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How have you been? I’m Sunny, some of you will probably be able to recognize me as a friend of Karan who has posted a bunch of stories on ISS. We live in Pune and I work at an educational institution as a finance manager. We are four friends who live together. Me, Kamal, Karan and Arjun (Karan’s younger bro). I belong Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh and have been living in Pune with these crazy nymphomaniacs for over 3 years.

The incident took place when I shifted to some other school which had co-education, whereas I had, till now studied in a boys school. I used to be an introvert person and rarely talked to anyone except a friend named “Abhay”. We lived in the same colony so we soon became good friends. Many people made fun of me for belonging to the reserved kind. The girl’s name in this story is “Neha”. She was not too tall but had nice assets. She had a lovable butt and her boobs looked round and I guessed they must be very soft to the touch. She was a cute and beautiful girl and never made fun of me but instead looked for an excuse to talk to me.

Being a shy person I tried avoiding her at first but later I started liking her company. In no time we became good friends. We now used to sit together during the class, had lunch together and spent most of the time with each other. We exchanged our phone numbers and started chatting over the phone for hours. Abhay ob served this changed attitude of mine and said to me one day “You are in LOVE (to be read as LO’U’E) my boy”. I dismissed saying what most of the people interested in each other say “We are just friends.” I spent the whole day analyzing my feelings about her. I spent the whole night thinking about her and fidgeting in the bed. This continued for some days before I realized that Abhay was right and I was really in love with Neha. I gathered much courage and proposed to Neha at school. She didn’t reply and silently went away. She stopped talking to me and I thought I had committed a mistake.

Then one day I got a call from her at 7 in the evening.
Neha : “Hi, how are you”
Me : “I’m fine. You finally remembered after so many days.”
Neha : “Why are you talking like this, what did I do?”
Me : “You totally stopped talking to me.”
Neha : “You could have come forward to break the ice. Well let’s cut the crap. Meet me near the assembly-hall tomorrow before prayers.”
Me : “Why, what’s the matter?”
Neha : “Nothing, we’ll talk tomorrow, bye”

I waited impatiently for the sun to show up, but deep inside my heart I had fear of the unknown. I reached school early in the morning and she came.

I asked her the reason for calling me there. She gave a shy smile, handed me a piece of paper and left. She wrote “I Love You Too” in that letter. I was the happiest boy on earth. Day by day our love started growing. One day while we were having lunch at a restaurant she kissed me on my cheek. And this was the beginning of all the mischief that later happened. We started kissing each other on the lips whenever we got a chance.

One day she came to my place on the pretext of copying notes. She sat in my room writing the notes. She looked beautiful in her pink salwar suit, she had neatly tied her hair in a braid and looked like a Barbie doll. I could not resist and reached near her and caught her from behind, my hands were over her boobs (that was purely unintentional). She probably didn’t like this and got up to go, I tried to convince her by saying sorry and that I won’t repeat it. She gave me a peck on my lips and left. I then started talking dirty with her over the phone to get her to do some mischief. My efforts bore fruit.

Exams were round the corner and she used to come to my home daily for studies. One day when she came, there was no one at home. She enquired about my parents’ where-abouts. I told her that they were away attending a relative’s wedding. We started studying on the bed itself. After about 2 hours I lied on the bed and told her to be comfortable and she too came in that position. The position we were in was putting a lot of pressure on her tits, this made her cleavage visible over her loose red top. I put my hand on her back, she did not respond. I got courage and started moving my hand on her back in an up and down motion, each time reaching more and more towards her ass. Her breathing became deep, and I knew she was enjoying it. I turned her around and started to smooch her, she said “Please let us study…..” I said “We’ve been studying for more than 2 hours now. Let’s take a break”. She resisted at first, but later gave in . She said “We won’t cross our limits” I said “okay”. I got out of my t-shirt and hugged her from behind while keeping my hands at her boobs. Her boobs felt as if they were made of cotton. I massaged her breasts over her clothes.

She started moaning, and her eyes were closed. I, than removed her top and there came out a cream colored bra. Her back was so soft and I now realized that she had an hourglass figure. I started licking and biting her back, neck and earlobes. She tasted awesome. I unhooked her bra with some difficulty, due to my inexperience. She took it off and through it on the bed, I turned her around and the sight I saw was the most beautiful I had ever seen. I lost control over my self and took her right nipple in my mouth, I crushed her left breast with my hand. She was continuously moaning with pain and pleasure. I removed her jeans pants and my track pants. I touched her pussy over her panty and sensed that it was moist.

She see med to be enjoying herself. I started pressing her pussy and! smooching her wildly at the same time. I brought her hand near my crotch, she caught my dick over my briefs and squeezed it hard. I pulled my cock out of my briefs and handed it to her. She didn’t know what to do and looked confused. I held her hand over my penis and moved it up and down, giving her an idea of what to do with it. She did it for some time and then I tried to slide her panty down, she objected at first but when I refused to budge and kissed her and massaged her breasts and her vagina with my hands she stopped resisting.

When I removed her panty she hid her face with her hands. It was a sight to see, she looked awesome in her birthday suit. I kissed her vagina and she shivered. I wanted to freeze the time and go on with this till eternity. I then hugged her while both of us were naked and rubbed my dick over her crotch. I pulled my foreskin down and rubbed my precum dripping dick over her navel. Ohhhhhh!! That felt great, I then started rubbing my penis on her vaginal lips now. She let go off her hands from her face and hugged me tightly. Her eyes were still closed. I thought this is my chance to take her by surprise because I knew that she won’t let me take her pussy willingly. As soon as I put my penis to her vagina, her eyes opened wide.

I said “Why!!! You’ll like it too”
She replied “I’ve heard from a friend that it pains like hell when you do it for the first time.”
I said “Not if you do it properly and slowly”
She said “I don’t want to get pregnant!!”
“You won’t get pregnant…” I said.
She: “How can you be so sure, have you done it before with someone?”
I : “No, darling you are my first, and will be my last too. I have read a lot about it. You won’t feel much pain and will enjoy it a lot. It gives immense pleasure”

She stayed silent but came near me and hugged me. I understood that she had given me permission.

She lied on the bed and I mounted on her, she started kissing me wildly. The room was full of aroma of sex. I put my dick on her warm and wet slit. She started shivering and taking deep breaths. I exerted some pressure. The glans went in, she gave out a moan.
I rubbed her clit with my fingers and she pulled me further in with her hands. I loved the sensation and gave a gentle thrust; I hit her hymen and she gasped. She nodded signaling me to proceed further.

I kept my lips on hers to prevent her from screaming and gave a strong push. She gave out a loud cry, but I was prepared for it. I was now completely inside her. The feeling was awesome. “Uhhhhh!!” I cried. She came with a moan; her juices flowed down my legs. I fucked her for about 20 minutes and came on her belly and spread the cum all over her breasts and navel. I collapsed over her and we slept hugging each other for about 3 hours. When I got up I was hard again. She gave me a handjob while we had a bath together before leaving for her home. We continued fucking each other till she got married.

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