Unimaginable Sex Of Life

Hello horny dudes, I am sam. I am male age 25-years. Firstly, I would apologize for any spelling mistakes in my narrations.I was a virgin till this incident happened. I live in chennai.


I actually live in a small house with 1bhk. I live 30 minutes away from my city. I was a thin and fair complexion guy. I am usually desperate about the sex. I frequently watch romantic movies and porn movies. I generally masturbate very frequently. Now, the owner of my house live in ground floor. The uncle works for a mnc and aunt works for some other mnc. They really care about me. They think me as a part of their family. The days were so smooth.


I forgot to tell about uncle, he is 40 years old and aunt is 34 years old they have a school going son. Aunt is a bit fair and bit short. But she has a very tight body and good shaped.Great ass.


Days were going smooth, one day uncle went to office. That day aunt was on leave. So, as I was feeling bored I went to her house. I was just talking to her casually. We were out of words.Then, I had an idea. I asked her whether we could play a game called, truth or dare. (that is one need to rotate a bottle, the person to whom the bottle is pointing to should select truth or dare. If he select truth , he needs to answer truth or else he needs to do whatever he is asked to do). She agreed and then we started playing


Now we rotated the bottle, bottle pointed to aunt. She selected truth.


Me: who is your favorite actor and why ?

Aunt: my favorite actor is shimbu. She openly said that, she feels arousing while watching him

(that was so bold)


Bottle spinned again.Now bottle turned again towards her


Me: would you like to kiss him?

Aunt: I would love to bite him.


Bottle spinned again.Now bottle turned again towards me.


Aunt: who would you like more to kiss? An aunt or a girl

Me: an aunt.

Aunt : ohh really……… (with a naughty smile)


Bottle spinned again.Now bottle turned again towards her


Me: do you watch porn?

Aunt: yes, I do watch.

Me: what is your favuorite position

Aunty: sorry only one question per time, as per rules.


The heat was raising………I was feeling some growth in my pants


Bottle spinned again.Now bottle turned again towards me


Aunt: did you have sex ?

Me: no, I am virgin

Aunt: really…?? (shocked expression).

Me: yes aunt, I didnt have sex.


Bottle spinned again.Now bottle turned again towards her


Me: how many times do you have sex with uncle?

Aunt: we had only 3-4 times in our marriage life.


I was shocked. They were married almost 4 years before.They had sex only 4 times.Then I asked how would you satisfy yourself. She said I watch porn and masturbate.

Then after a great pause. She asked me one thing.


Aunt: see, sam I am fed up of masturbating. I cannot do it any more.I need to say this today. I have a crush on you. Will you please satisfy my heat??


I was awe struck.. I couldn’t speak a word. It was a pin drop silence.Then she said that tomorrow morning I will be ready at home by 10am. If you are willing you can come.I just went off.I couldnt sleep that day night and even control myself. I masturbated 2 times that night and woke up next day morning and went to her house.


She just came from bath dressed, wearing seducing red saree. Her hairs were still wet. I went inside.She locked the door and she thanked me a lot. Then I sat on sofa and I was very tensed and excited too. She came towards me slowly.I couldn’t control anymore


I stood up just caught her navel and kissed her lips very wildly. Initially she couldn’t breathe then she managed to pickup the pace.We kissed each other like never after we could get a chance.


Then slowly I moved to her back and planted a kiss on her neck.It was so sensual.I slowly licked her neck to her back. Slowly I moved down. It was bottom less blouse. So I slowly moved till her navel.She couldnt wait anymore. She was moaning louder like aaaaaaaaahhhhhh……. Oooohhhhhaaaaaaaa..Hahhhhhaaaaaaaaaa……….

It really aroused me.Then I removed her pallu and pushed her towards the wall and I was licking round her belly button. She was just moving vigorously up and down. Then from bottom I could see her bulged boobs. Oh my god, watcing her expressions between her boobs was a very great view.


Then she pulled me into her bed room.Now, throwed me down on to the bed.Removed my shirt.Kissed me wildly on my lips. Then she slowly started teasing me,by removing my patns.I could feel my balls are filling and my dick is raising. She observed it. She the left me on bed and slowly started teasing me by removing her blouse. My dick was really oscillating. I was helpless, then she slowly removed her bra. Oh my god I just camee………


My undies were full of my cummm…….. She enjoyed the view, but she still was strip teasing me with her panties. This time my dick was again grown full size. I was in no control. I just pushed her down and asked her to suck. I just cant tell you, it was a great experience. Ohhhhmyyygoooddddd…….. I dont know where I was I was out of galaxy. I was just pressing and cuddling her. Then I just pushed her down and started inserting into her pussy, it wasa wild push she just screamed…Slowlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy/………………….I just started pounding her directly. She slowly started enjoying the pace.Then she started telling………


Ohhhhhh…………Sammm your dick is fucking gooooooooooooddddddd……Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaahahahahahhh……..You fuckkkkkkmeeeee………Make me cummmmmm like never beforeeeeeeeeee…..Haaaaaaaa


Yeah right there right there……..Rammmmmmmm it ……Cuummmm onnnnnn……

Tearrr myyy pusyyyyy………


Then she, made me lie and she sat on my top and started pounding. In no time we were in great pace and after 10 min.I couldnt control myself I came imeeediately she just couldn’t control herself and she came too…………


We were full of sweat and tierd. We took some rest and went back for next session


Any ladies or aunties can contact me any place no problem…

My email id: [email protected]

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