Hai. This is Ashok from Chennai, aged 32 yrs and an avid fan of ISS and this also happens to be my first submission to ISS and its a real happening which is just four months old. I am working with a MNC as Trainer, which involves a lot of travelling and am always away from home for more than 25 days in a month with a very tight working schedule. I was looking for a break and I happened to take leave for a week and i decieded to head for Goa, a Place Which I Was Longing to Visit.

On May 2009, I just packed my bag and boarded a Volvo deluxe bus to Goa from Koyambedu Bust stand,Chennai and I had asked for a window seat, and I was alloted the second last rear left window seat. the bus was to leave Chennai at @ 9.00 p.m and reach Goa the next day afternoon by 2.00p.m. Just a few minutes before the departure of the bus the conductor shouted out that the bus will leave in another few minutes and all passengers bound for Goa to board the bus. Immediately most of the passengers who were outside, came inside and occupied there seats. Only two seats were vacant, the one next to imminent one in the front. After a few minutes the conductor closed the door and the bus started to roll out. Just then a women came running with her hand spread out waving to the bus to stop. The driver stopped the bus and the conductor asked her where she is going, she replied back that she is going to Goa and she has a valid reserved ticket for this bus. The conductor opened the door and let her inside and after examining her ticket, he showed her the seat next to mine. She came and placed her bag on the overhead rack and sat down on the seat next to mine. Inspite of the it being an Air conditioned bus, she sweating very badly, after sitting down she started to wipe her face with a hand towel. She was dressed in a body hugging peach colored silk saree and blouse and a sweet perfume smell was coming from her body. We had reached the Bangalore highway and it started to rain like mad. The bus crushing through the heavy rain, the passengers were looking out of the windows and enjoying the journey. The driver wanted to reach his destination on time and was in no mood to slow down at any spot in spite of the heavy rain. After about an hour, the lady asked me if I could help her in take her bag out from the overhead rack, which i obliged and after taking the bag down she open the bag and took out a thick blanket and closed the bag and again requested me to place the bag above, me after doing the same settled down in my seat.

Then she asked me where i am going to. I said that I am going to Goa, for a weeks holiday. Then she asked my name. I said that I am Ashok,aged 32 yrs, a native of Kerala and am working for an MNC as a Training Manager in Chennai and travel a lot over the whole of Tamilnadu and Kerala and I gave her my Official Card, she went through it with help of the light from her cellphone. She asked me if I knew malayalam and if I was married, I said that I could speak malayalam and was still not married. Then I asked her name. She said that she is Pushpa Mathews, basically from Kottayam – Kerala, aged 25 yrs, she had completed her graduation in Marketing management in Kerala, her parents are in Kerala, and she had joined a Pune based company dealing with womens clothing as Marketing Manager just a few months back and her place of work is Chennai and going for a days training program to there Goa factory. She said this is her first trip to Goa and also her first trip alone and she is some what scared traveling alone. I assured her that she is safe with me and she need not fear anything. Even i said that this is my first trip to Goa. The road was slippery and muddy and the rain to was in no mood to relent. Pushpa occasionally expressed her delight at the exciting weather, after escaping from the horrible heat of Chennai. After chit chatting for some time say by 12.30 p.m we both drifted of to sleep in our seats.

When all a sudden the bus driver applied the brakes very suddenly and the bus skidded of the road and fell on to the side gutter with a loud thud. We were rudely woken up from our sleeps, when we found the bus lying on its side, with Pushpa and another passenger on top of me. Luckily no one was injured. All the passengers slowly managed to get out of the bus windows. With the help of the other male passengers, we got all the luggage’s outside. As it was still raining all the passengers were fully wet and muddy. Pushpa sari was all wet and sticking to her body and her body outline could be seen from the lights of the passing vehicles. Pushpa started to feel very cold and she came near me and asked if she could stay cuddled to me due to the cold. I said no problem and she just hugged me. As there was no shops near by, there was also no chance of having a hot coffe or tea to keep the cold away. Pushpa starts to shiver and I could feel her breast crushing into me and her nipples all hardened and poking into me.

