. The best part was that so many Couples also got in touch with me and confessed that they too enjoy these types of small fun and adventure in their daily lives to keep their married life more hot and spicy. Both of them confessed that they don’t mind their partners to enjoy a little bit with some strangers in either public places or buses and in Delhi you can find a lot of places and events to enjoy. One of the Couple Rohit and Sarika (name changed) put me a mail and contacted me for something unusual, before moving ahead I must tell you something about them, both in the age group of 32 & 30 years. They both got married around 4 yrs back and are blessed with a boy (now 2 yrs old). They are living in Rajouri Garden (West Delhi) and both are working. They both were really interested in telling how they both enjoy small adventures in their daily lives in the buses and how Rohit made Sarika a sluttish wife to fulfill his fantasy.

It started a year back when Rohit reached Sarika’s office one evening as he got free early from a meeting held near to her wife office. Sarika works in a Pvt Ltd firm in Nehru Place as Sales Co-coordinator. They both took a bus from the stop for their home but since it was a busy office off hour, the bus was fully packed; they both were standing in the middle and holding the seats to keep themselves comfortable. Soon the bus was fully packed and it was getting really difficult to avoid getting touched with the increasing crowd. Soon Rohit realized one man of around 45 yrs standing behind Sarika was brushing continuously with her, he noticed that he was holding one bag in one hand and was already trying to push his fingers in between the ass cracks of Sarika thin material suit. Before he could say anything to that guy , Rohit realized that Sarika was not at all objecting to any of his moves and eventually even trying to cover his hand so that Rohit can’t notice that movements. Rohit was fully aware of the things going on but tried to remain silent to see whether Sarika ever complain for this but too his surprise he even notice Sarika biting her lower lips in between sometimes and closing her eyes in the moment of pleasure. It was sure that the guy was doing his job in a great manner and his fingers were surely touching her wife pussy in between this over crowded bus, Rohit was just stunned to see her beautiful wife in middle of a crowded bus getting pleasure from a stranger and that too when her hubby was just near to him. It doesn’t take much time for Rohit to realize that she must be doing it on a daily basis and is enjoying it too.

Rohit was just stunned on that day but somewhere it was just a start of the realization of his fantasy which he had never ever discussed with her wife as he knew her wife will never ever agree for such a proposal. It is really a fantasy of a lot many men to see their wife getting used and fucked by some other man before him. They both got down from that bus and the very same night they both enjoyed the most rocking sex of their married life. Sarika was just shocked to see Rohit in such a wild mood. Rohit decided to speak regarding that incident with her wife and Sarika’s face turned red hearing the same from Rohit regarding the same, she was not able to face Rohit and started crying but Rohit made her realize that he too enjoyed the same and she had actually helped him in fulfilling one of his fantasy. She was relived hearing this and confessed that she is enjoying these types of fun for a pretty long time as it gives a total new sensation to her to enjoy with a stranger in a crowded public places and bus is the safest and most appropriate place to enjoy these types of things. She enjoyed being getting submitted to a guy oral needs and help him in getting her folded wherever possible in such places and she does these things as its just and oral pleasure and she is doing no cheating to their married life.

She then told so many incidents to Rohit where guys just took full advantage of the crowd and touched her wherever possible to make her go wet in her pussy, she loves the feeling of different types of cocks rubbing her ass and pussy and guys trying to touch her 34 size boobs in those crowded buses. Hearing all this made Rohit go mad , he was never expecting the different face of her beautiful wife , but was really going mad hearing all those incidents and requested Sarika to please continue all this and want to be a spectator of seeing her wife getting molested in a public bus before him. Sarika was first reluctant as she knows that Rohit would not be able to see her in these conditions but gave up after seeing so many requests from his side. That incident just changed the life of both of them and now Rohit want her to wear all types of reveling clothes and that too of thin material so that guys can enjoy her in a better way. She was told not to wear her bra and panties in so many incidents and do not resist to any ones advances and try to co-operate with everybody who wants to enjoy with her. She was in other words made a public property by her hubby and was enjoyed by all types of people in the buses and in other words Sarika was too enjoying all these things as she know her hubby wants her to do that and all this makes her hubby happy. She was enjoyed by even young guys and sometimes by aged men’s also and her hubby was standing nearby enjoying all these activities. She remember when Rohit once insisted to let some low class workers to enjoy with her and those 3 men used this opportunity to put their fingers everywhere they want. She had no other option but to let those stinky people enjoy with her and keep her hubby happy.

