The Virgin Bride -I

This is Huma with a new series of actions which, I hope you will like and enjoy as you have enjoyed many of my stories. This story revolves around a virgin bride and her fate. We human beings have our lives cut out and pre destined over which either the happenings of fate or the force of our own circumstances and weaknesses of our condition make us to do things which we have never even dreamt.

Jai Raj Chopra aged 50 years, had built his business empire in a long time. His business was dealing in computer parts at a large scale in Mumbai where the whole family lived in a luxurious villa. His family consisted of his son Ravi, aged 23 years, tall handsome, well built and looking for a bride. His daughter Asha, 21, married to Vikas Khanna, a lawyer in Mumbai high court two years ago. Everything seemed to go right for the family.

Asha had been privileged to enjoy the raw, wild and passionate sex in her husband’s bed on her wedding night. The wild night of sex with Vikas on their wedding night was out of this world.

She had never felt or known anything like what she experienced on her wedding night. It is not that she didn’t know about sex. She knew every thing but only in theory and knew that it gave pleasure when man and woman fucked. She is extremely beautiful, fair, tall, big titted, small waist and wide hipped. She always kept her pussy shaved and washed and perfumed.

Asha had heard everything about sex but had not dared do any thing with any one. On her wedding night her mind was full of doubts as what was going to happen to her. She was apprehensive and curious as her cunt moistened at the thought of her hubby’s cock. She sat with her veil drawn over her pretty face as she was waiting for Vikas to make his appearance which he did at 10 pm and her heart beat fast.. He too was tender and loving but not inexperienced as she was. She told him that she was a virgin and he was delighted. He took her in his arms and she melted under his warm masculine touch.

His strong arms held her as his lips sought hers and his hands ran over her untouched flesh. His cock raised its monstrous head at the very thought of entering her virgin cunt. Her boobs grew rigid at his touch as she gasped for breath. He cupped her tits as she writhed in his arms in complete helplessness. She surrendered herself completely as she trusted him to guide through the unknown area of the world of mysterious meeting of man and woman. He felt passion and lust rise in his loins and felt the same heat rising in her hot body. To make her bold and shameless, he placed her hand on his cock. She was timid but excited. Her hands measured his length which impressed her and created a feeling of awe at the same time. He caressed her tits tenderly at first and his touch grew urgent and wild with each passing minute. Their breathing became difficult as he cupped her face into his and kissed hard, He had had his share of fucking with maids and whores but his wife was simply out of this world.

Vikas led her into the wonderful world of sex. She gripped his cock which grew in her hand. She was delighted at his thickness as she had heard his friends say that length and thickness counted the most in giving pleasure of fucking. She clutched at his cock as Vikas began to take off her clothes. She felt shyness but warmth, spreading between her thighs. He removed her sari, then blouse, and petticoat leaving her in bra and panty as she gasped” ahhhh, please don’t, ohh god, don’t, ” she closed her eyes as he pushed his fingers into her panty to fondle the warm flesh of his wife’s pussy She could bear it no longer and her hands grabbed his shirt and began to unbutton it. Her hands felt the twinge of his chest hair and ran her fingers on his nipples. Vikas cupped Asha’s tits firmly and her nipples hardened under the pressure of his fingers. He unclasped the hooks of her bra and her tits went free and he drunk in the beauty of her twin globes, white as snow. They were soft and warm under his touch. He bent his head and placed his trembling lips around her dark brown nipples and ran his tongue on them hungrily. She breathed heavily and her hands slipped lustily down his crotch and his prick sprang up and raised its head like a cobra.

Asha was drowning into the sea of lust as her cunt grew wet as the wandering fingers of her husband explored her tightness, ” yasssss, I am burning in a fire, please don’t tease meeee, I cant wait any more, pleaseee, Vikas, do some thing, my body is on fire,” she blurted out. Vikas too was losing his control. He pulled her panties down her smooth white thighs and her shaven cunt, came into view. He could not remember seeing or touching any other pussy as soft and as warm. He, then pulled his pants and threw them away and soon his underwear met with the same fate. Now both of them were naked as they were born.

Asha could not dare look at his cock, even if she wanted to, so badly. She clung to his chest and rested her face, her burning cheeks against his hairy chest and he kissed her on her full lips. Slowly, he guided her hand to his throbbing hardness and she looked at his swollen cock, rising out of the black clouds of his pubic hairs, its monstrous head appeared to be full of blood and promising pleasure which Asha had never enjoyed so far. Her trembling fingers gripped the furious hardness of his cock, which felt menacingly dangerous and yet so exciting in her hands. Vikas was excited beyond all limits and Asha felt there was nothing except the meeting of her cunt with the cock she was handling, she needed it to enter her pussy, her pussy was begging to be fucked. She wanted her husband to ram that beautiful beast of his cock into her burning cunt. She cried out in helplessness” Vikas, make love to me, I cant wait anymore, I am for you dying to enter me, please, you have turned me on soooo much, I cant wait, fill me with this thing, I beg you, my dear you have excited such lust in my body and I want you to enter me just now,” Vikas smiled at the sexual effect his fingers had been exercising on his beautiful wife. He said,” not just now, darling, just wait a little longer, my dear, I want you to see something more, wait a little longer till you are ready for the final act of love making, of real man and woman fucking, I am going to take you to cloud nine, but let me put my mouth on your glorious hole between you thighs, your beautiful cunt, let me taste your heavenly nectar, let me dip my tongue into your cunt and run my tongue all over the lovely flesh surrounding your slit,” Asha felt the feeling of shame and embarrassment at the crude words spoken by her hubby for her private parts, the erotic implication of what he was saying and the full meaning of what he intended to do to her. She had heard and read about cunnilingus, but never had imagined her husband would offer to east her pussy. Her pussy was dripping wet at the thought of Vikas licking and sucking her pussy.

