The Milking Boobs

Hello is everyone? It has been a long time since I wrote a story, and its a pleasure to watch that I still get emails from readers who appreciate the story and share their own experiences. For the 1st time readers I am Nitin 30 year old from Bangalore, a good looking charming fair north Indian residing in this IT city. If you click the link at the bottom on this story you would find other stories written by me. And there are quite a few. I have had interesting experiences and like to share them with my readers.

The story that I would be narrating today is in fantasy genre. Its based in Bangalore and the main characters are me and beautifully dusky beauty Deepthi. Deepthi is a average south Indian home maker. Nice sharp eyes, well rounded figure, likes to wear salwar kurtas most of the time and does not care about the dupatta. She oils her hair well and does not forget to put jasmine flower in her hair. Whenever I saw her from my terrace, she would be always be busy with house hold work, either doing something in the kitchen, sweeping her house or washing clothes. She stays with her hubby in a 1 bhk.

As I stayed in the apartment that was directly opposite to here’s, I got a lot of chance to see her and she on her part always tried to avoid eye contact. And we followed in the same way for almost 6 months without even making any progress or showing any interest. In the mean time, I noticed that she had developed nice round ass and good rounded boobs. Her boobs by now were touching 36 and her ass would be close to 34. After another few months I realized that she indeed has become pregnant and must have been in her 4th or 5th month.

One day while doing routine shopping in local super market, I noticed that she was also doing her shopping and had bought lots of vegetables and other stuff. She had a big bag of all the items she had purchased, and she was having difficulty carrying them. I saw she struggling and I was in 2 minds should I go and help her or should I wait.

I didn’t know how she would react. Our eyes met and it was obvious that she needed help I smiled and asked her if that’s ok for me to carry these for her. She smiled back and I took the bags from her hand and then proceeded to her house. She stayed on the 4th floor and the flat didn’t not have a lift. I managed to reach her flat and she followed me a little panting and little tired.

By this time we had introduced ourselves. She opened the door to her flat and guided me to her kitchen and asked me place the bags there. I was sweating as well. She offered my cold drink and asked me to please sit in the living room. She came back with a tray with 2 glasses of soft drink. And sat across me.

She were having a general conversation about work, her husband, our native, then I asked her how long she been married and when is the child expected. I advised her not to carry so much weight during these times. She said she needs to get some exercise as well. I agreed, then she said something that made me blush. She said that her breasts have become so big and heavy that she has difficulty walking up the stairs. At that point I could not help but look at her boobs they were certainly heavy and huge and very tempting.

She was wearing a thin cotton kurta and her boobs were pressing hard enough for her nipples to be a little protruding. Sensing that I was blushing I guess she already knew what she wanted. She cupped her left breast with her left hand and trying to lift it and said it’s so heavy that it pains. My reaction was drastic. I could not think of anything and just said during pregnancy it happens.

She responded by saying, yes, my breasts are so full of milk that if I press them a little milk flows out”.Saying this she pressed her breast she was holding in her hand. I could see a distinct wetness surrounding her nipples. My lips became dry all of a sudden and I used my tongue to wet my lips all the while staring at her breasts.

She was this and gave me a smile. Then asked me would you like to help me in reducing this pain. I just nodded a yes. She got up from her sofa and walked up to me. I had a hard on by this time. Then she placed her hand behind my head and gently placed my face between her 2 boobs. I could feel the heat and softness of her breasts. My hands moved slowly towards her ass and started feeling her ass cheeks. They were soft and fleshy.

Then I moved my hands within her kurta and unhooked her bra. Then standing up removed the kurta from her body and stood the admiring her boobs hidden partially in the bra. They were huge, soft skin and light stretch marks on the sides. Her nipples were of brown color with large areolas. I removed her bra completely and she stood in front on me with anything on the top. Her boobs hanging loose, I placed my tongue near her areola.

She left a soft grunt. Mmmmmmm was the sound. I then continued to lick her left breast from bottom to top and back again. She was enjoying it. Then I took a nipple in my mouth and pressed her breast softly, the moment I did a warm liquid filled my mouth, mmmmmmm I tasted sweet and so tasty.

She was liking it too and made a soft sound aaahhhhhhhh, I grew more hungry and took more bigger bite of her breast and pressed it a little harder this time and a strong thin jet of liquid filled my mouth, I started to milk her juicy breast harder and harder my mouth started to overflow as the milk filled my cheeks. She was moving her hands in my hair and making noises.

Within 5 mins I was done with her left breast and then concentrated on her right breast. She was too eager to put her breast in my mouth and was asking me to suck it harder and harder making loud noises…aaaahhhh aaahhhhhhaaaaaaaaa yes yes. I was enjoying every bit of it and by now my fingers very rubbing her pussy and she was responding my moving her hips up and down slowly against my finger.

After sucking her breast continuously for 20mins I left her breasts and looked at her face. She had sweat on her face and smile showing satisfaction. The size of her breast reduced a bit and milk was still dripping from one of the nipples. I said thank you to her and she in return thanked me for helping her reduce her burden.

I was an experience that I still cherish. So any milking ladies if you need help in getting the load off your breast please write to me at nine_inch69 at I would love to serve you as long as u want my assistance.

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