Unsatisfied house wife

Hi i m abhishek from jaipur Honey! Don’t wake me up early in the morning, I am damn tired”, saying this Prashant fell asleep, leaving behind his tremendously sexy and hot wife Sandhya waiting again. Sandhya just took a deep breath and kept herself busy in watching TV. Ever since she got married to Prashant that is two years ago, she always felt there is something amiss in her life not that Prashant doesn’t love her in fact he seems to be a perfect husband taking good care of her smallest of needs and when they make love its also a nice good one. Their servant couple Shankar and Laxmi who live in the out house have observed her closely for the last two years and Shankar has once swear to Laxmi that memsaab is not fully satisfied by our saab and if given a chance he will do the honors and Laxmi has just ignored laughing. But little did she knew that Shankar only thinks of the memsaab for the last two years even fucks Laxmi and think about Sandhya. .Shankar never gives up any opportunity to have the company of Sandhya, if it is going with her to the vegetable market. Or helping her in her daily chores of work. He is ever ready to be with her never missed any glances on her milky globes when she is bending down and never missed to see her from behind whenever she is walking. Her hips movements make him crazy like anything. Whenever he is helping her in kitchen and very close to her he can smell her sweetness and god knows how he managed himself not grabbing her right there and fucked her in the kitchen.Meanwhile Sandhya in her thoughts also find Shankar in it. She knew that ever since she came into this house. Shankar has the hot for her. But she has ignored that as she know all men are same like to ogle others wife. She has also seen a strange kind of passion in his eyes. Though a exhibitionist in her make her excited exposing a bit of herself but her living standards her “Sanskar” has managed to stop her thinking further. She has also seen Shankar in her undies washing her car and when she reached close to him she smiled in such a strange way that her body shuddered for a while but she move back but never before a short glance at a huge bulge in his undies.

She now thinking of that scene again and automatic started masturbating. Yes Oh she came like a waterfall and immediately felt guilty and ashamed of herself about her thought for her servant. Disgusting.Then there is not only shankar who is secretly watching her, the close neighbor Mr. Saxena 45 years old retired military man has powerful set of binoculars and always try to get a close glimpse of her. Whenever a letter of Prashant is received by mistake in his house he himself will deliver instead of any servant hoping of getting a cup of tea mixed with a sweet sexy wife.Then there is a vegetable seller who always try to attain Sandhya attraction and often use words like “kela , baingen lumba hai , mast hai , to good effect. Lastly there is one about whom she doesn’t know anything and not even seen him. He is the husband of her beautician. She has a favorite beauty parlous nearby to her house where she goes fortnightly. Run by a sexy lass shakila . Once when she was during her facial her eyes were closed then Mushtaq husband of shakila came inside, usually restricted area for men as women inside there are always in a very exposed condition. But as he is the husband of the beautician he often tries to get inside and has the glimpse of sexy bodies. But when he saw Sandhya he got stunned by watching her milky body though just partly visible. Whenever he get a chance he doesn’t miss it to get a glimpse. So the number keeps growing as one sees her. One often wonder how such a sexy gal has managed to keep her Virginity intact before her marriage.Sandhya wake up in the morning remembered the instructions of Prashant not to disturb. Still in her transparent night gown went kitchen she knows the servants are still

In her out house they will come in only when she will open the main gate but till then she can enjoy the privacy and can roam as she likes. So she is in her kitchen from her window she can see the outhouse she was making tea suddenly she saw Shankar coming out of his room only in his undies. Again she shuddered thinking about her orgasm last night. Though there is a toilet for them near by but Shankar went near the wall and started to pissing. Oopps she became curious and came near the window and there she saw the magnificent tool of Shankar it was like a black rod in his two fingers and golden stream coming out she felt something melting inside her even from there she can say its huge and that’s what a sexy woman like her deserves not like she is getting. Little did she know that it was an purposeful attempt by Shankar He has done this so many times but now is the day was successful in exposing his manhood to her. But at the moment even he was not sure whether his attempt was successful or otherwise. But indeed he was as the sexy wife has been looking at his dick intensely and when after completion he shakes his cock vigorously she almost came.

Now last night she thought of him just absent mindedly but after seeing this she thinks she will go right back in her bed and masturbate thinking of that huge snake entering her hole. And she did. Later when Prashant went to his office in the afternoon she called laxmi to with her to buy vegetables. But instead Shankar came. Seeing him she remembered again his member and just a little blush came on her face but she managed smartly and asked, ” Where is Laxmi I have to go to sabzi market with her.” “Memsaab she has headache today she said I should accompany you.” Shankar said with a bright face. “ok, bring out the car then.” She said. After reaching the market they have to go to the shop little inside the market. Due to rain overnight water logged so she has to raise her saree a little bit and walked cautiously in high heels. This made her walk like sexily her swaying of hips and her milky exposed legs making Shankar mad and lots of other shopkeeper and passerby having a good time. For these people this is the only time pass when sexy wives of rich people come here for shop. Sandhya also knew these glances and enjoys this. She sees no harm in little bit of fun like that. They reached the desired shop with sabjiwal Ramlal. In dhoti baniyan he is mascular bhaiya from U.P.. His eyes lit up seeing his favorite grahak and said, Ramlal : “Ayiye memsaab, aaj to bade dino ke baad aaye hai.” Sandhya: ” Haan Ramlal sabji dikhao badiya.”

