A Tinder Tale Of A Doctor

Hello, people, I am back again with my new Indian sex story. You can find my previous 2 stories clicking on my id. I post only real things happened to me. So let’s start by my intro. I am a doctor in Pune, I am a good looking guy with nice charm and decent body.

This girl came into my life recently in Pune.

We met on the dating app tinder. She is a physiotherapist. A 25 yrs old attractive girl, 5’2 height with those big bosoms. She is a Haryanvi girl.I was very attracted to her and instantly liked her profile on tinder.

To my pleasant surprise, we were matched and instantly started chatting. I did not waste much time in letting her know that I am only here for a good time and not love and all. The answer was not positive but she still wouldn’t mind meeting me in some mall. So we met. I was blown away by the hottie she was.

We started having coffee. I initiated flirting. Asked about pubs,friends, gfs, bfs vagairah vagairah. Talked a lot that day. However, I had lost one hope. She won’t let me touch even. After some days she called up. She was upset. She wanted to meet, I immediately agreed.

We met for dinner, she was quite upset with some family matters of hers and ordered some booze, I was kinda fine with it, she had three sangrias and totally out of control. She was walking with great difficulty and slurred speech (as we call it in medical terms).

She told me she couldn’t go back to her pg in this condition, I willingly took her home on my bike. It was quite cold that day and she was kinda drowsy and she just held me around on the bike.I could feel her jugs on my bike.It was enough to give me hard on and all those wild thoughts started flowing in my mind.

So we arrived at my home, she asked for clothes and I gave her my shortest shorts ;). She was quite drunk. And I had to help her change but she denied saying I would take faayda of hers. So sadly I sat for half an hour outside my room.

The door was slightly open and the voyeur devilish side in me got into action. She had boobs with a pink bra and matching panties. She was about to fall due to losing her balance and I spontaneously and opened and held her with my one hand. She was plain blank seeing me inside.Here the beauty was in my hand. Half naked, ready to be drilled, ready to be invaded -I decreased our distance and she just could hold anymore and closed her eyes. That was it, I just brought my lips closer and covered hers with mine. We kissed, that was magical.Her lips were one of the most softest things I would have ever touched.

Then was the turn of our tongues but this time it was her who took the initiative and rolled it inside my mouth.I loved it,who doesn’t and we were just creaming into each other.

I gave her slices with my tongue upper side and downer side of her lips and that was enough for driving her crazy.She took a breath and just started licking my ear inside out wildly. She was damn horny and I was on cloud 9 for sure. I asked her this time.How can someone be so wild? She just smiled and winked. Moaned in my ear again saying let me show u how. Her sexy tongue was once again licking the insides of my ear. My dick was urging me to free it from the underpants.

She knew the tension in my pants and just held my dick with one hand. Next were her beautiful boobs within that sexy bra. Her cleavage was enough to drive me crazy I just started licking her with all my saliva and dripping due to excessive efforts of mine. I took out one boob and that dark hard nipple was just a lick away. I didn’t know it was the most sensitive part of the lady. I gave the nipple one flick of my tongue and heard a loud moan from her. I knew there and then and held and started pressing and pinching the other breast hard.

The room was filled with moans of hers and sweaty vatavaran. I loved it, we loved it. It was so passionate. This went on for quite some time and she wants to lick me well. I told her that I wanna do the same but first let me complete. I just lifted her arm and went on to lick her luscious underarm. It was so dirty to do such but sexy as hell. She literally cried for more and then kissed me biting my lips.

We straight away stripped ourselves and then she suggested we do 69. I was above her and my dick inside her mouth and me completely enjoying her pussy juices. What life. It surely gives goosebumps just thinking of giving and taking such pleasures. I ended up licking her thighs and fingering her pussy and her anal hole with my thumb. She was in pain and then pleasure. We then switched positions and then I swiftly entered her from back in doggie style.

I held both her hand started thumping her from behind making loud noises of our bodies slapping with each other. It was quite loud and horny. We switched to the other one sideways and entered her and started drilling her slowly while kissing her and holding her boobs.

We both were so sweaty that it was making this all a great fuck. She was drunk but still could make out she had getting fucked in mind straight away when we met. I too wanted the same thing and we ended up into each other’s arms exhausted.

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