Vikas lowered his face into the triangle of hus pubic area. He was intoxicated by the musky fragrance that rose from her cunt. He gripped her asscheeks in his hands as he dipped his tongue into those salty juices of her cunt hole. She found it difficult to breathe as she could feel that glorious sensation of his toungue searching inside her fiery cunt hole. He gripped her cunt lips between his lips and sucked on. Asha felt her juices flowing in a flood and she came many times. Her moans escaped from her lips loudly and could be heard far away but she did not give a damn. After all she was married to Vikas. She began to thrust her ass forward to let his tongue enter the depths of her pussy to the maximum and he fucked her with his mouth as she gasped for breath, ” ohhhhhhh, I am cumming, fuck me with your tongue, I beg you, fuck me hard, now your cock. give it to me I need it bad, fuck me with your cock, my cunt needs it, oh my God fuck meeeee, Vikas, pleaseeee,” she cried impatiently. He continued to eat her pussy without paying attention to her begging for his cock. He wanted to and succeeded in heating up his wife’s pussy before entering her and taking her cherry. His tongue lapped on her cunt like a cat licking the milk bowl and she continued to moan in ecstasy. She wanted it never to end, to swallow the whole of his tongue, his cock, his entire being in her cunt. Vikas thought, there is one thing left to do now, to make her take his cock into her mouth before going for the kill. He left her flowing cunt and stood up, pushed his throbbing cock towards her mouth. At first she failed to understand what Vikas wanted her to do, but soon the realisation dawned on her that he wanted her to return the favour of eating out her pussy by sucking his cock. In ordinary circumstances she would have been repulsed by such an offer but now she was burning in the heat of lust. She did not give it a second thought and wrapped her fingers around his hardness and guided it into her wet and warn mouth. Vikas pushed slightly and she swallowed it into her mouth. He felt the tightness of her inner mouth walls press against his throbbing cock meat which she sucked on greedily, taking more and more of his length into her mouth. She ran her tongue all over the length of his 8 inch cock and touched the cock head with the tip of her tongue.. She had never done a thing like this bur had read a porn story in which the woman did it all to please her boyfriend and she could see that Vikas loved every moment of her licking and sucking his cock. He began to thrust his ass to fuck her mouth.

Vikas felt his jism rise in his balls as Asha sucked his meat. He stopped her quickly. He did not want to come into her mouth. It was his wedding night and he wanted to fuck his wife hard and cum into her virgin cunt. He had never fucked a virgin so far. She looked at him questioningly and he made her lie on her back, spread her white muscular thighs as far as he could, making her pussy lips open a little and pink walls of her pussy gape open. He stared at the beautiful triangle of soft and swollen flesh of his cunt and patted it lovingly. She cried softly, knowing that the inevitable was about to happen. Grabbing her thighs he guided his massive cock between her legs, parted the swollen cunt lips and pushed his throbbing hard cock into her burning cunt flesh. she cried” ohhhh god, nooooo, its soooo painful, take it out, I can not take it, it hurts soo much darling,” Vikas knew it was going to hurt her. He could feel his cock gripped within the walls of his wife’s tight cunt which throbbed round his cock. She felt as if a hot rod has been forced inside her cunt. He moved his cock slowly in and out her cunt, her abundant juices acting like lubrication, making further entry easier into her tightness. Asha encircled her legs around his hips and moaned loudly as he continued to enter her cunt deeper and deeper until the entire length of his cock was buried into her pussy.

“Ohhhhh, it feels so wonderful darling, my cunt is all stretched out for your cock, push it in more, I ma opening up for you, your wonderful cock, your cock is so nice, fuck me harder,” she said as she felt the pain vanish from her cunt and a heavenly pleasure replacing it as his cock plowed deeper into her fuck-tunnel. She felt that the pleasure she was getting now was the ultimate truth of life. All she had heard about wedding night bliss turned out to be true. She was in heaven and did not wish to come out of it. Vikas got heated up, his passions soaring high, his cock moving like a piston in her cunt. His cock was coated with her cunt juices, mingled with the blood that came out at the break of her cherry. The excitement made her unaware of pain as her cherry broke and blood spurted out. Nothing else mattered except the joy of fucking that she was experiencing for the first time. Masturbation was nothing compared to actual fucking. Vikas hugged her tightly as he fucked her harder, her tits pressing against his hairy chest. He too moved towards his climax as his hips moved in a fucking rhythm to meet her pelvis. He tried to make it last longer but did not succeed for long,” yssss Asha, you are so beautiful, so tight, take my cock, your cock into the depth of your cunt, my balls are boiling with cum, I ma about to cum, move your ass faster, harder, I am cummmimg. oh my god its soooooo gooood , fuck me Ashaaaaa, fuck my cock, I loveeee iiiiit ,” She too was on the brink of orgasm and they exploded simultaneously and came hard. It seemed his load of cum was never going to end and he continued to cum endlessly until his balls were empty. Her cunt was filled with that sweet heavenly cum juice of her husband. They remained lying in each other’s arms, with his cock still buried within her cunt and they slept like that unaware of the world, without a care about the future.

But they did not know what fate had in store for them. Such is the ignorance of we mortals They were not destined to enjoy the sunshine of their bliss for long as exactly one year after their day wedding, Vikas died in a car accident.

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