Ramlal:- ” Badiya hi dikhayenge huzoor. Aap badiya hai to sabzi kaise

Ghatiya dikhyenge.” Sandhya stunned for a moment by this bold remark but then smiled

And said,

Sandhya:- “Ab maska lagana band karo batien meethi karte karte sabzi kharab daal dete ho.”

Ramlal:- Are nahin memsaab aap jaise grahak ko narraj nahin kar sake boliye kya dikhao Baihgan hai lauki hai turai hai fruits main kela hai”. He deliberately spoke of special vegetables.

Sabdhya:- pichli baar ke baingen saare kharaab nikle

Ramlaal :- Are memsaab wo baingen sabzi banane ke liye nahin the. Now with Sandhya Shankar also stunned. All this while he was enjoying the chat but now he think Ramlal has gone too far. Sandhya( blushed and asked angrily): Kya matlab. Ramlal : Matlab memsaab usse sabji nahin baingen ka bharta banana chahiye tha. Aur aap kya samjhe(smiling wickedly). Sandhya:- kuch nahin. Ramlal(Getting bolder) Memsaab ye kela dekhiye ekdam mast hai Aaj hi maal aaya hai. Itna bada kela aapko pure market mein kahin bhie nahin milega . Dekh shankar bol memsaab ko. Shankar(Smiled): haan memsaab aise kele kabhi kbahi hi aate hai Sandhya:- ok ek dozen de do.Then her eyes suddenly went between Ramlals legs he was sitting such that his legs up to thighs were already visible from his dhoti but now what he has done that his black organ is visible straight at the face of her. Her expression changed a little and she managed to recover but that little change was witnessed by expert Ramlal and he kept weighing sabji acting ignorantly. She quickly glanced at shanker and relieved to know that he was busy talking with other sabzi wala. She bravely gave another look at his phallus and thought it was as huge as shankar’s may be bigger as it was not fully erect. Suddenly Ramlal disturbed her thoughts, “Dekho madam Dekhao. Soch kya rahe ho Aap he ke liya hai yekele baingen.Sandhya (blushed again. Things are now getting out of control). Ye gobhi kaisi di .Ramalal: 20 Rs kilo madam he took gobhi and started feeling it like he is feeling her boobs. Dekhiye memsaab ekdum taazi hai and then quickly weighed it. Madam humney home delivery bhi start kiya hai aap phone par bata dijiye hamara ladka sabzi de jayega.

Aur kabhi kabhi hum bhi aa jayenge. Isi bahane humari beautiful memsaab ka ghar bhi dekh lenge. He just went on in just a simple manner that Sandhya couldn’t react anything just smiled and said,” Achcha apna phone number shanker ko de dena. Kitna hua?”Then she paid money and she knew what’s coming. Ramlal grabbed the money with both hands in fact grabbed her hand and a little caress. She smiled and thought that how eager this sabzi wala to touch her. But it was not her fault. Coming back her mind was all in fire. Today she has got so much excitement her exhibitionism worked and voyeur in her has also got the satisfaction. Two huge big black dicks she got see in a single day live. She thought of masturbation as soon as she reaches home. Shankar also while driving the car thinking that he is lucky to remain so close to this sexy woman, but also admire Ramlal for his bold moves…..It’s a life story of a sexy vixen these days you can find in any house few yards away. The minor escapades that occurred last day has made Sandhya a little bit excited and while going to sleep she started thinking of those events and also even a little disappointed that why she couldn’t go any further. Next morning Prashant was gone to work she decided after bath to be a little bold in her attitude so she wore her sari very sexily below her belly and wore a cut sleeve low cut see through blouse though she covered it with her sari but her curvy cleavage was clearly visible through it. She decided to give Shankar a little show and when Shankar actually saw there was an instant bulge in his pants. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Shankar opened it was Mr. Saxena her neighbor. Saxena though came to have a glimpse of her but he was not expecting such a lovely exposure. His jaws dropped immediately and stared her like a dumb. Sandhya liked the reactionand smiled, ” come in, Saxena ji” She invited and Saxena walking behind her watching the lusty movements of her ass. ” Shankar do cup chai lana” she ordered, ” Kahiye Sharma ji kaise hai aap”. ” Theek hoon bus aapke darshan karne chala aaya” “Sandhyaji ek baat kahoon bura to nahin

