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Hi friends!! My name is Anupreet and I am from Mohali, Punjab. I am 36 years old, married with 1 kid who is now 10 years old. We stayed in Mohali and my family consisted of my parents and a younger brother who was pursuing a course in engineering. My parents were working in government jobs. I was an average looking fair Punjabi girl around 5 feet 4 inches tall. I was around 48-50 kgs in weight throughout my college and university years and was considered round at the right places.

I hope some of you would have read my earlier story “My first time with Joseph” The incident which I am going to share with you happened after I was initiated to the fun filled world of sex by the thick meat of Joseph. Since I could not find sexual gratification, I started resorting to masturbation. Occasionally we would visit our ancestral village in rural Punjab, where few relatives on my paternal side lived. During all the visits through over the years I had developed bonding with my relatives and other known families of the village.

Soon after losing my virginity to Joseph, we went to our village for spending some time with my relatives and my father had to take stock of the land and property which we had there. While my father took stock of the business, the rest of us i.e. my mother, my brother and me spend time catching up with cousins and friends. A lot of time was spent in outdoors with visits to the agricultural fields where a variety of grains and vegetables were grown.

The younger lot of us cousins and some friends of the village to roam around the farm land, tube-well etc. During these outings I came close to a young boy of around 18 years. He was a family friend and we had met & knew each other from previous visits. His name was Manjeet. He had grown up into a tall boy of decent build for his age. During these visits I observed that his eyes were always of me. He would give me lustful looks as if his eyes were piercing through my clothes.

Since we were in village I would normally wear modest clothes, which were neither too tight nor too loose. My salwar kameez etc would generally hide my size 34 melons and round ass. Observing Manjeet’s lust filled looks, I thought to tease the boy. I was very sure that he would back off as he was around 4 years junior to me. So one day I wore a tight churidaar suit, which showed off my melons as well as round ass. The kameez had a decent neckline which showed off my cleavage and was tight enough to show the bulging breasts of a young girl in her early twenties.

After breakfast, we cousins decided to visit a far end of the farm where sugarcane plantations were put up. Since it was far we decided to go a tractor as well a motorcycle which we had amongst us. Manjeet was riding the bike so I and a cousin decided to hop on behind him. I was sitting in between Manjeet and my cousin. As soon as we started, I could feel my breasts brushing the back of Manjeet. I caught his waist for balance. The ride towards the sugarcane fields was exciting. I could feel that Manjeet was backing off, and tightening his back to have a better feel of my melons. The game was indeed on.

Soon we reached the sugarcane plantations. There was no one around at the tube well, so while the boys decided to take a dip under the tube well, we girls roamed around the fields, plucking sugarcane to eat. After spending some time at the fields, while we were heading back, my cousin sister opted out of going back home on the motorcycle. The ride back was more fun filled. In order to tease

Manjeet, this time I did not sit right behind him, but at a distance so that he could not feel my breasts. An immediate effect of this action was that he started applying breaks often while riding so that I fall on him with momentum. I loved playing the tease and was enjoying the misery that the young lad was going through. To add fuel to the fire, while getting down of the bike, I gently squeezed and pinched his waist, to make him feel more miserable.

I knew for sure that Manjeet would do something to get near to me. During the afternoon, while all of us were indoors, I saw him doing rounds of our house on his bike. I knew it was time to pass the signal that I am a willing to participate in the fun. I stood at the terrace for some time and waited for him to make another round. Soon I saw him coming around the corner and dropped by dupatta a little to show him some cleavage. With a wink in my eyes I let him know that I am ready.

The afternoon got over and people got engaged in evening work. I was idling my time in a room next to the terrace. By now I had changed into a comfortable lower and a round neck tee shirt. As expected Manjeet knocked on the door and popped into the room. We started chit chatting and all the time I could see his lust filled eyes, feasting on my breasts. After we had made small talk for some time, I caught him while he was looking at my cleavage. As our eyes met, he looked embarrassed. In order to tease him further, I asked him what he was looking at. He shied away and tried to change the topic.

I knew he would be afraid to make the first move. I told him that I know he is lusting after my body and is specially enamored by my breasts and the fun he was having while I was with him on the bike. My frank statement made him to get near me and take me in his arms. As soon as I was in his arms, he started massaging by back and ass. He started kissing my pink lips roughly. I could feel the length of his meat between my thighs.

While he kissed me, he slid his hands under my tee and rubbed my back. Soon he started massaging my breasts over my tit. As we were getting cozier, I withdrew from the embrace and told him that someone might come as it’s not safe here. He immediately let me go and told me to meet him in the storehouse which was just behind the main house building. The storehouse was used for storing some instruments and fodder etc and no one would drop in there.

He left the room. Soon after I left the room and walked towards the store house unnoticed. As soon as I entered the storehouse, he grabbed me and threw me on the fodder stack. He bolted the door and got over me. I could feel the excitement in his eyes. He started all over again by kissing my lips. While kissing, he started fondling my breasts over the tee.

Soon his hands got inside my tee, and started roughing up my melons and nipples over the bra. The bra was a hindrance to direct access which he was looking for, I propped up a little and he slid his hands towards my back to unhook my bra. My melons were now free and boy he loved massaging them bare. He propped me a little more and removed my tee shirt. I was topless in front of him. He gazed at my melons and pink nipples for a while and then started sucking them. I could feel his teeth and tongue all over my size 34 melons.

His other hand was busy massaging my left tit while his tongue worked magic on my right one. My buds were soon hard and erect. I was getting towards that state of ecstasy and the attention being given to my melons was sending tingling sensations all over my body and especially between my thighs. After a prolonged fore play which would have lasted for some 202-5 minutes, he removed my lower and panties and got out of his clothes.

He had a strong healthy body and his erect tool as almost 7 inches and around 3 inches in width. His dick head was red with all the blood flowing into it. I asked him whether he had a condom or not, which he was not carrying. He assured me that he would not pump his cum inside me. Slowly he spread my legs and lay on top of me. After having taken a 10 inch tool inside me I was not scared on his meat. I spread my legs and he placed his dick head on my pussy lips.

With some slow thrust he inserted the tip of his tool inside my pussy, which was wet with my juices. It did not take long for me to accommodate his entire length inside me. All this while his tongue was on my tits and he was sucking them like crazy. He started pumping me slowly at first. For around 2-3 minutes he fucked my cunt with easy speed. I started buckling my hips to match his rhythm.

Soon he picked up momentum and started thrusting his meat inside me. I could feel his thrusts all the way inside my womb. His speed enhanced and his tool was working like a piston. We fucked each other for some 10-15 minutes and I could feel him about to cum. He pulled out his meat and spread the load all over my tummy and tits. We cleaned up, cuddled each other and moved out of the store house. I had 2 more sessions with Manjeet before I moved back to Mohali You can write to me on [email protected] for your feedback

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