They both invited me to meet them and want me to be a part of their fantasy for once, I found it strange but too interesting to say No, and so I decided to meet this couple one Sunday. Rohit was a young lad with great dressing sense whereas Sarika was just not less than a Sex bomb and she confesses that Rohit was the person behind this changed personality. She was having a great figure of 34-30-34, with sharp features and great sex appeal. They both were very bold and don’t mind sharing their intimate secrets in the first meeting only. They then told the major reason for inviting and getting in touch with me. They now were looking for a new adventure and want me to join Rohit in noticing her getting enjoyed by some stranger in a crowded bus, It was just a fantasy came in the mind of Sarika as she was now looking for more spectators apart from Rohit to notice her doing these nasty things in a crowded bus and this gives her a new sensational feeling. I was just confused on hearing this different offer but agreed as they both were looking at me just to hear yes from my side. We fixed the day and time and I agreed to join them in getting their fantasy fulfilled. They both were really happy to see me at the right time on the bus stop. Sarika was looking like a slut and she was wearing a yellow color sari and I was told in the very beginning that she is not wearing any bra and panty inside and today she will go to any extent to make that stranger happy . We boarded a jam packed bus and both of us were standing in other side to see the full act. Very soon we noticed that a 50 yr old man standing near her started brushing his hands on her buttocks and Sarika realized very soon that this is the man who is goanna enjoy today, she just winked at us to tell to notice that old man acts with her and we both start noticing this man’s acts. After a few minutes, he brushed his hand a couple of more times & then very casually lets his hand lightly rest on her sari on her buttocks -palm outwards. I was surprised further & now wondered how much guts this old man is having to screw a young women, Sarika tried to ignore and tried to move away but there was no place to move in the crowded & cramped bus.

After a few minutes, the old man, gradually became bolder he was now slowly & more firmly caressing her bottom and sensing her nervousness & dilemma & lack of resistance on her part, began to now cup her buttocks. We both were really stunned by this & very surprised by his boldness & glanced behind & around me to see if anybody had noticed -Nobody else in the crowded bus was aware of what was going on & the old man himself was immediately behind her with a very indifferent & innocent expression & Sarika decided on what to do now with no space to move away, did not resist. Seeing no protest from her, the old man now began to now squeeze & knead her buttocks & cup each one. He put his hand on the crack of her buttocks and was now very confidently squeezing each bum. We glanced at the other passengers and no one else was looking at us and Sarika and all were totally unaware of this happening. Given the lack of space to move away she did not protest & allowed him to continue. The old man was pretty encouraged & through the sari he was now trying to feel the outline of her panty but it seems his experience made him realize very soon that she was not wearing anything below and we both can see the same from the expressions of his face, his fingers were doing the job perfectly ok and he was then feeling the softness of her buttocks better. Rohit and I could feel a little thrill about the whole thing letting a strange man touch Sarika in her intimate areas. He now moved his hand to the lower portion of her buttocks and begins to push his finger directly up her anus to now press softly but urgently on it. Rohit can notice my boner getting bigger in my pants and he smiled on my condition.

Old man was now urgently rubbing his hand over the crack of her buttocks & then pushing his hand & fingers directly onto her anus hole as if to push his hand / finger in. The initial soft caresses of the beginning were now replaced by heavy & confident squeezing & kneading of her buttocks. I was getting turned on by this intimate act in a public bus. He had realized , that she will not protest & he moved his hand lower to her side to caress her legs & thighs & feel their smoothness & firmness and then gradually bought it back to rotate all over her buttocks. At that stage, Sarika leant forward to allow him more access to her inner areas, he then sensing the opportunity, swiftly from behind, put his hand between her legs to now rub her directly on her vagina this was too much a strange man was rubbing her cunt now and that too when Her hubby and me were enjoying the full act nearby. After a few moments he removed his hand, and then stood directly, behind her and begins to rub his hard erection through his trousers on her buttocks and with each jerk of the bus, would thrust hard against her. Nervously , I looked around & no one in the crowd was even looking at us I suddenly found his hand on her exposed waist and caressing it & holding her for a grip , & was in a slow rhythm along with the bus movement , stroking & rubbing & thrusting hard big cock on her ass cracks.

In the crowded bus no one was aware of this & Sarika was pretty excited by then & enjoyed the hardness of his big cock on her ass, she slowly also move to push backwards to meet each hard thrust or rub of his cock. This was like simulated lovemaking she was literally being fucked by a total stranger & that too standing in a crowded public bus & none of the other co- passengers except both of us realized this erotic act right in their midst. Our stop was fast approaching & I and Rohit allowed Sarika to turn and move forward, & he then quickly, moved one hand forward to place it totally upon her pussy from the front and rubbed it hard. We then noticed that she winked at both of us and we both noticed that she too had placed her hands on the front of that Old man Pajama and rubbed his cock and enjoyed his hard erection, this was just too much and I was really thrilled by seeing her act. We all then quickly moved forward & got off at our stop. They both thanked me for helping then making their fantasy a reality. Sarika offered me to touch her cunt and feel the wetness she got from this entire act. They both afterwards told me that they both had a rocking sex that night. I know it was a long story and you all would be thinking that what type of writer I am to write such a big act but yes since its not an imaginative act and a true incident, missing anything could have lead to nothing, so sorry for this. I am eagerly waiting to hear from all of you regarding this incident and would really love to help any couple or female if interested in getting their fantasy fulfilled. Please insure full secrecy is maintained and there should be no stings attached. Waiting for your hot invitations and experience mails at [email protected]

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