Manengi” he asked. ” “no go ahead saxena ji”. “Aaj aap bahut hi sexy lag rahi hai”. Sandhya blushed at his comment and also happy that someone is bold enough to tell her. Saxena got bolder seeing her reaction said ” sach mein agar aap meri biwi hoti.. ” and stopped deliberately . ” to kya saxena ji Aaj to aap bahut romantic ho rahe hai” “Agar aap meri biwi hoti to main office jata hi nahin” She laughed pleasantly and asked , ” to kya karte ghar par?? She was enjoying the fun. ” Main main..” About to speak saxena was disturbed by Shankar with two cups of Tea. Saxena and Sandhya both felt a little disappointed with his arrival. Shankar also eying her milky cleavage whenever he gets the chance. ” jao Shankar main bana loongi”. As soon as Shankar left the room She once again started the topic, ” to kya karter aap ghar par”. Saxena the experienced old man realized that this hot wife is equally excited and he doesn’t want to miss any chances. “Ghar par wohi karta jo aap jaisi sexy wife ke saath karna chahiye.” “kya karne chahiye”. Sandhya asked blushing and enjoying this talk. Saxena gathered all his courage and said ” ragad kar chodna chaiye subah se shaam” Saxena then waited for some outburst. But Sandhya was shell shocked for a moment though she was enjoying the talk she never thought that Saxena will use such words boldly. She felt ashamed and excited at the same time. She also gathered a little courage and asked, ” Phir Raat ko kya karoge.” Saxena relieved to see that this bitch is now coming his way , “Raat ko khana khane ke baad phir shuru ho jaenge” . ” Saxena ji is umar mein itna stamina mushkil hai.” “Ek din chance milega to dikha denge” said Saxena winking. Sandhya blushed again she doesn’t expecting herself to be talking like this with a man other than her husband. Then again interruption came in the form of Laxmi asking something about lunch etc. Saxena has to leave than but he was a little bit satisfied that he now see the opportunity to fuck this hot bitch very soon.

Sandhya again get busy with Laxmi when Prashant’s phone came from office, he told her to get ready in the evening for a grand party in hotel Residency for record quarterly earnings by his company. He is the regional manager of the company whereas the General Manager of his company was in the city today to celebrate the success. “Hey I want you in that backless choli and Saree”. Prashant finished his call. Backless red choli and black saree he gave her last month on her birthday it was so sexy and exposing that she couldn’t dare to wear it till now though in the bedroom she showed is husband wearing it and Prashant got an instant hard on and he fucked her that night like a wild man. She smiled thinking of that and thought that today will be the day when she will be the star attraction in the party. Prashant was not a conservative guy he loves to show people how lovely and beautiful his wife is. Today he will be the host of the party and don’t want to leave any stone unturned to make this party a grand success. Sandhya looked at the watch ” oh my god its 11.30 already”. Before the party she must go for a quick facial done by Shakila and though her back is really milky and smooth she doesn’t want to take any chances and would like to have waxing done so if she got to dance with someone, he can feel her smoothness and in return she can feel his hardness. She shuddered at her own thoughts and smiled. She is getting naughty day by day. Mushtaq considered himself damn lucky to be at home when he saw from the window the beauty is coming towards his wife’s parlour. He thought today he will try to go a little beyond just watching the sexy damsel. She called his wife on intercom and said, ” hey honey that sexy Sandhya is coming” ” Then” asked Shakila smiling she knows her husband very well and doesn’t mind his

Flirting. ” are yaar aaj to kuch intro kara de ya phir kuch darshan kara de tera bahut ehsaan hoga” laughed Shakila” ye kya bhikhari ki tarah bol rahe ho wo bhi apni biwi se”. Are biwi tujhe Sandhya bana kar kya jam kar choda tha yaad nahin” Shakila blushed remembering the hard fucking she got the other night but he was honest enough to tell her that he is fucking her thinking of that sexy bitch. “Ok baad mein baat karti hoon”. She disconnected as Sandhya entered.”Come in madam Is baar thoda jaldi a gaye.” “Kyon bhai Achcha nahin laga to wapas chali jaati hoon”. Sandhya said smiling.” Are nahin nahin Grahako ko wapas bhejna akalmandi nahin aur aap par kaam karne mein to sachmuch mujhe bahut achcha lagta hai. You are so beautiful”. ” Actually aaj ek party main jaana hai”. Ok actually I have to go out in the afternoon and I don’t want any other customer so if you don’t mind I put the sutter closed so that no customer is offended”. ” No why should I” Said Sandhya. She then told Shakila her demands and also told what she wanted to wear tonight Shakila felt a little excited thinking of this beautiful woman in a sexy dress. Shakila insisted that for that she must keep her Saree away so that it will not get spoiled. Then she told her to remove her blouse and bra also. When she looked at her questioningly She said, ” Actually apart from usual facial waxing will be done on her back and also try to get a smooth shiny skin at front to because she is going to wear a low cut choli. ” Ok you know your job well” Saying this she removed her blouse in bra. Shakila gave her a towel to cover herself but not before she herself got a full glimpse of her milky melons. Though she was a woman herself but that sight has made her weak in her pants. She also thinks of her hubby who is so eager to get a glimpse of her. ” hey kya soch rahi ho”. ” kuch nahin aap bahut sunder hai” ” kuch naya bolo yaar sun sun kar bore ho gayi hoon..” ” to nayi baat suniye she started her facial and said, ”

