Wife enjoyed in a cinema hall

Hi Readers, I am glad that you all enjoyed the incident posted by me in the ISS. I am 28 yr old, good looking well educated guy from Delhi. I am back with a true incident happened few days back. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was in CP, since “Delhi-6” movie was going on, I too tried to get the ticket for the same but it was a bad luck as movie was house full. I normally don’t go for all these stuff but somehow I reached to the guy for a getting a ticket in Black in the Regal Cinema. I purchased the same and move inside. It’s not such a good hall but for I thought for a good movie its worth to be seen but my luck had something else for me in store. I was sitting on a corner seat and very soon a couple of early thirties sat beside me and wife was having a small baby. She was really a beautiful lady with good figure and I was feeling good as that sexy lady was sitting beside me but I was cautious as her hubby too was on the next seat. Movie started and within 20 minutes her baby started crying and she was doing everything to make her stop crying but seems the baby was hungry and she soon realized it.

It was luck which I can’t believe , she suddenly open her blouse open with 2 buttons and made her right breast came out to feed her baby, what a sight it was, such big white melons with perky nipples were taking my breath away. I had forgotten about the movie and my eyes were eying those big melons. I was really hard and my jeans were not able to hold my rod as it was really trying to come out. I dint realized that she too was looking at me and gave a smile seeing the bulge in my pants. She then said something in her hubby ear which I was not able to hear but her hubby suddenly started noticing the bulge in my pants and gave a smile to me. I was just trying to run away from that situation as I don’t knew what to do as it was really an awkward situation . I was eying the breast of her wife and it seems he was aware of that. He then told something in her wife ear and started enjoying his movie again.

She again adjusted herself again and somehow she came very near to my seat. My boobs were just near to me and the feeling of touching those mountains was hard to control. I noticed that she was still smiling and winked her eye seeing me. It was like a signal which I think a fool would only not notice. I adjusted in a position to very near to her, my hands were trembling and shivering with the feeling of things I was going to feel and get. She came close to me and sat in such a way that I could feel her left soft breasts on my right elbow. I pressed the left boob hard with my right elbow and kept it there for few minutes. They were indeed really huge and like a soft pillow. In between I circled my right elbow to give the left boob a good massage. She was getting excited now and enjoying. Slowly she took my left hand and put inside the sari, which was moved a little on top. I was also careful and moved my hands slowly so that other sitting person should not doubt. She placed my hand on her left boob, which were still covered. She was not wearing a bra, which was again an intelligent thinking. I cupped them and began

Squeezing them first softly and then slowly I increased the speed and pressed them harder. My erection was at its full enjoyment. She had closed her eyes and enjoying the feeling of her boobs crushed. The boobs were so big that they were not coming in my palm. I pressed them for few minutes. Then I moved my hand and got hold of the right boobs and also squeezed and pinched them, pressed them in circles and gave it a good massage for few minutes. I whispered to her “you really possess a pair of luxurious, fleshy and spongy boobs” She just smiled seductively and uttered “oh you naughty person” She silently crept her hands on my cock that had become hard in excitement by that time. She was caressing my stiff cock with her soft hands from over my pant. I had taken her both the boobs in my hands and was busy in fondling and pressing her protruding boobs arrested in the blouse. That was heaven for both of us and that was what only, we both needed i.e. Mutual satisfaction. The velvety touch of the blouse added to the excitement. After around twenty minutes she asked me to remove my hands, which I did. She adjusted the blouse again and did something inside the blouse. She again came close to me and again my right elbow was on left her boobies. But this time, oh my god, they were uncovered from the blouse and only the soft sari pallu was covering them. I pressed my right elbow on her boobies and I could feel the touch of her nipples. It was really puffy and big. I put the elbow on the nipple and began to press the boobies. She gave out a low moan. Slowly I began to circle the pressed elbow again and went on circling for few minutes. She was enjoying it and also me. My erection was getting out of control. After sometime she took my left hand and put it inside the sari. Oh, my erection. She placed my hand on her left booby. I felt the huge naked left booby. My hands slowly caressed her boobs. Ohm, the touch of her boobs on my palms was simply marvelous. I was moving my palms over the roundness of her shapely boobs. She remained unmoved, and kept her eyes closed. Rather she sighed sexily like “…

I felt the softness of her boobs; at the same time I also nibbled her nipples with my fingers. Her pointed nipples had become hard in excitement. They were soft and were slipping out of my hand. I was trying to hold them in my palm, but they slipped, slipped and slipped. They were huge, fleshy and sexy. I began to circle the boobs. I pinched her nipples and circled the areola for about 10 minutes. In between I stretched the nipple like a rubber. It was a long one and the pointed part was really big and soft. She was enjoying the feelings. I took hold of the nipples in my palm and pressed my palm and crushed them to her body and began to circle the left boob. Oh wow, that was great. The boobs were so tight and spongy that they bounced back on pressing them. After enjoying the left boob I did the same with the right boob. Lastly I tried to hold them both in my left hand. But they did not fit. They were very heavy. The movie was going on the screen, but we were not watching it. It was time for interval. So her hubby alerted her and told her to take correct position. She covered everything and we sat decently. After sometime we went out for interval. We bought some snacks. She and I then went to the washroom and came back on our seat. After sometime the hall was again dark. She came close to me and took my left hand inside the sari. She put my hand on her long belly, which was very smooth, soft, creamy, fleshy and voluptuous. She had lowered her sari below the navel when she had gone to the washroom. I moved my left hand all over her tummy. I circled her deep navel and kept on rubbing my hand over there for 10

Minute she was feeling good. She told me that I was a great folder and an expert in caressing. She liked it very much. In between I kept on squeezing her breasts and sometimes even put my hand inside her elastic blouse. My hand were slowly moving in between her legs and soon from the sari only I can feel her pussy, she adjusted her panties and my fingers were deep inside her wet pussy, I was fingering her deeply and soft moans were coming from her mouth. Her hubby just gave a wicked smile to me as I was making her wife enjoy in a public place and she was acting a slut getting hot and enjoying a stranger before her hubby. My actions suddenly became fast and my fingers were moving in and out in faster mode giving her a feeling of getting fucked. Soon she released heavily and made my hands wet with her love juices. It was really a sigh of relief to see her feeling satisfied, she kissed me and we both adjusted ourselves. I will surely never ever forget this incident in my life. I knew a lot of hubby do help her wife nowadays to enjoy these types of adventures as they too like it and hope they keep up this spirit as this really adds up the spice in their boring sex lives. Hope to hear soon from all adventurous couples at [email protected]

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