Meanwhile, the bus company had arranged for another bus from Bangalore to pick us up. A waiting for nearly two hours, the bus arrived, which was just a deluxe bus, not an A/c one. We all boarded it and the bus left by 7.00 a.m. and the driver said that the bus will reach Goa by 6.00 p.m. We asked the driver to stop the bus at some good hotel, where we all could have a wash and change of cloths and have oyr breakfast. After about an hour the bus stopped at good motel where all of us had a wash and changed our clothes. Pushpa had changed into a blue denim jeans and a white round necked T-Shirt. OMG, she was just looking great in that out fit, her boobs were jus looking as if they were going to burst out of her Tee’s. Pushpa was always staying with me and most of the passengers thought that we were husband and wife. After our breakfast, we all got into the bus and the bus started its onward journet to GOA. All of us after that horrible incident and the long and wet wait for the bus were very tired and all soon fell asleep, we had told the driver not to stop even for lunch but to driver straight on. The driver stopped for tea, say by about 4.00 p.m most of the passengers got down including me and Pushpa, we had our tea and a few biscuits and again the bus started to Goa. The bus reached Goa by 9.30 p.m. Pushpa to did not hav any hotel booking just like me, as it was our last minute program, hence no advance booking could be made for both of us. The rains had stopped by the sky was very overcast. The were a numbers of touts hovering the the bus stand, saying they have there hotels has got the best rooms for couples. As we both were new to Goa. As it was night. I asked Pushpa if she wanted any help in booking a hotel room. She asked me where i was going to stay, I said that i and going to some hotel in Panjim. Pushpa said that her traing is also some where in Panjim, so she lets go to Panjim. The place Panjim was hardly some few km from the bus stand and took an auto and told the driver to take us to some good hotel in Panjim. On the way to the hotel, I asked Pushpa in MALAYALAM if she wanted to stay in my hotel or some other hotel. Pushpa said that she will stay in the same hotel as me but in a different room. We reached the Hotel Mandvi in just 10 minutes and paid the auto driver Rs.40/-.

We entered the hotel and a lady receptionist welcomed us. We asked her for two single a/c rooms, the receptionist said that there are no single a/c rooms or any other rooms, expect for one deluxe a/c double suite. As all the rooms in this hotel and all other nearby hotels are all booked for the next two days, as there is some medical conference going on in Goa. Pushpa looked at me all worried and not knowing what to do and at this time of the night. She called me to the corner and asked me what to do. I said that if she is not afraid and if she has got no problem to stay with me in a room and I am going to register as Mrs&Mrs.Ashok, I will book the deluxe suite. Pushpa, after some thought, Pushpa said ok. Then I booked the deluxe suite No.401 and registered as Mr&Mrs.Ashok from Chennai. The cost of the room was Rs.4,500/- for 24 hrs. We took the lift to the 4th floor and the bell boy brought our luggage and opened our room.

Oh, its really cosy and wonderful, Pushpa screamed out.It was a real beautiful room with a huge king sized double bed with satin bedspreads and a center light focusing on the bed, and a mini bar stocked with the best drinks, there was wide balcony with chairs and teapot. The bathroom was as big as the room itself with a big bathtub with hot and cols water. We immediately ordered for food from room service as we were famished after the long journey. I helped myself to some good whisky and started to relax with the drink, after all I had come for rest and recreation and I could not have asked for anything better. I said to Pushpa, that hope you will not be inconvenienced here in any manner. We will have to manage in this room itself. Pushpa said that its perfect, Alone perhaps she would have been bored to death and now you can give me company. I thanked my stars for this wonderful company that was god sent. Pushpa peeped into the bathroom and said to me – Ashok the shower tub is the most interesting and i think you are going to love it. I immediately took out my shorts and tees from my bag and dashed into the bathroom for a shower, before the dinner arrives. I said to Pushpa that I have ordered for veg fried rice and tandoori chicken with extra spices and Goan desert. She winked at me and said that she loves chicken tandoori with extra spices. I was suprised at Pushpa’s candid expression. After I came out of the shower dressed in just my shorts and Tee’s with no under wear. Pushpa had already taken her night dress which a sheer satin semi transparent gown and a bra and panty and went to the shower. Meantime the dinner had arrived and I had helped myself to another round a Black Dog Whiskey and had switched on the TV, and was surfing the channels, when Pushpa stepped out from the bathroom after her shower.