Aap bahut sexy hai aur jab aaj aap apni sexy dress main party main jayeingi to bahut se mard aapke saath dance karne ke liye tadap uthenge.” “Madam ek baat bolti hoon bura to nahi manogi” ” bolo” . “mera pati bhi aapke sexy roop ka diwana ho gaya hai”. Sandhya opened her eyes a shocked a bit ” kya bol rahi ho” ” Sach keh rahi hoon madam.” Usne kai baar aapko yahan dekha hai”. “Tumhe isse koi aitraaj nahin hai” asked Sandhya feeling hot again. ” Nahin madam, jis sexy kaya ko dekh kar main khud excite ho jaati hoon to wo to real mard hai.” Now Sandhya get a shock again. ” Tum bhi, mazak mat karo.” ” nahin madam sach keh rahi hoon aapka ye sunder chehra” Saying she started rubbing her face with both her hands erotically then with her thumb rubs Sandhya’s lips, ” Aapke ye mad bhare lips, aur jo abhi abhi dekhe aapke sexy boobs dekh kar jab main pagal ho jaati hoon to main Mushtaq ko kya dosh doon.?”. Then way she got rubbed was too much for Sandhya she wanted to put her fingers inside her moist cunt but couldn’t do so instead she just changed her position on the saloon chair uneasily. Shakila went on” Sach keh rahi hoon madam wo aapke peeche itna pagal hai ki jab who mujhe chodta hai to bhi sirf aapke bare main sochta hai.” ” These vulgar language she was not expecting from shakila but at the moment both the woman were so excited that these words are putting ghee in the flame.”Ounggg kya keh rahi ho” “Sach madam us din usne mujhe aapka naam lete hue aise choda ki pehle kabhi nahi choda. Aur iske liye main aapko shukriya ada karti hoon madam while doing her facial massage and talking sexily she came over close to her and suddenly put her lips on sandhya’s and started sucking hers wildly. It was a shear shock for Sandhya but she was in no position to react and she

Also put her arm around Shakila and thrust her tounge in her mouth. Both were unaware that they were closely watched by Mushtaq standing a few feet away. In their passion they forget everything else, the towel fell down and Shakila’s hand now roaming over Sandhya’s ample boobs. And the sight of which made Mushtaq mad and his dick reacted instantly in his lungi (he deliberately come down in his lungi). ” Kya bhai kya chal raha yahan”. Both the women shrieked and turned. Sandhya horrified to see a stranger watching so closely eying her almost nude body. He was smiling mischievously while rubbing his hard on over his lungi….Sandhya tried to cover her breasts but failed shouted, ” please go away. Shakila inko bolo ki jaye yahan se.” Shakila seeing Sandhya nervous told Mushtaq mockingly, ” Tum kyo aye yahan jao yahan se.” ” Nahin aaj to main is beauty ke maze lekar hi jaonga mera lund iske liye betaab ho raha hai.” ” No please go please.” “Do Do nangi beauties ko dekh kar wapas chala jaye woto chakka hi hoga. Aur shakila tum khud bhito iski diwani ho rahi ho kaise jam ke kiss kar rahi thi maine sab dekha.” Shakila tried to calm Sandhya down and told harshly to Mushtaq, ” Mushtaq please abhi jao madam ko der ho rahi hai mujhe abhi bahut kaam karna hai.” ” Haan dekha maine tumhara kaam.” “Ek shart par aaj main is maal ko jaane doonga ki agar mujhe yaheen rehne do aur tumhara kaam dekhne do.” Shakila sighed and said, ” Theek hai lekin paas na aana.” Sandhya stare angrily towards Shakila but shakila told her to calm down and said he will do no harm. Sandhya was feeling very uneasy to the stares of a stranger and that now she knows this man has the hots for her and he is longing to fuck her hard. Meanwhile Shakila has again covered her boobs with the towel and started her facial as usual and Sandhya has to close her eyes. As soon as she closed her eyes Shakila turned her head towards Mushtaq and smiled, Mushtaq in turn winked at her and smiled back. He took a chair and with a student like interest watched this beauty treatment. After facial its now turn for the waxing on the back and Sandhya as lie face down on a stretcher like table. Sandhya tried her best to hide her boobies from the hungry eyes of Mushtaq but in vain as Mushtaq could clearly see her pressed boobs and all the more liking it. ” let me give you a little massage before I start”. Said Shakila in such a authoritative tone that Sandhya couldn’t refuse.

She poured some lotion on her back and started to massage. Her fingers were so expert that Sandhya soon started to enjoy and forget all about the presence of Mushtaq, and because it was noon She also felt a little sleepy. Shakila also took some opportunity and went under side to massage lightly on her boobs from the side. Mushtaq loved it. She tried to insert her hand to get a full hold of her boobs but couldn’t as Sandhya has held herself very tightly. After massage she started with her waxing procedure. And after doing some preliminaries suddenly called Mushtaq. Sandhya immediately turned her head but Shakila calmed her down sayings don’t worry he will not harm her. Sandhya though liking all the events going on and even excited very much but still she was apprehensive of a stranger so easily accessing her nude body that too in front of his wife. Also she hasn’t yet beginning to like him as a person. A Shakila called him lots of things going Sandhya’s mind that why she called her what will he do etc. But then she Thought lets leave it all to Shakila and enjoy. Shakila instructed to her husband with a huge bulge to pour some wax lotion on her back and he eagerly did so. Sandhya felt it hot and a current flowed though her body when she felt a male hand over her back. Mushtaq felt the sudden vibration in her body and loved it. ” This bitch is hot”. Thinking he rubbed the lotion real slow . He doesn’t want to end it soon he

