Surekha -Part I

Dear Friends this is Akshay from Mumbai I am an avid reader of ISS & I really admire some of the very hot & erotic stories posted by our fellow readers , today I want to narrate my real life experience which is still fresh in my mind & & it keeps me aroused immediately as and when I think about it. I was around 18 years of age at that time , my sister had a friend called Surekha who was 4 years older to me .

She was very close to our family & she always used to visit us regularly , let me explain you about her , She had very firm and round melons( I always admired the girls and ladies with big boobs) My eyes always used to be on her asset whenever she used to visit our house , I used to masturbate in bathroom just thinking about her boobs , She had a nice lower half too her ass was round & tight too her figure must be 36 28 34 at that time , she usually wore a top & petticoat as we used to stay in chawl type building and during those days girls used to wear such kind of dresses while they were in the house.

Since she was very close to us I had never shown any guts to advance my evil wishes, it so happened one day I was sick & everyone in the house were out ,my dad always used to be in the office & mom and sis had gone to a wedding since I was bedridden my sis asked Surekha to visit the house in the afternoon and make tea for me so that I can eat something and can take my medicine. Surekha came to my house around 3 pm and said hi to me & asked me about health ,

This was the first occasion where I had got the chance to be alone with Surekha , I had some porn material in my closet , which I was reading while sleeping & suddenly when she came to the house I put them underneath my pillow, I was in the bedroom & my bed was situated next to the window, After saying hi to me she went to kitchen to prepare my tea and snacks , I was getting a real hard on and my prick was throbbing despite the weakness ,

My bed was bit higher as those days we used to have cotton mattress on bed one over the other so that in the night we can prepare bed on the floor for my sis , who used to sleep on the floor, Surekha brought a small stool for tea placed it next to my bed & asked me to wash my mouth and have my tea and snacks , I got up & went to the bath room to go for loo. She was still waiting for me to come,

While I was in bath room she saw a part of the porn magazine ( debonair , those days that was the only source of porn material) she took the magazine & didn’t say anything , she went back to the kitchen with magazine (of course I was not aware about it) I was just thinking out ways to call her near me , I finished my tea and snacks , I used to wear loongi those days , While in the bath room I had deliberately removed my undies,

Surekha when she came to collect my cup & plate , this time I could see two of her top buttons were open & she was bending and waiting a while to see whether I am looking at her cleavage or no, I could see her boobs were so full and raring to pop out any moment , She asked me Akshay how are you feeling now? Still bending towards stool , I said I am much better , My Dick , looking at her cleavage stood up & made a tent in my loongi ,

She did notice that but just said nothing , she went inside the kitchen to keep the things in side, While I was wondering why all of a sudden there was a change in her looks towards me, She then came to my room , She this time stood next to me , My rod was very hot n hard , she suddenly said Akshay sun is coming on to you let me shut the window , she then climbed the bed & stood on her knees , bending over me to shut the window , she suddenly pretended to slip & fall on me , her left hand hit my rod & she was like what was that kind of look?

She then suddenly got down and started looking at me seductively , she was looking at my Dick also, She suddenly told me “ Akshay I never thought you are like this , then she went to the kitchen and brought the magazine & showed it to me , I was like how did she find it? I told her “Surekha am sorry but I do read such magazines & masturbate why don’t you do it in real? She asked me

I was shocked to hear that , She then suddenly bent over my stomach & grabbed my prick , she untied my loongi & now she was looking at my manhood in full visibility , she started caressing it gently , I was not believing my luck , she was breathing fast and I could see her boobs jumping up and down , , She said “Akshay let me give you a royal experience , I always liked your muscular body & I wanted to get fucked by you one day , so I think today is the day,” She then slowly bent towards my face pressing her boobs with my chest ,

Her face came very close to mine , she then grabbed my face both hands & gave me tight kiss on lips , while her lips touched mine , It was my first kiss of life , She was pretty hot , while were smooching she kept her left hand caressing my prick & rolling my foreskin up and down I was in seventh heaven , I was still sleeping & she was half seated half bent over me , my left hand was brushing her boobs , I tried to press it but since her body was on my hand I could not do it ,

We must have kissed for a good 3- 4 minutes , we both were now very aroused & wanted to have each other , she got down from the bed , came towards my face and opened her top & bra , now I my fantasy was turning to be real , I saw her 2 very big boobs , with dark brown tits she brought her boobs near my moth , I started licking the tits she was still fondling with my prick , I started pressing her boobs and started sucking them hard , She was moaning Akki please I need you today ,

Akki my love you have very good lund , pl. then she removed her petticoat & panty & lay over me face towards my prick , I could smell her pussy which was very close to my nose , she then took me in mouth started licking the tip of penis, my god it was so hot & then she spread her legs over my face & placed her pussy right over my mouth , I started licking her pussy lips & vagina , She now took me full in her mouth & was stroking her hips up and down on my face , I hold her waist with my both hands & started sucking her clitoris ,

She exclaimed “ Oh Akkkkiii suck me , suck me hard dear & started sucking me hard , Her mouth was like giving me pleasure of seventh heaven & her pussy juices were making my mouth more hungrier , I then slid my hands & placed them both on her boobs & started squeezing the tits while we both , still, were in 69 position, She was moving like a wave over me while I was fondling her boobs in a rhythmic manner, while my prick was in her mouth she was talking to me “

Mmmakkki , myoooouuuuu are so Mhot” the sound made me more horny & buried myself in her pussy , by now I already had found her magic point and sucking it passionately she was enjoying like hell man , the curvy and sexy body all over me & was not believing my luck,  She then got down and asked me to sit on bed , which as a obedient man I did, she again took me in her mouth but this time she was looking at me & sucking it she exclaimed “ Akki my god you are so hot n hard look at your lund its so big and thick “

Her calling my prick lund gave unexplainable turn on , she continued licking me , my tip & back of my tip where she realized I was getting more sensation ,  She continued the blow job for a while I was moaning closing my eyes , suddenly I felt that I was Cumming , I shouted Surekha I am going to Cum leave me , she didn’t she indicated to me to come in her mouth , She then started sucking hard while My both hands were crushing her boobs and I was pumping her mouth in and out she also hold me tight with her hands & made it a point that

I came in her mouth , I pumping myself with full thrust in her ever waiting mouth , she then took my prick out & started licking it , & then my god I came all over her face She was like very thank full to me kind of looks for Coming all over her face , she then sucked and kissed me clean. I was sitting on bed with my eyes closed & she rested her face on my thigh..

I had never experienced such pleasure all my life & was very happy and satisfied with her attitude , She handled her Man well & I still can’t forget those moment of my life , After that we became very bold & I fucked her for the first time later on too , Friends that experience I will narrate in my next episode , but till that time keep sending me your responses how did you like my real life experience to my email id [email protected] I am waiting for your mails .Thanks for your time bye for now , see you soon next time

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