Wow, she was just looking like a real Goddess who had stepped out from the heavens. I tried to keep away my eyes from her, but could not. I could see her in all her natural form, because the negligee did not cover anything. It was for the first time in my life of 32 yrs, that I am seeing a women in all her nudity but still covered. In fact I became a bit nervous at the prospect of such a situation, where a young beautiful women, going to share the bed with me. Pushpa was her normal self. We started on our dinner and in between I had another round of Black Dog whiskey to control my nerves. We finished our dinner. Pushpa loved the spicy chicken and she had drank nearly half a bottle of white wine. Pushpa was her normal self, she wanted to have a little more gossip before retiring to bed. Myself finding that I could not do anything with her decided to sleep so she to decided to sleep. Pushpa asked me if she turn of the main lights and put on the night light, for which I said yes and she turned of the lights and switched on the blue night light and got into the bed and turned on to her side with her facing me to the corner of the bed. I just walked to the balcony and sat on the chair and took out a cigerret and started to smoke, after the smoke I returned to the bathroom, brushed my tooth and came to the bed and slept on my side facing Pushpa. Pushpa then turned over to the other side with her back facing me and slept with her eyes closed. Another ten minutes passed before she took another turn facing me, this time her face came in close proximity to my face. In the dim blue light, I could see her delicate portions, especially the breasts, which up and down with every breath she took. After about an hour, I ahd still not slept, but was seeing her. Pushpa’s legs which were bare, once or twice touched me while she moved in her sleep, at that time I felt a jolt within me like a current flow. I tried my best to keep away from her and continued to watch the sleeping beauty. But unfortunately or rather fortunately the animal instinct within me took over the better of my judgment. I could not bear the seductive sight of this beautiful women. I sat up and brought my lips close to hers and gently brushed my lips on hers. The smell was just to tempting and I put my lips on her rosy lips and slowly started to suck her lips, which tasted like nectar and felt as soft as a cotton candy and opened her mouth and slipped my tongue into hers with little efforts and gently hugged hers with both my arms. In the process she woke up and found herself in my embrace. I had my then stamped her cheeks and lips with scores of kisses. I made her sit up and in a tight embrace said to her.

Pushpa, darling this is the most exciting moment of my life and I must utlise it to the fullest possible, please don’t blame me if i go still further. I just could not resist those juicy tempting lips of yours, your body is so perfect and you displayed it in such a stark fashion. I am fascinated and cant leave you here lying alone.

Pushpa, replied. Ashok even I had been dreaming of you lying nect to me, but was unsure of how to approach you and what would be your attitude to me in this regards. Now you have en taped me in your snare, this body is already yours, if you can anything with this body of mine, its her for you and she hugged me tightly. Pushpa said, Ashok do not take time, hold me tight and make love to me. I just unstrapped her and pulled it over her head in one swift move and I just started to kiss and suck on her breast over her bra. I just went bersek on her breast and started to ravish her boobs like a mad man. I don’t know when and how I had removed her bra and panty. Pushpa was now beginning to enjoy being kissed on her boobs,she moaned lovingly – oooh haa, in the mean while she too just started kissing and biting me on my neck, ears and all over my body and also started to squeeze my throbbing dick over my shorts. She then jus in one move, removed by shorts and started to rub my dick all over her face. I started to rub on her vagina with my fingers and I slowly entered my right middle finger inside vulva which was like a hot blast furnace, so heated up and on my finger touching her clits, she just started to flood my finger with her nectar. On finding my fingers being drenched, I bought my mouth to her vulva and found the smell to intoxicating than the Black Dog whiskey. I jus started to suck on her clits, she jus pressed my face on to her vulva and put both her legs around my neck and at that moment, Pushpa got her first orgasm and she started to flood my face with her lovely nectar, which I just sucked them all till she was gasping for breath. She then removed her legs from around my neck and she said to me – Ashok, this is first time in my life that some one has ever touched and hugged me and I had always wanted that some one to be special and I am glad that it you. Pushpa, just pushed me flat on the bed and said to me, that as I have relieved her of her pressure, its time for her to help me out and shejus put my dick into her mouth fully, on my dick touching her throat she started to choke and pushed my dick outside. I then told her how to suck on my dick ( Am well experienced seeing porno movies on Video)first licking from the tip to the base and then slowly sucking the top and then slowly increase the intake and then the full length. Pushpa was such a quick learner, that soon she started to gulp down my entire dick of 9′ with out any difficulty into her mouth. Soon I found a wonderful glow come all over me and i shuddered and felt my jinx flowing out, which Pushpa dutifully drank to the last drop, which she said, it tasted odd but still she loved it.