Was so close this hot semi nude body which he was fantasizing for so long that it was difficult for him to control. He deliberately came so close of the table and rested his bulge over it so that it touched Sandhya’s naked arm. Her body again reacted with a tremor ” Bitch has felt it” smiled Mushtaq. Shakila though seems busy in preparing for the further work but she also watching her husband’s advances and thinking, ” Mushtaq is a real dog”. He still rubbing and once also felt her boobs from the side and Sandhya lay there helpless couldn’t do anything except enjoying as she felt a little wetness in her cunt. These excitements have made her ass to squeeze a little but she failed to hide it from the eagle eyes of Mushtaq, “so she is loving it.” This turned his attention towards her ass. A lusty curvy ass that made him mad in Saree is now served before him just in petticoat through which outline of her panties and partition of her ass are clearly visible.Just a look there and his dick rubbed her arm again and the current flowed in both the bodies. Now its too much for Mushtaq. Almost mechanically his right hand rose and rested on her ass and suddenly he squeezed her ass hard and leave it. ” Ho gaya Shakila”. Sandhya just lay there dumbfounded don’t know what to say or do. Her ass was squeezed by a man she doesn’t know and effectively has seen only today and she is enjoying it. Her mind interrupted when she heard Shakila saying, ” Ok ab tumhara kaam ho gaya ab jao yahan se madam ko jaldi hai. Mushtaq left the room and went straight into the loo. Started masturbating, his mind was thinking very fast once he thought that he has missed a golden opportunity today but then decided that he was right in sacrificing todays lust for the many better fucking session those will come surely with the sexy bitch. ” mmm what an ass what globes aarhhh”He shot tonnes of loads with a pleasure on his face. A pleaseure of fucking Sandhya the beautiful Housewife. Sandhya got a sigh of relief to see Mushtaq’s back but actually one side of her mind was prepared to get assaulted rubbed and fucked. And that side of her mind was a bit disappointed for this abrupt end.

Shakila meanwhile finished her work and let her sit in front of the mirror and gave her finishing touches. Sandhya now looking stunning, though she was in her usual Saree but Shakila’sexpertise has made her such that she herself was falling in love. Shakila came behind her and made her stand and grabbed her arms from behind, ” Sandhya ji when you will wore your backless choli tonight I bet there will be no one who could match u and I think thosewho will dance with you will like to have sex with you really. Mmm you smell so sweet that I would like to kiss you again.” She rubbed her arms and placed her lips on her neck. Sandhya started to shudder again this was the third time in the parlour that she has come on the verge of an orgasm . She turned her face a little towards Shakila and let Shakila kiss full on her lips their tongue met and they were into fierce kissing “”mmm offssssahh” sighes coming out from both and Shakila started to squeeze her boobs she squeezed them hard and their lips were still crushing each other. Shakila reached down and lifted her Saree well above her waist exposing her milking thighs and black soaked panty she caressed her thigh with one hand squeezed her breast with another and never stopped kissing all at the same time. She put her right hand inside her panty and felt the wetness there rubbed her smooth hairy pussy a little then After making wet of her juices inserted two fingers in her pussy. .” Since coming to the parlor it was so much excitement that it was now impossible for Sandhya to prolong her orgasm and She came she came like she never in her life. Her body literally jolted like

Sitting on a camel, Shakila could feel it too and then their lips parted. Sandhya was breathing heavily. Shakila though couldn’t get and orgasm but she was fully satisfied. She thought she now has a plaything in her hands and which she can also share with her hubby for his animal lust. She thinks that it will also give boost to her married life….It was 6.30 pm when Prashant phone came, ” Sandhya darling I am sorry I was about to pick you up but there is a lot of things still to be arranged for the party and there is no one to look after. Please honey do me a favor please let Shankar bring you here.” Though Sandhya used to drive car but in this evening rush hour when the route involves highway he doesn’t want to take the risk with his beautiful. Sandhya showed her usual anger before agreed to go in the party with Shankar. As soon as she come out of her bedroom fully dressed in her red and black outfit red backless choli and a black shining Saree. The choli which was tied on her neck and a transparent string low on her back is exposing her whole back and was so low cut that showing three fourth of her milky cleavage and she was afraid if by chance a string is broken then every one will se her pigeons fly. She also wore her Saree very tightly over ass and so below her navel that after that it was giving Mallika Sherawat’s Cannes dress a shame. First one who saw her was Laxmi. Her eyes were wide she gave an admirable look and said ” Chakkas madam” She thanked her and called Shankar , “Shankar lets go.” Shankar eyed almost popped out on seeing her but he didn’t made any comment that actually made her disappointed. He made way for her to go in front and Sandhya knew that this bastard want to drink his back from behind. And there you are: Shankar walking behind Sandhya going mad after seeing her back milky white gori mem ki tarah “what an ass aaj jaane kis kis ko katl karegi” She thought. As soon as she get inside the bacseat of the car. Shankar while starting the Car stated his reserved comment, ” Madam aaj to aap kayamat lag rahe ho.” ” Kayamat?” She encouraged him further and got the desired word, “Sexy. Bahut sexy madam. Priyanka chopra se bhi jyada.” She blushed, ” kya Shankar kuch bhi bolta hai.” ” No madam aaj Saab apko kaise bachayenge logon se?” ” She laughed and Shankar loved it.

