The Bus

One day as usual I went out for office but that day it was private bus strike so Govt. bus were running with full jam pack. I was waiting for bus at bus stop suddenly my neighbor’s girl Laxmi came with her friend Teena. I love Laxmi but never dare or get opportunity to propose her she looks like an angle with well fit figure 32-26-30 with semi round boob’s ohhooo she wearied a blue colour dress with designs and it suits her very much. We always talk friendly and she trusts me so I don’t want to spoil relationship with her so I wait for right time at right place. Her friend Teen’s was noticing me I too but little as Laxmi was there. Teena body was average with 32-30-32 with big boobs and I also know that she was break up with my friend Rajesh a month ago. While Rajesh always describe about her in friend circle that her desire for sex and she will be back to him. She was wearied her official dress a navy blue top with dark blue skirt.

We were waiting there with chat a bus arrive with full jam pack we have no option another than get in because of strike. Laxmi climb after a aunty and Teena follow her then I. The bus was jam pack so we can hardly move and also see nearby us. I was totally on Teena and can feel the warm of her body but I was trying to avoid it for Laxmi but no longer time as the bus ups and down shake all and each time my body touch Teena the result was my Penis stand in fire to attack her and my bad luck that I have four underwear and all were wet as its rainy season so I had wear old underwear in which my penis stand open. (My penis is not as long as other writer its 6“ or 7“ inches long and width may be 11/4 or 11/2 inches.) Teen was feeling it and try to stay away from me I too but no longer in way my character was totally dumped in front of Teena So I thought that I fall in the well so lets drown in it and I started touching my penis to her buttock and my hands roughing her back
She feels it and want to avoid but can’t do anything.

In the way sudden break pushed me on Teena back and my penis was on right center of her buttock crack as I feel that it have enter the Anal hole and I got a golden chance so I put my both hands on her both boobs and gave a strong press she cry out AAhhhhh and I removed my hand before anyone notice. Everyone in bus shock to hear her noise Laxmi asked what happen she replied that sudden break make her uncomfortable. Then slowly I started my work I rough my hands on her boobs and she remove it. Then I picked her skirt from behind and touched her buttock there was a smooth and nice panty on it within a second she removed my hand and put her hand behind to protect her buttock. I unzipped my penis and kept my naked penis on her hand. She was shocked seeing this and can’t believe that I will do such a ridiculous things with her at public place and then she co-operated with me, She started masturbating my penis slowly up and down I roughing her back also if I get chance press her boobs. After sometime I whisper in her Ears that I am going to cum she put her handkerchief on my penis and finished the job she clean my penis by her handkerchief and hold in her hand. I put my hand on her panties it was wet so I started roughing her pussy area above panty and she whispered please don’t do it she can’t control it. So I stopped it and pasting my time with her back and boobs.

The bus reached at Teena stop I too departed with her while Laxmi asked why I am getting down here. I replied with seriousness that I have to go to the Bank so. And she replied with smile ok bye. Teena on the way to her office thrown the handkerchief and clean her hand on her skirt bottom. I ran behind her and asked her for movie she refused and walking on her way without minding me. I know that she was still hungry for sex and I don’t want to waist my chance to fuck her pussy. I walked some distance with her requesting her for all (movie, park, beach) but no reply at last she said keep quite my office reached I will go first you just come after some minutes to D floor and if security asked you anything say, “you want to go Advocate Antony office” then she walked and I was surprise to hear it my day have shined. As per her plane I went but there was no security on ground floor so I directly went D floor through lift. There was only one office at D Floor and the security was standing in the office talking with Teena. (The security was well build man with age some how 35-40). As the security saw me he asked what I want. Before I reply Teena said me, “Sir you seat here I will call Antony sir”. The security face was heat up and he looking at me as I am an art of this dream heaven.

Then the security man went down to his office and I went near Teena to know about her office and there staff. She said that she was working as back office data operator and her Sir Advocate Antony went to Delhi for some case so other office staff will come late. So I went near her and caught her hand pull towards me she pushed me and went to other room with smile I ran behind her it was a dinning room a long table in center of room and she was standing near it. I hugged her then roughed her back then I caught her face and kissed her on his upper lips she to co operating with me then we started playing with each other taught slow I put my right hand on her right boobs and started pressing it, her boobs was too big then my palm then I put my left hand too on her left boobs while kissing her she was enjoying it the way I was pressing her boobs while lips kiss. I take of her top and also unhooked her bra as we don’t have time to waist then with my tough I played with her nipples making her more irrigate then I went down by kissing her forehead then nose, lips,………..then her belly and raised her skirt up and take off her panty it was totally wet.

Now her pussy was complete nude in front of my eyes. I picked her and sat her on table and make her lay her back on table then I went down and kissed her cluster it was my first attempt in life to lick a pussy as I saw in porn movies but she push me and said we will do this another day please fuck me now before anyone come to office. At the same time my phone ring it was from my office the manager asks me where I was. I chanced my face reaction and pointed towards Teena to keep quite I replied Sir I was in hospital and will be late then I cut the call. Teena was surprise to see the way I say lie to my manager and said is not good to say lie then I replied if I will not say lie then I will masturbate as my office and you in your office. She gentle laughed and I went near her mouth to make my penis iron rod. She sucked very much better then Rajesh described and I was in heaven as it was my first oral sex experience. My penis was now became iron rod so I went near her pussy to fuck her she requested to do fast I put my penis on entrance pushed my half penis easily enter in her love hole and she closed her eyes and raise her head upwards making enter body raising.

I lay on her and taken her boobs in my mouth moving my hips ups and down then I increased my speed and also in between shocking with full speed to enter full of my penis and she shout AAAAAAAahhhhhhhhhaaaaaaa…..While fucking her I say her I wanna to tear you pussy you bitch and she replied come on you rascal tear as much as you can. Then I lay on table and she get on me taking my entire dick in her pussy it was completely in her pussy and she was moving fast and fast to satisfy her desire and now I feel some pain but enjoy it and she was saying you rascal want to fuck me in bus I will punish you today so much that next time you will never dare to do it. Then I whisper her I am going to cum she replied cum in my pussy I need in it. I cummed and also she was satisfied then she greeted me with kiss on my lips and hugged me then I kissed her French kiss for 5 minutes and we thanks each other for that moment. And I went to my office from that day we monthly meet at places like her house, my house or lodge for sex. And poor Rajesh started doing masturbating from that to fulfill his loneliness day.

I hope all of them like it please mail me your suggestion to [email protected] I am from Kochi if any aunties, girls want to fulfill there desire as Teena mail me.

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