We rested on each other for some time and drifted of to sleep. The chillness of the a/c woke both of us up from our sleep, as we both were lying naked, the time was 1.00 a.m . We then again hugged each other and then I started to nibble on her nipples and Pushpa started to fondle with my dick which soon rose to its full magnificence. I gradually moved in to position over her and she slowly parted her legs and I slowly pushed the head of my dick into Pushpa’s vulva, at the same time kissing her full on her mouth, and still slowly I pushed my dick a little more deeper, at which Pushpa gave a shrill cry and tears started to flow from her eyes. Pushpa said its paining very badly. I said please bear for a few seconds more after which there will be no more pain but pure pleasure. Anticipating more pain for her, I jus started kissing her on her full mouth and pushed my dick right into her with one stroke, I could feel some pain on my dick too for a second and at the same time Pushpa gave one deep cry and became silent, After a few minutes, Pushpa starts to move her legs around my hip and started to hug me. She asked me to slowly move my dick inside her which i did and soon she was asking me to move my dick inside her faster and faster and soon I was racking into like the piston of a steam engine and Pushpa was just uncontrollable. After continuously ramming into Pushpa’s vulva for more than 10 minutes, I finally pumped the whole lot of my seeds into Pushpa’s pussy. We then again drifted of to sleep, hugging each other, with my dick still inside Pushpa’s pussy.

Early morning the reception woke up as 7.00 a.m and as Pushpa had to attend the training program at 9.00 a.m, we planned to have our bath together and in the bathroom we had a early morning quickly, and we ended up soaping, cleaning and drying each other. We came out of the shower and order for breakfast, and while we dressed up each other, the breakfast arrived, we had a peck of the breakfast and just gulped down the coffee, by the time was 8.15 a.m. We hurried down and took an auto and dropped Pushpa at her Training Venue and I returned back to the hotel and got into the bed again and drifted of to a deep sleep. Around 4.30 the room telephone started ringing, I woke up from a deep slumber and picked up the phone, it was Pushpa on the other side. She said that her training will be over in another half hour and asked me to pick her up from the venue. I hurriedly had a wash, put on my dress and rushed out and took an auto to Pushpa’s training venue. Just as i reached her venue, I found Pushpa walking out, then moment she saw me she just flew into my arms and hugged me, saying that she missed me for a long time. On our way back to the hotel in the auto, she spoke to me in Malayalam says that she had told her collages that she had come with her fiance to Goa and her fiance will pick her up from the training venue. I just hugged her and flooded her face with kisses.

We reached the hotel and enjoyed our evening and night and even the whole of next day morning in Goa. We left Goa by the next night Bus to Chennai and reached Chennai the next day evening without any trouble safely in the arms of each other. After reaching Chennai, Pushpa and I meet quite a few times at my house and after a period of 2 months, Pushpa, got admission for higher studies in Australia and she left by June end. I still miss my dear Pusha. Sweet dreams Pushpa. This a true happening, my dear friends at ISS.

Any Pushpa’s or any aunties, married, widowed and spinsters in Chennai, who are lonely and in need of company for a short while, wherein, even I can forget my dear PUSHPA, for some time, can just get in touch with me at mail id [email protected]

Hope u all liked the incident. Please let me know.

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