Party has started and as soon as Prashant saw her he came forward hugged her tight kissed her full on her mouth and rubbed her naked back all at the same time. She loved to see his hubby’s eagerness tonight. “Sorry honey I couldn’t come but glad you are looking stunning as ever. Come in we are the host tonight. And then for next half an hour they were smiling shaking hands little peck on the cheeks while meeting the guests. The General Manager in whose honor the Party was given was about 50 year old American Mr; John and he was impressed when Prashant introduced his wife to him. He immediately kissed on her back palm and said,” you are wonderful, Prashant is a lucky chap”. She politely thanked her. Mr. John also introduced Katherine his young and beautiful private secretary. Sandhya was a little embarrassed though for getting so much attention. She clearly saw men staring her and that wives are being jealous. Again exhibitionist in her was enjoying this show off and she told to herself that when her Hubby want her this way then why not enjoy like that. Then dinner was served and while Prashant was talking to his GM a handsome English guy came towards her and introduced himself , ” Hi I am Jason.” “Hi I am Sandhya. But I don’t think I know you.” ” Ok, I ‘m Mr. John’s son He is the GM of this company.” And he took hold of her hand and kissed her on her back palm just like her father. Sandhya again gone into her dream world and felt a little awkward that she was given the same treatment by a father and a

Son. ” hey what are you thinking, you gorgeous” . ” Nothing actually its too much crowded here.” ” yea lets go to the poolside. Let me fetch you a drink”. ” oh no! You are our guest let me do the honors.” ” no sweet lady do me this favor please.” And brought two glasses of wine. They were just walking towards the poolside when Prashant came, ” Hey you two introduced each other. Honey Jason is as good as his father and you know what he is opening up a big shopping mall here.” ” Really” Exclaimed Sandhya, ” Honey I have to look after other guest and Mr. John you please give company to Jason if you don’t mind. ” Hey cool it dude I am comfy here.” Assured Jason. As long this beautiful Indian woman is her with him. They again started to walk towards the pool. “Tell me Sandhya are all the woman in India are as sexy as you or I am in special company?” ” Can’t say about that .” ” But I can surely say that after arriving here in Indian you are the most sexy Indian I have seen. I love your dress this Saree and this what you call this” Saying he rubbed his finger on her string on neck. ” choli” ” Whatever but its giving you a damn sexy look. Your hubby is nice guy.” “Yeah”. They sat on easy chairs beside the pool and started sipping their wine. Sandhya has taken wine only once in awhile and that too was forced by her hubby in few parties like these. Jason has brought quite a large glasses and was sure as soon as she was finished with this she will be in his arms though he think she can be in his arms even without the help of this glass but still he want to make it easy for him. The cool breeze and a hunk sitting beside glass of wine just too much for Sandhya She is getting it on her head. Suddenly they heard the announcement for dance and then started a very loud Music. “Lets finish it fast and dance.” Said Jason and made her to finish the glass in one go. He grabbed her hand and literally made her run towards the crowd it was a fast number and they started to dance. He loved when he saw her jugs jumping up and down with her every movement. ” she sure will be a good lay” though the young American.

Then Prashant interrupted and join dance with Sandhya. Prashant noticed a little heady Sandhya but he couldn’t think much further as his was the similar or worse condition due the company he is giving to Jason’s father Mr. John and today he has gone beyond his limits and John is still insisting for more. There was a young lady Katherine secretary of John who is taking special interest in Prashant and just as the slow dance number started she tapped on his shoulder and requested for dance. Prashant readily agreed and as soon as he leave Sandhya , she was in the arms of Jason once again.” Mm mm so damn sexy you are” He told her in a slow deep tone. And hugged her body closed to him. His right palm was immediately on her naked back gently caressing and with left hand grabbed her right and as they danced real slow and bodies closed to each other. The effect of wine and such closeness of this hunk is making Sandhya wet again. She started to squirm a little and immediately felt a gun knocking at her pussy doors. His back caressing hand dropped below and now rested lightly right above her ass and after a few seconds he squeezed her ass cheeks and bring her all the more closer to feel more of his hard on. His dick was aching in his pants trying to burst out Sandhya feeling his hand Roaming and squeezing her ass was only afraid if Prashant would see then how he will react otherwise she was getting she desired most and lovely sexy dance with a hunk that too an American. He closed his lips to her ear and told again in his soft deep voice, ” I want to fuck you right now.”And started to nibble her ear and continuous rubbing of her ass and back. Sandhya didn’t say any thing actually she doesn’t know what to say in such

