Trivandrum Super Fast

By : Johntvm1990

Hello friends am John aged 23 from Trivandrum. Hope everybody is fine. After reading this story please leave your comments at [email protected]

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It was a long day after my hectic works I decided to go trivandrum to finish my project works in the afternoon. I reached Ernakulam bus station and waited for the bus. I sat on the bench and my eyes roamed around for my bus. Just then an aunty of 45 years old came and stood in front of me. She was fair in complexion, very fatty lady in saree with a huge ass. I stared at her ass. Then looked away and continued to search for my bus. Just then she asked me ” is there any bus for trivandrum”

i replied i too was waiting for it. She smiled at me. I asked her where she is from her name and all and within minutes we were friends and talked and talked. Then our bus came and we entered.

We got a two seater seat in the back and she invited me to sit with her. I sat beside the window. As she was very fat it was very difficult to sit. And my was was constantly touching her breast and waist area. I noticed she had round face and big hanging breast of 36 size. ! It started raining and i closed the window. Conductor came and i took two tickets for us.

Bus started and we began our journey as my hand was touching her breast, even though that was accidentally i felt a hard on in no time. I covered it with my bag. I sat wit crossed hands. Now my left hand was touching her bare waist. Must moved on and my hand was moving due to the motion of the bus. She giggled and told my hand is tickling due to the motion of the bus. I too smiled and opened my hand now it was fully touching her waist.

I started moving my hand she did not said anything. She talked like nothing is happening inside her saree, this gave me courage, i continued to move her hand on her waist. Gave her a pinch on her stomach.

She said “aah…you naughty any ” and smiled. I then placed my hand on her left breast and massaged it. It was huge even two hands were not enough. I told her its big. She giggled at my comment. She put her left hand on my pants and pressed it.

I continued to press her breast and tried to remove the hooks. This gave access to her leftl breast i moved the bra upward and her breast was out. I was surprised to see that big breast. She had a big nipple and her areola too was big and brownish. I pinched her nipple and started pressing her breast. She started moaning slowly. As the shutters were closed it was dark inside. This gave us advantage to explore each other.

She unzipped my pants and took my penis in the cover of my bag, after seeing my penis,she told me “son, i want to suck your dick”

i started to ask how before i could say she fell on my lap and moved my bag down and fell on my lap. As it was afternoon there were less people on the bus and as i took the ticket for both of us there was nothing for others to notice anything that was suspicious.

She covered my lap and started kissing my dick .she started to suck it like a hungry baby. I continued to massage her breast and i moved my hand down and tried to insert my hand inside her saree. I asked her to take the side seat.she moved her position and continued sucking while covering my lap wit her head and hand, she was lying as if she had some headache and was sleeping. I smiled and tough idiots sitting around.

It was very difficult to insert my hand inside her saree, so i loosed her saree little bit and untied her petticoat and inserted my had. Gosh there were panties and her pussy was drippin wet. I full of thick bushes.

I pulled her pubic hair and started inserting my finger on her pussy. She started to moan slowly, i inserted my two fingers inside her and started to finger fuck her. After sometime i felt some larvae on my hand and i realised she had an orgasm. Meanwhile she i cummed inside her mouth, still she continued to suck my cock like a baby.

Later she told me her husband was not good at bed. She thanked me and invited me to her house. In d next story i wil tell you how i fucked her.

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