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Before 11 years when i was the age of 24 and my wife 22 reside in Delhi, we planned an ltc to some hill station, my wife is very religious and she asked me to go some religious place; we planned to jammu and to to shirine temple; when we came back it was a few days remaining in our return train booking ; i just planned to patni top by a private car; the name of the place is patni top is fill some sexual word in my mind like patni(wife) top (ke upar); my wife has a very sexy figure 36-25-40 very nice curvs fair color and sharp features ; when we are in taxi my younger kid was hungry and my wife is up her blouse and feed him; driver is seen this in back mirror he was very greety about her white big boobs ; i saw this but ignore ; whole way the driver is peeping on her boobs and face ; when we reach patni top we hire a seperate cottage to stay; and also driver stayed with us in other room coz we hire this taxi for site seen and return .

At night when kids are asleep at 9.00 pm we are in forplay role; when she warm up then i asked some fantasies as practiced at the time of sex. We both are talked about one more man for having sex with her. She was also ready to do so in practical in full motion, suddenly i think about this taxi driver and told her about his activity when he drove the car and she feed the boy. She is ready to call him coz the driver is also very handsome personality a 5.9″ tall wide shoulder and very fair color with clean shave; i stood up with my mounted dick and gone to drivers room . He was not closed the door and tryed to sleep with his erect cock. I entered his room slowly and asked him ” soye nahi abhi tak’ neend nahi aa rahi kya?” he stood up and hide his some erect cock with bedsheet; then i asked him to come outside for a fresh air coz i want a compnay to night walk.

He came with me and walked with me in lawn ; i asked about his family and kids he told my wife lived with his parents at a village and he is alone here to earn some money by driving , he has no kids ; then i asked for his sexual needs how its complete ? He told that he gone once in a month at his home and stayed 3-4 days. Then i asked him if he wants to do sex he can come with me in my room. After some silient he shine his eyes but not tell a word , i understand and walked in towards my room ; he followed me ,i entered my room with him; my wife cover herself with a bedsheet ; we sat on the bed and i saw he saw my wife with greedy eyes, i asked him to uncover her, but he and she ashamed then i pull the sheet and saw my wife is already ready for do three some coze she laying nude under sheet.

He saw her milky body and gone mad he dont wait for me also and removed his cloths with in seconds he mounted on my wife and kissed her like mad then she open her eyes and saw both of us she enjoyed the hard kissing with him ; he sucked her chicks and lips very hard and she moaning and grip him with her hands and legs both; after few min. He slipped down and pressed her big white boobs her pink nipples was erect when he pressed them some milk drops are came out he began to suck them and inbetween he bite on boobs with his teeths ; teeth marks are clearly shown on her boobs ; then he again slipped down and kissed her belly twice and then he licked here shaved pussy ; her pussy was very wet and thrown plenty of juice out which was never came when ever we made sex. It was a surprise for me i saw she spread her nice legs for him.

To see this i am about to come i insert my cock in her mouth which was opened with pleasure , her eyes are closed and she was also like mad and moaning like aah aah unnnh yaah oh maa she squeeze her boobs with her hands and band her body with the action of drivers face; after entered my cock and a few stroks fill her mouth with my cum; she ever hate with this but today she swallowd all my come and clean my dick with her tounge well also said unnh it is very tasty , give me more give me more ;aah come come again and pull my dick in her mouth; inbetween driver stood up and asked my wife can i insert it without condom ; we both turned up to his side and saw his huge long and thick cock also both are surprised to saw; i am quite yet and my wife begged to enter this i am not able to penerate it; but the driver is not listen her request and up her legs in air and sat between .

He touch his cock in her wet warm pussy again she enjoyed the touching of the other mans cock , suddenly he stroke his cock and insert half of cock in once; she was not ready for it and she cried loudly ooohhh aaaaahhhh mar gai nikalo isey please mujhe bahut dard ho raha hai ye bahut mota hai please nikalo but driver is not ready to listen any thing he said ok ok just relax nikalta hun tum apni legs ko dheela karo tabhi to nikalunga; she trust on him and loose her legs he grip her legs and again strok very high and insert all his cock inside ; she was weaping with tears and thrown her face side to side and press him with her hands , her pussy was not bear the huge thick and long cock it was cracked and some blood was came.

She reuested him pl nikalo ye to pura mere munh tak aa raha hai itna lamba hi ki mujhe pait main pura upar tak lag raha hai andar bhi bahut buri tarah touch ho raha hai meri choot fati ja rahi hai ; pl mujhe aisa lag raha hai kisi ne garam lohe ki moti salakh mere ander dal di hai; pl wapas nikal lo but he was started his in/out strokes his every out some blood came with is dick after some stokes she slowly relax and started to take enjoyment of her fucking; i saw this game and enjoy my fantasy for fucked my wife hard with other man; after some good shots she enjoyed completely and share the strokes of him she shake her hips up and down with his strokes and moaning her eyes was closed his boobs shaked and her hands on his back and her legs are in the air now the blood was stop the the juice came out again she said him aaahhaaa ab maza aa raha hai waah aaaahaa chodo mujhe ab mujhe dar nahi lag raha tumhare motey or lambay lund sa aaahhaa daloo andar aahha ander bhi ab to maza aa raha hai ooohh wah kya lund hai or jor sey aaah uuunnhh faad dalo meri.

Choot ko mere raja aaahha mujhe aaj tak kabhi aisa maza nahi aaya pata hi nahin tha ki motey or lambey lund me itna maza aata hai aaahhaaa our jor se chodo aaha aaah aahaaahaah uuuunnhh oooh mai to gai aaah main jaa rahi hun aah jor se pura dalo aaah and she loose her body and relax he also give her 6-7 storkes and laid on her with relax ; he pulled his cock out and give it to her mouth to clean she is very happy with him so suck and lick his cock and clean all cum with her tounge and swallow now i am ready to fuck her i mounted on her but she not ready to do more i insert my cock in her loose and wet pussy coze his huge cock ejculate more cum in her pussy i enjoy her loose and fucked pussy and down quickly ; then he again ready to fuck her and again she was fucked very hard like first then we both asleep nude together and in morning we came back to jammu cought our train back to delhi . She remember the fucking of driver.

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