True Love Fucked By Best Friend

Hi Friends and fans of ISS readers. I am going to share the incident when my best friend fucked my girlfriend with litlle of my help. My girlfriend’s name is Ridhima who is in relation with me for 3 years since 10th standard.She is a very beautiful and hot kinda girl with an innocent face. Then she was 18 with a figure of 34 30 36. Any Guy can fall for her at first look. We had sex so many times in last 3 years. We were in college now and in same class. Akshay was my childhood friend. We were so close to each other that we share each and everything with us.He was a good looking guy who had few girlfriends in past. He was also in same college.

It was 6-8 months that Aki had his break-up with her GF. He used to remain quiet since then. I asked him to get over of this but he replied angrily that ” You will not understand my Feelings, you have beautiful and caring GF Ridhima who fulfils all your needs but i am alone. You know i hadnt have sex for almost one year”. I said “You need a girl to fuck only , so we can pay some bucks to hire a prostitute and you can fulfil your needs”. He angrily shouted “Prostitute is prostitute but not Ridhima”. I was stunned by hearing this and shouted do you know what are you saying”. “yeah thats what i mean, we shared everything till now why not Rid….”. he replied. “stop it Akki, if you were not my best friend i have had punched your face till now.” i furiously shouted.

For few days after that we didnt talked but then one night i thought how amazing it will be seeing my girlfriend fucked by my best friend. This is one of the my wild fantasy. Next day i went to Akshay and he felt sorry for what he said. I asked him “you know Ridhima loved to fucked Doggy style.” Akshay understood my offer hearing this. “but you love Ridhima ” he said. “And You lusts her, You both may enjoy this”, i replied. But now the problem was how it was going to happen. I couldnt ask Ridhima Straight forwardly. Suddenly an idea struck to me. I said with a mysterious smile in my face,”how about Blackmailing her”. “but how?”, Akki asked. I had a dirty plan in my mind.we started to follow the plan.

Next day i met Ridhima in the college. i started to behave blissfully from the morning. I bring some chocolates and gifts for her. In class i was doing some naughty things with her. I asked what she had wore inside and started to touch her thighs under the table. she understood what i wanted. I was continuosuly caressing her body till the last lecture. She told me to go somewhere else. I said ” what is the problem here, class is over and nobody is here.” I convinced her. Then she asked me to close the door and windows but i kept opened a window. Then we started to kiss each other. At the same time Akshay came and started to shoot us with his mobile from the window. Then we removed our clothes and she kissed my cock with her lips. My cock was hard on and 6 inches long. She started giving a blowjob like a slut and made me cum. Akshay shooted all this and went away. Then we put on clothes and left the room.

Next day Akshay and Ridhima met in an empty class. Akshay asked Ridhima.”I have a surprise for you.” and show her the clip recorded by him. Ridhima’s face become red when she saw the clip and she started to crying. she asked Akshay ” pls dont show this to anybody. I will pay anything for this.” Akshay asked,”What you are upto?”. ” Anything just Anything?” She replied. Akshay said.”ok then Meet Me at my house at 7 otherwise you know what can i do”. Ridhima said “pls dont do that. I love someone else and i cant cheat him.” Akshay replied,”I cant resist myself, you are so hot and sexy.” Ridhima doesnt have any option. So she agreed to give a taste of her body to Akshay. Akshay called Ridhima to his home on saturday when he was alone at home.


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