Condition. She was also equally hot and her pussy is more than eager to gulp any cock but she was in the middle of hundred people with her husband also among the them. ” Look what your sexy body has done to my dick. Can you feel it?” She just nodded her head. ” no tell me can you feel it”. “yes”. ” what do you feel honey” he knew he was in charge now. ” your.. Your… cock.” She spoke shyly and surprised that she is using this language. ” honey don’t you like my cock on your pussy? Don’t nod just say it. ” Yes I like it on my …….p. Pussy.” ” I want to fuck you right now will you please come to my room its room no. 301. Will you please come honey tell me. ?” She nodded. Ok honey music is going to stop and I will be in my room come in 10 minute my cock is waiting.” Saying this he went towards the Hotel building…It was an abrupt end to the sexy dance and Sandhya was so hot at that time that she almost cried out of desperation. She was a bitch in heat now and wants to satiate her desire now. What should she do she was just thinking when Prashant came smiling in front of her, he was very happy as party was a grand success dinner was appreciated by all and after group dancing a belly dancer from brazil was going to perform. ” Hey sweet heart how r u doing, where is Jason.” ” I don’t know he went outside I think, Prashant I m feeling a terrible headache I think I have taken too much. Can you please arrange me a room for some rest.” Prashant saw his wife’s condition and said don’t worry we have five rooms booked here from 301 to 305. Here are the keys of room no. 303 John and Jason has occupied no. 301 & 302. Let me leave you there.” ” No I will go myself” “Sure”? “yeah” Prashant kissed her bye though he was watching her state but he was so busy in the party that he has to leave her. Sandhya was now really feeling the effect of the wine but the desire to meet Jason is kept her going she walked mechanically towards the lift , to third floor and she was not in front of her room no303 but in front of 301..

She knocked and Jason opened The way she looked at him his dick flickered hard instantly ” wow she is marvelous” he thought and with a pleasant smile let her in. He closed the door and right there planted a kiss full on her lips and said, ” Thanx for coming honey.” She boldly held his head by both her hands and pulled him towards herself and kissed him violently her tongue forced inside his mouth and searched every part of it. ” mmm great kisser” Jason thought. He now understands that this bitch is fully under his control and this night will be the most memorable in his life. As a rich man he has fucked many girls but it gives him a kick to fuck a married woman. And he has heard them say that its almost impossible to fuck a married Indian woman. ” Not any more” he thought, ” I will make her my whore and show it to those who don’t believe it.” Yes his room was wired and every part of it is being recorded directly on to his computer in a small-attached room. “mm I would love to fuck a sexy woman like you” he whispered in her ear She now desperate said , ” please do so” “mm love not like that come here sit here” he made her sit on the sofa ” now tell me dear what do you want?” ” Please make love” she begged. ” not like that honey u know what I want” Please Jason don’t tease me any more”. ” Why not you are teasing me whole evening look at you that cleavage of yours making me mad. That sexy belly button and my god What great ass, you were teasing me and all others whole evening like a bitch in heat and now begging me for the same.Yes I think you have to beg, beg like a bitch honey” saying he pulled out his cock from his shorts and she gasped. It’s a huge tool and fairer in color compared to her husband and few others she had seen accidentally or willingly. ” What happened honey nothing u have seen like that?” Want this

Honey come close to me sweetie” he dragged her closed to himself and kissed her again passionately while squeezing hard her left breast that it come out of her low cut choli. “Mmm lovely jugs love to squeeze them” She in heat tried to grab his dick but he slapped her hand “no honey not before you ask it nicely.” ” I am asking you please fuck me”. ” That’s better want to be my bitch?” “Yes make me your bitch Jason please give your big tool fuck me please I am dying/” She really was in such heat that if her husband would have come she still have fucked Jason right there. ” Ok honey tell my dick how u love it come honey show some licking skills. ” No please fuck me first.” ” No honey lick it first it will not do anything unless it is happy so come honey make it happy. Lick it bitch” he said harshly. She meekly lowered herself on his proud cock and started licking softly with her tongue. The act she has performed to her hubby’s tool only may be twice or thrice in two years is now performed with a man just known to her. He took his dick in his hand and slapped her face with it ” you bitch not doing it right, lick its hole clean or I will slap your ass hard.” Saying he opened the tiny whole of his dick and she tried to lick it clean. Every moment of her submissiveness is making her hornier and she is now loving it being treated like a tamed animal. Jason made her sit again and pulled her choli apart and mesmerized to see two wonderful pairs bouncing and dark nipples fully erect showing the state of mind she was in. He put his lips on her nipples and started sucking it “oh it feel so good.” She whispered and pushed his head more towards her breasts he kept sucking one nipple and squeezing another with his left hand. The things getting out of control for Sandhya, she was breathing very heavily.

