Wife Fucked

Hi this is Sahil. I am a regular reader of ISS. I would like to share this incident happened a few weeks ago with my wife, Nisha. She is 32 years of age 5ft 5 inch . She has a nice body with long legs and a figure of 34,28,33. We had a routine sex life which was starting to get a bit boring. We started experimenting with new positions and movies etc. Sometimes I will imagining her with other men. Mere thought of this will turn me on.

I started looking at probable partners but none of my friends will fit in to the role of an ideal partner and also it was hard for me to open this topic with her. This incident changed the whole scenario.

I had a friend who invited us to his birthday party. It was a fancy dress party and we were supposed to dress up as characters. After Long thinking we agreed that she will dress up in tribal dresses. She choose a 2 pc outfit, lower part wrapped around her waist covering up to her knees pinned up like and skirt, The top portion was a piece of cream cloth covering her chest and half of her shoulder tucked into a knot behind her waist. Her belly button was exposed as well as a big part of her back. Her arms were naked. So she wrapped a big piece of cloth around her to conceal the costume.

I was wearing a similar dress appropriate for the costume. We arrived at the place around 9 PM and soon people started to fill in dressed as clowns, kings, Cartoon characters etc. She was still wearing the big piece of cloth and on my insistence she took it out to expose her dress (More flesh then her dress). She was quite uncomfortable as she was not used to such dresses but put up a brave face on my insistence. I sensed a few male eyes were following her eying her beauty as she walked around in her costumes.

She is non Alcoholic but to make her feel comfortable I offered her a drink which was coke mixed with rum without telling her. She finished a couple and was feeling more at ease after a while and started mixing and talking to people. Suddenly I saw a man in his late 30s approached us and introduced himself as Sanjay congratulating us on the costumes. He started talking to her and she was looking interested in the conversation. It was around 1 in the morning and the party has been going on for a few hours. Quite a few guests were drunk. Nisha had 3-4 rum and coke and was obviously quite high by then. Her costume which was wrapped tightly around her breast had loosened a bit to expose her cleavage and she was obviously unaware of it!!!!

Every now and then Sanjay will give an appreciative look at her cleavage as he kept her engaged in different discussions. As we have been standing for a few hours he offered us to sit down and we sat down on small couch with Nisha sitting between us, As he was quite a decent character I did not mind him sitting next to Nisha. The couch was small and her thigh was probably touching him but none of them showed any uneasiness. As she sat down Nisha’s skirt folded up a little bit to bare around 3-4 inched above her thigh. Sanjay was sitting on the left side towards her bare shoulder and was now able to peep deeper into her cleavage.

I was getting excited at the thought of Sanjay getting aroused by looking at her shoulder and cleavage and at the same time being so close to her body. The discussion turned towards movies and then the English movies and exposure in Hindi movies and English Movies. While he was talking he moved closer to her and will touch her on her shoulder every now and then to make a point. I started looking in other direction towards the music band and the dancing couples as the band started romantic songs and the lights were dimmed. When I looked back his hand was resting on her thigh and to my surprise the skirt had moved up a bit more and most of his hand was resting on her skin. In the dim light I could still see that he was massaging her thigh very slowly and every motion of his hand will shift the cloth upwards. I pretended to ignore it but now my full attention was on what was going on between them. They were not talking any more and were looking busy watching the dance floor but down below he was moving his hand between her legs caressing her flesh.

Slowly his hand moved under the cloth and started to make way up her thighs towards her panty. None of the other people could see it as the lights were dim and most of them were drunk. I was feeling quite hard and excited. Sensing that my being so close might prevent his advances I stood up asking Sanjay if he wants a drink and carried on to get a drink for me. I went to the bar and it took me more then 10 mins before I could make my way back. When I came back I was very disappointed to see that Sanjay was gone and she was sitting alone. Thinking that I might have missed the fun I sat down concentrating on the music etc. After a few minutes she stood up and said lets get going, I said ok, lets wait for the prize for the best dressed couple.

She said ok and said that she will be back in 10 mins as she wants to freshen up. As she was leaving a thought flashed thru my mind that she might be up to some mischief.

So I decided to follow her as she went right passed the bathroom to the back door. I quickly made my way to the back door and saw her walking into the storage room at the back of this big house she entered the room and quickly closed the door behind her. I rushed to the store room but could not see any thing. The lights were on but nothing was visible. So I walked towards the back of the store room and found a ventilation window had a open crack. I peeped thru the window and was shocked at what I saw. Sanjay was standing completely nude, his back towards me. His muscular body was very well built he had strong legs and well shaped ass and his 6 ft frame was quite attractive.

