Wedding Night With My Son

After being alone for 12 years since my ex-husband left me with our son, I was getting no sex.  By the time my son Rocky was “old enough”, I had noticed how much of a young man he was turning into. The fire in my pussy built with each passing day.

Things changed when Rocky turned 19. I began to tease him. He looked so sexy, tall and muscular. I  was in lust with my own son and my day came when his girlfriend dumped him. That night I he came home drunk and I comforted him. He put his arms round me and before we realized what was going on, we were in my bed, making love.

 From that point on, we became one another’s lovers. It was not long before suspicious people began talking about mother and son as lovers. They say love can not be hidden.  I tried to break things off, Rocky wouldn’t accept it and wanted to be even closer to me. I was shocked when he asked if I would be his wife as well as his mother.

There was no looking back. I accepted the marriage proposal. We moved away to a new town near Mumbai. Then after we had settled in, we got married at a temple under changed names. For the rest of the evening, we made love like man and wife.

We took our dinner in a restaurant and came home to our suhageaat. My husband made me naked and I hugged him. He could feel my hard, thick nipples from my 36dd breasts against his chest and his cock was harder than it ever was, throbbing against the mound of my pussy. Now that I was his wife, things were much slower. His hand reached down and began to caress my large breast.

 I  smiled at my son/husband lovingly and then rolled onto my back, guiding him on top of me. My husband climbed between my legs, I reached out and caressed his heavy balls, teasing at his hard cock with my finger tips.

He touched my cunt and knew how wet I was for him and wanted him so badly. He took my hands and lowered himself on top of me, bringing his mouth to my hard, thick  nipple. He licked and sucked on my  nipple, making me cum with a sudden rush that I screamed in delight. I pulled him to me, kissing him hard and passionately on the lips. I rolled on top of him, feeling his hard cock pressing between my legs.

I sat in his lap, his cock kissing my pussy lips. Slowly I rose my hips and together we watched the head of my son’s  cock enter my motherly pussy, both of us gasping in pleasure. My pussy began to take his full hard length into it, moaning louder as I took him deeper into my pussy. Once fully inside, I held him deep, enjoying the feeling of his cock filling me like no one has ever done so before.

Slowly and gently I began to move my hips, sliding Rocky’s cock in and out of my  wet pussy, wanting it to last. We could hear with each thrust, my juices flowed over his cock. My hard nipples were pressed against his chest, exciting him more to move with me.

Our moans were louder, breathing was heavier. My son  quickly began to thrust deeper into my cunt. As he did, I screamed with such pleasure and passion, wanting so much more.

“Oh, Rocky, fuck me hard and cum with me!”

“Oh, mom, I want to fuck you so hard!” Rocky drilled and slammed his cock into my hot pussy hard and fast, thrusting in so deep that the pleasure of feeling how my pussy was gripping  his cock made him moan loudly. My wetness was flowing from my pussy as I neared a body trembling orgasm. Faster and deeper his cock fucked me, my body began to tighten. A rush came across my body as I screamed.

“Oh Rocky….my sweet son, I’m going to cum!”

He began to slam into my pussy even harder. I screamed out in delight,  my body shaking as I felt the peak of my orgasm. As I climaxed, he thrust as deep as he could into me, and then began to shoot his cum into my body.  He just kept shooting and shooting. It began to flow out of me and we paused in exhaustion, catching our breath. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he wrapped his around my waist, then we kissed softly, holding one another close. When we break from kissing, my son then looked deeply into my eyes.

“Mummy, I love you.”

“I love you too, my son.”

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