Seeing this Jason took her in his muscular arms and moved to his bed and dropped her like a toy and there she was lying now only in her sexy Saree. Her boobs uncovered inviting Jason to have a go at them. Jason pulled out of his clothes and showed his nude body like a proud man then he came near and tried to pull her saree. With a little difficulty and a little help from Sandhya He pulled her out of her clothes and now she was in her birthday suit “mm lovely pussy u have” he rubbed her pussy with his fingers. ” You are so wet u bitch. I like women who enjoy sex. He inserted his two fingers to feel the wet hot hole then three as he started his motion in and out She came instantly , her body jerked and jerked and she came heavily. Jason loved this she grasped his fingers with her cunt so tight that he couldn’t move his fingers any further. Seeing this his dick flickered straight to its maximum, few drops of pre-cum also shining on the tip of his dick he came over and sat on her boobs so that his dick was on her lips. ” Lick it clean baby so that I will fuck you hard now. She hesitates a little but seeing a hard look on his face she licked softly the tip of the dick tasting the fluid for first time. The moment of lust was so high that she loved the taste of it. Jason then lay full over her body and now Sandhya’s whole nude body is crushed under his naked athletic one. He was in another world when she again started to whisper, ” Please fuck me mujhe chodo please.” Jason understood that the bitch is demanding fuck in her own language. And he also wanted it now so he placed his dick over her pussy lips and pushed a little her cunt gulped whatever he gave in and squeezed it tight. He pushed again this time harder and then again And the full 8 inches were inside the wet hole she cried with ecstasy, “ohhh gooood”. Then Jason started furious humping fucking her like a bull he loved the way her cunt grasping his cock a feeling he never had in his country. Sandhya also matching his stroke by stroke pushing her hips in the same rhythm , ”

Cunt you are too good take me take me love I love you fuck oh great” he was whispering. Both bodies working in tandem and Sandhya was feeling the way she never felt . Her husband has never given such wonderful fucking and it’s the first time she is taking another man’s dick in her lovely pussy. Though she started this act under the effect of wine but now she was in her senses and loving and fully enjoying the every moment. Her pussy was so wet that its sound was coming out due to hard fucking by Jason . Sandhya also getting more and more excited and started,” Fuck me yes please fuck me hard yes ohh Jason loving it fucked furiously and then both the bodies felt the best orgasm they ever had their body jerked jerked and jerked and with few very strong strokes Jason ejaculated his load in her womb, ” Wanna have an American child take this I bet u have got a baby today it was wonderful. The words of Jason brought Sandhya into reality, ” oh my God no protection.” But it was too late to think anything as she can feel the Jason’s cum dripping in her choot and it kept dripping and dripping for a long time. Long after that they kept laying in the same position. Nobody wanted to let this moment passed by but suddenly there was a knock on the door.Hearing the knock Sandhya’s face went pale she only thought of her loving husband outside the room. “Oh my god what should I do”. Jason smiled and said, “Chill babe, I will handle it u just keep yourself comfortable here. And yes don’t try to wear your clothes I am not finished yet.” ” But If Prashant” ” Relax dear I wont let him enter” Saying this Jason went outside the bedroom to open the door. Though she was afraid but still she followed the instructions of Jason of not to wear her clothes and just lay there naked watching the fan above her and the events from last night went passed through her eyes like a movie and she thought how this night has made a loyal wife like her now a cheating wife. Jason has made her his whore and treated her like that. The moment she thought about his rough treatment again she felt the feeling of excitement ” Oh why my body reacts like that why I love that.” She doesn’t know but yes way inside she is a nymph always hot always with desire to fuck always like to be treated like a bitch.

But someone has to bring these things out of her otherwise she is a wonderfully noble sexy loyal wife. She was so engrossed in her thought that she couldn’t feel the presence of four hungry eyes. She shrieked aloud when she saw Jason standing in front with his father John. John watching hungrily this lass who has been fucked thoroughly by his son. These father and son duo is not the kind we find here in India but they are the one who have shared their weird sexual experiences with each other and now even today Jason has invited his father to watch what he has laid tonight. His only worry was her husband Prashant but John assured him that he might not free himself before an hour’s time. ” Look Dad isn’t she wonderful”. ” Yes son u dirty chap u lucky bastard such a beauty you were fucking and I was roaming around in that boring party. Look your juices still coming out of her pussy.” They both came closer to her, Sandhya was dying of shame and tries to hide her pussy with her hands but Jason shouted ” remove your hands bitch. Let the dad watch your wet pussy and don’t act pricey he knows how I fuck a girl and he know I have fucked you like a whore. So let him watch and decide where want his dick first. In your sexy mouth your lovely cunt hole or your virgin ass. Yes she was still virgin in her ass, but the idea of having it in ass has not yet appealed to her. ” Hey Dad what do you want first.” ” No son I don’t want anything right now because I want her afresh later be it tomorrow or later. You know you are

Going back to America tomorrow and not me. I will be fucking her later you tell her to meet me whenever I want.” ” Hey sweetheart listen what dad said whenever he want you must meet him is it clear?” She nodded ” then get dressed quickly. Your hubby will be coming soon.” Shankar was sleeping in the car when Prashant woke him up, it was 3 in the morning. He saw both Prashant and Memsaab were standing there. ” Aaj bahut der tak chali party” He whispered in a sleepy tone. “Haan Shankar aaj ki party kamala ki thi” Sandhya thought “Wakai kamaal thi.”. They all started their journey back home. Any married woman and girl aunty not satisfy with her husband so contact me believe me its confidentioal ya any other tips u want for sex to mail kare [email protected]

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