He had Nisha in his strong arms, she was stuck to his chest and her hands were caressing his back moving down to his ass. Caressing it as he untied the knot of her dress and pulled it out baring her shoulders and exposing the flimsy bra on her breast. Her erect nipples and brown aereola was clearly visible from the see thru fabric.

He put his hand behind her neck lifted her face up and started kissing her on her lips. She responded by opening her mouth as his hands unhooked her bra and pulled it out completely. Her boobs popped out as she was now half naked; He looked at her erect nipples and moved down to kiss them, his mouth closed on the left nipple and His left hand was kneading the right breast. Slowly he started sucking harder and harder. Nisha was holding her strong shoulders her head was dropped backwards enjoying every moment of getting her nipples sucked. With his right hand he unpinned the skirt, loosening it. It fell down on the ground. Now My wife was only in her thin panties in the arms of this strange men who was completely naked. He made her lie on the floor face down.

He moved on top of her putting both his legs on either side of her and started kissing her neck down to her back side to the top of her panties . He moved Nisha’s panties down to reveal half of the ass crack and stopped. He caressed her half naked ass and put her tongue on her crack and started licking it. Nisha was lying face down her hands folded above her head and Sanjay was holding her ass cheeks apart slowly licking her ass crack down towards her ass hole.

He lifted his face and pulled her panties down to her knees , parted her ass to have a good look at her ass hole. She was lying still enjoying Sanjay’s every move as he bent down and kissed her on her ass hole and then started licking her cunt as well as as hole. I could hear her moaning now and saw her lifting her buttocks to let him access deeper into her.

Now Snajay pulled her thin panties down completely and patted her to lift her ass and bent her knees. She arched her back and parted her legs to accommodate him. He stood up on his knees positioned his dick on her cunt and then I saw his penis was a good 8 inches and was fully erect. He pushed it inside her holding her ass from either side.

He started fucking her slowly first, speed was getting faster with every push. She was responding vigorously by moving her ass. Her back was arched to push her ass backwards and give access to her dick deep inside her. I felt like joining them but thinking that might spoil the fun kept watching. She was moaning and It was getting louder. After a few minutes of fucking her from behind he stopped took his penis out of her cunt and asked her to sit. He laid down on his back, his dick fully erect he signaled her to sit on it. She put her legs on either side of him and slowly sat down on his thighs. She got hold of his dick with her left hand. It was thick and strong, lifted her ass and positioned her cunt on it and pushed her down as it slipped into her hole. Now she was riding his dick by moving up and down faster and faster.

The lights in the store room were bright enough for me to see his dick entering in and out of her. He was holding Nisha’s ass tightly spreading it wide to stretch her asshole allowing his dick to penetrate deep inside her. Her hands were resting on his strong chest and her breast were jumping up and down as she was fucking her with his dick. Suddenly she stiffened and bent down on his chest trying her best to cling on to him as she climaxed with a big groan.

This was enough for me as could not help but join the fun and knocked at the door. No answer, So i shouted, “Nisha i know you are in don’t worry i wont be angry”. The door opened and i saw Sanjay has managed to get in his brief but she was still lying naked face down on the floor. I said to Sanjay ,” Do you mind if join in” and he smiled. She was still lying on the floor her face buried on the ground. We both looked at her naked body and i looked at sanjay’s brief. His dick was still erect. I moved closer to him and touched his penis. Holding it in might right hand I said ok you have fucked her enough now it is my turn you can watch or join as you please. I took my clothes off and bent down to lick her asshole. As i was busy tasting her I felt a hand on my ass.

It felt strange first as he started caressing my ass and said, Can I fuck you as you do that. His hand was now probing my ass hole and without waiting for my response he bent down and started licking my ass. I buried my face in her ass as he put his dick on my hole and pushed it in my hole almost half of it went in. It was painful but the pleasure of getting fucked like that was great. He started fucking me as i closed my eyes enjoying his warm dick in my ass. Nisha moved away from us as she was now looking at her husband getting fucked in his ass.He came on my ass with a big groan. I moved to Nisha and fucked her in her ass as i ad the climax of my lifetime.plss send feedback on [email protected]

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